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Firefox QA Standup - October 21st, 2015

Dial-in Information


Discussion Items

  • [Ioana] Mobile updates:
    • Sign off Fennec 41.0.2 Build 2 without major issues.
    • Sign off Fennec 42 Beta 8 without major issues.
    • Working on Nightly and Aurora to ensure the quality before shifting of the trains
    • Also bug verification, bug triage and keywords lists -> qa-wanted, regression-windowwanted

Major New Desktop Features status

  • [Cornel] Windows 10
    • no updates
  • [Petra] Async Plugin Init (Fx 42)
    • Last time when I checked with Aaron, the plan was to ship Async
    • There are still some open issues and a security crash bug
  • [Camelia] Tab Visual Sound indicator (Fx 42) - read only
    • the feature looks good since no major issues were found and it's ready for release
    • a final check on the feature is in progress, before the sign off
  • [Alexandra] Unified Telemetry & FHR (Fx 42) - read only
    • verified the optout sampling feature - - with 41.0.2 build 2 too and everything is looking good
    • pre-release feature sign off is on track
  • [Cornel] WebVR (Fx 44) - read only
    • no-go in DevEdition 44 due to bug #1184283 --
    • received an Oculus DK2 kit yesterday.
      • tried to install the device on Windows 7 64bit - several errors were encountered during the setup process but it was properly installed.
    • started to work on a "How to" guide, for an easier install and use in the future.

Major New Mobile Features status

  • [Teo] Tracking Protection and Private browsing improvements
    • No updates. The feature works as expected.
  • [Ninu] Kidfox - Firefox in Restricted profiles
    • No updates. The feature works as expected.

Project Updates

  • Metrics / Dashboards (KaiRo)
  • Stability (KaiRo)
    • Crash signature shortening is done \o/
  • EME automation + YouTube MSE automation [sydpolk]
    • We continue our effort to put firefox-media-tests (and firefox-ui-tests) into the mozilla-central tree.
    • We are also moving media jobs from to mozmill-ci.
  • Mobile

Notes and Actions


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Kevin - Oct 9 - 31
    • KaiRo, Sylvestre, Lawrence and RyanVM visiting SoftVision Nov 9-11
  • Events
    • Europe's clocks change early 25-Oct; North America's change early 1-Nov. This meeting is thus scheduled one hour earlier in Europe on 28-Oct.


Channel Status

Release (Fx 41)(Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

Beta (Fx42) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

  • Probably will do a b9 for Android for the random hex crashes on x86 devices (bug 1207642)
  • Will need testing around Flash in b9 because of bug 1213567 landing

Aurora (Fx 43) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

Nightly (Fx 44) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

ESR (Fx 38.3.0)


Automation (whimboo)

  • RelEng busted our Mozmill CI due to build migration from FTP -> S3 (no extra warning a couple of days before for preparation)
  • mozdownload 1.18.1 has been released for using ftp-origin
    • Not sure yet where new builds are getting uploaded to (S3 only or also ftp-origin) - if only S3 we might have to early flip back to
  • OS X 10.11 will be available later today (all machines by tomorrow)