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Previous Action Items

  • [DONE] Raise bug to improve to not abort when tests are non-existent. (Dave)
    • bug 685481 Allow subsequent test runs to continue when there are no tests to run.
  • [DONE] Raise bug to remove dummy tests. (Dave)
  • Chase for progress on new endurance tests (app tab/flash video). (Anthony)
  • [DONE] Move project page to new location/template. (Henrik)

Current Work

In Progress

  • bug 635310 - Mozmill Endurance test for flash video performance - ashughes
    • dependencies still in-progress (assigned to Vlad & Alex, in review)
  • bug 686677 - Add graphics details to report. In review.
  • bug 684848 - Gather graphics info/failures in endurance shared module. Waiting on feedback.
  • bug 686679 - Display graphics info/failures in endurance dashboard report. Dependent on bug 684848.
  • bug 676087 - Add membuster endurance test to the daily testruns. Dependent on bug 685481.

Landed Recently

  • bug 670721 - Mozmill Endurance test for pinning App Tabs.
  • bug 687240 - Remove unnecessary scrollButtonUp element declaration in Endurance test testTabbedBrowsing_PinAndUnpinAppTab.


  • Investigate report performance issue and raise bug. (Dave)
  • Investigate integrating with Telemetry. (Dave)
  • Implement a 'max memory' view to expose testruns consuming large amounts of memory. (Dave)


  • bug 687480 - Memory usage spike detected in Mozmill Endurance tests.

Failing Tests

Discussion Items / Updates

  • First regression discovered!
    • bug 687480 - Memory usage spike between 20110906 and 20110907
    • Next steps
    • Detection/reporting of regressions
  • Cover during Dave Hunt's PTO.

Meeting Notes

Action Items

  • All action items carried over from previous meetings.