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Lead: Adrian Kalla
Co-workers: Henrik Skupin
Dates: shared-modules: checked-in
tests: preferences tests checked-in
Status: mostly done. Backporting patches and bug-fixing left
Repository Location: L10n tests
Tracking Bug: Bug 562084


Mozmill L10n Tests will allow us to check for common problems found in localized Firefox builds, which are often hard to find for the localizers themselves. Doing L10n tests on all localized builds manually is extremely time consuming, so this will allow us to automatically test things which cannot be tested with compare-locales. It is planned to link in the future to the results of that tests on the L10n Dashboard.

This project aims to create the Mozmill L10n Tests and a shared L10n module.

Project details

The project aims to focus mainly on two types of localization tests:

  • testing for cut off text in windows in cases where the localized text was too long
  • testing for not properly working access keys (usually doubled or tripled access keys)

Such tests cannot be performed with tools working just with source files (e.g.: compare-locales), they have to be done with Mozmill.

Filing a Bug

We have prepared a template which makes the creation of a bug as easy as possible.