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  • Version 1.01
    • original created 07-06-07, this is a Work In Progress
    • revised 07-24-07
    • latest revision 11-19-07

Scope of planned testing

The primary goal of this QA test plan is Mac testing of the Firefox 3 release. With the impending release of Leopard in October, some of the testing focus will concentrate on the new OS integration pieces that could possibly be problematic. Primary emphasis will be on the following:

  • Form controls
  • Focus issues
  • Fonts
  • Context menu
  • Cocoa widgets
  • Drag and drop
  • Performance testing

For Leopard

  • Default Browser
  • Default Download Location
  • Full Keyboard Access
  • Other OS Integration Pieces
  • Dock icons - launching Firefox from the dock
  • Parental Controls?

1. Will Test

Installation Scenarios

Installing, unless other specified, means dragging the to either the applications directory or to a folder on your Desktop

  • Installing and Uninstalling Firefox on Mac
  • Installing in the Default Directory (Applications)
  • Installing on the Desktop in a folder
  • Run Firefox from the disk image without actually "installing"
  • Uninstalling Firefox
  • Installing Firefox with Multiple Users

Default Application Scenarios

  • Setting Firefox as the Default Application
  • Resetting Safari as the default, then setting Firefox as the default
  • Setting FF as the default from the install
  • Setting FF as the default after a software update
  • Setting FF as the default before a software update

Software Update

  • Updating as a Admin user
  • Updating as a Standard User
  • Confiming Major/Minor Update functionality

Support of RSS Feed Reader Client Side Applications

  • NetNewsWire, Vienna
  • RSSOwl
  • Shrook (now Leopard compatible)

Native Form Controls

  • Widgets in the Content Area
  • Menus
  • Scrollbars
  • Chrome controls
    • We will use smokey's Camino list as a starting point to formulate some Litmus test cases for this area.

Focus and event handling issues

  • Bug 356314 and Bug 354768
    • Editing several wiki pages concurrently (in separate tabs)
    • Moving through the app using keyboard (CMD K, CMD L, CMD J)
    • Entering form data - travel sites like Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia


  • Honoring whatever is set as the default download location


  • Explore fonts in text areas

Context Menus

  • Full exploration of context menus

GROWL Integration

  • Registering GROWL
  • Confirm Growl download notifications
  • Confirm Growl add ons notifications?

Full Keyboard Access

  • Perform Tests with FKA enabled as well as disabled


  • Support of New Plugin model
  • JEP
  • Flash
  • Shockwave
  • Quicktime
  • Windows Media Player (Flip for Mac)
  • PDFs
  • RealPlayer
  • Windows Media Player (actual app)
  • Viewpoint


  • Installing
  • Uninstalling
  • Enabling and Disabling
  • Finding Updates
  • Add-ons Compatibility checks

Performance Testing

  • Tab Switching
  • Bookmark folders in the toolbar with a dozen bookmarks in them are incredibly slow to populate. I think Places is hitting us hard there. Specifically on the bookmark icons in those folders, since we're storing those in the database now.
  • History will likely have similar issues


  • Options, Appearance, Frames, Page Headers and Footers (accessed by selecting File | Print then the "Firefox" specific setting.
  • Landscape and Portrait
  • Print margin centering
  • Comparison to Safari (Printing Performance)
    • To see an example of that now, print to PDF from branch, then from trunk. The PDF that trunk generates is a lot larger than the one that branch does.

New Mac Theme

  • Check for any possible regressions
  • Check toolbar and icon functionality
  • Check general shading in browser

Platform and Configurations


  • Will test: Mac OS X 10.4.x on PPC/Intel, as well as Mac OS X 10.5 on PPC/Intel.
  • Will not test: Mac OS X 10.3.9, since it no longer supported.

Machine configurations

  • Will primarily test on:
    • 2.2 GHz MBP with 2 GB RAM, using developer tools to throttle down the CPU.
    • 1.83 GHz Mac with 512 MB RAM. This is the best machine to catch performance issues as they will not manifest themselves as well with the MBP

Major Test Areas

  • Form Control test suite
    • We will develop a form and widget control test suite that will be created in Litmus as it own test suite. Some of these test cases will be based on a list of test cases that are already in Bugzilla compiled by Smokey (Camino contributor)


  • Coming soon

( Provide some breakdown of the major areas of the feature, how long it will take to develop or run the tests, and an approximate time this will be done. [edit]


  • Mac:Home_Page - Mac OS X dev wiki content, including meeting times, OS support, state of the trunk, etc.

(List useful links to the bug containing design info, feature meeting notes, wiki info, standards info, litmus group or subgroup, etc)