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Feature Content Handling - Download Manager - Test Plan

Covered by Clint Talbert (ctalbert) and Stephen Donner (stephend)


Shave off some of the rough edges in the download manager. Allow for ability to resume downloads from one Fx session to the next

Scope of planned testing

  • Cleanup of old (2.0 Branch) Download Manager Test cases for Firefox 3
  • 3.0 testcases now live here!
  • Cover of new Features (Anti Virus Support, Resumable Downloads)
  • Testing for Regressions in Firefox 3 Download Manager with 2.0 Testcases
  • Monitoring of new filed Download Manager Bugs to cover regression with tests

Platform and Configurations

  • ALL OS (Mac, Linux, Windows, Windows Vista)
  • Testing with new Profiles
  • Testing with Profiles with a Big Download History and a lot of files
  • Testing with Extensions (especially Download Helper Extensions)

Major Test Areas

  • Litmus
    • Review old 2.0 Testcases (BFT) (FFT)for new Download Manager - with Regression Check against 2.0
    • Covering new Features based on Dependency Tree
      • Especially: Implement Download Resume
      • Use of default anti-virus scanner when downloading email and executables
      • Cross Session resumable downloads (resume after quitting firefox)
      • Easier retrieval of files that a user has downloaded in the past
    • Monitoring of new filed Bugs to cover regressions

More Complete Testing

  • Context Menus
  • Tooltips
    • UI elements
    • Cropped text
  • Helper app icons
  • Default download location
  • Download location changes
  • Disk-space limitations
  • Directory permissions
    • Vista Parental Controls
  • Downloading the same file multiple times (file name keying-off)
  • Cancel
  • Pause
  • Preferences
    • Location prompting
    • Auto-closing
    • Auto-cleanup
  • Active vs. Completed areas
    • Active
      • In-progress downloads
      • Paused downloads
    • Completed
      • Finished/completed
      • Cancelled
  • Search
    • Inline search (searches the download manager's history)
    • Advanced Search button (goes to where? Places, but where _exactly_?)
  • Pop-up area
    • Date
    • Original URI from which the download was started
    • Local folder info
  • Dynamic titlebar
  • Focus / tabbing order?
  • Download Completed alert on Windows (what about Linux? Mac?)
  • Folder permissions
  • Vista (types of accounts)
  • Invoking via right-clicking on pages/content/directories (check FTP!)


  • M8 will see the landing of the revised DM UI and also the implementation of the cross-session resumable downloads
  • Really ramping up the testcases for Download Manager 1.9a6 /Beta 1, now that the test plan is (mostly) solid


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