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>>>>>FIRST DRAFT<<<<<<

Official Q1 Goals

  • Improve onboarding experience for new QA contributors

Crucial Projects

These projects must be completed to achieve the above goals.

GOAL: Improve QMO to serve our community needs

  • Q1 Outcomes
    • [NEW] Investigate a Task System hosted on QMO that would allow community members to take tasks
    • [NEW] Replace the outdated front page video with a video emphasizing community
    • [NEW] Documentation Audit/Update documentation
    • [NEW] Feature a community member on the front page
    • [NEW] Adjust front page to better describe the teams
    • [NEW]

  • Stakeholders
    • Community
    • QA team members
  • Depends On
    • WebDev
    • QMO resource - Craig Cook?
    • Development of Aakash's task tool
  • QA owners
    • Track development of Aakash's Task Piece - camd
    • Work with Craig Cook - retornam

GOAL: Improve our visibility at Events

  • Q1 Outcomes
    • [NEW] Establish QA track/presence at MozCamp Latin America
    • [NEW] Leverage other Mozilla events as opportunities for community building
  • Stakeholders
    • Community
  • Community Involvement
  • Depends On
  • QA owners
    • MozCamp - marcia
    • Community Front Page - Rebecca for SUMO

GOAL: Work more closely with Academia

  • Q1 Outcomes
    • [NEW] Engage students to participate in Mozilla test efforts - Capstone style projects such as Fort Lewis
    • [NEW] Investigate other opportunities to work with college demographic
  • Stakeholders
  • Depends On
  • QA owners
    • Ft. Lewis initiative - mbrandt
    • New Capstone opps - marcia


Proposal: Optimize Nightly First Run Page: a high traffic page with an audience of people who have self-selected as being interested in QA. High potential for converting contributors with clear set of CTAs.

Supporting Projects

  • Q1 Outcomes


  • Q1 Outcomes
  • 'Depends On