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Lead: Anthony Hughes
Co-workers: TBD
Dates: TBD
Status: on hold
Repository Location: TBD
Tracking Bug(s) bug 604700

Project Details


The purpose of this project is to ensure all tests are implemented using an agreed style guideline. The workflow of this project will mostly be parallel with the Shared Modules Refactor project. This project will be rolled out in multiple phases.

Style Guidelines

The Mozmill Style Guide v1.0 has been created. The following refactoring work is an effort to implement those guidelines throughout the mozmill-tests repository. This refactoring will be implemented in multiple phases, outlined below.


Phase I

Goal Implement lowest hanging fruit, make all tests reflect the styleguide
bug Replace all constants with CONSTANTS
  • gDelay, 100 => DELAY
  • gTimeout, 5000 => TIMEOUT
  • sleep() parameter => SLEEP_TIMEOUT
  • unique timeouts => CONSTANT (ie. SEARCH_TIMEOUT)
bug Replace discrete, unchanging values with CONSTANTS
bug Migrate tests away from testGeneral
bug All test pages in LOCAL_TEST_PAGES array
bug Replace waitForEval() with waitFor() where possible
bug Replace DELAY/TIMEOUT with waitFor() where possible
bug License block formatting
  • "the Mozilla Foundation"
  • contributor list alignment
bug All error messages use format:
  • message + " - got " + condition1 + ", expected " + condition2
  • message uses positive wording
bug Whitespace formatting
  • No trailing whitespace
  • 1 newline at end of file
  • 2-space indentation where appropriate
  • Wrap on 80-characters where appropriate
bug Replace sleep() with waitFor() where possible
bug Extract any new elementslib... from function parameter list
bug Replace all array iteration with Array.forEach()
bug Replace anonymous functions with named functions
bug Adopt consistent commenting style
bug All iterators as i, not ii
bug Adopt consistent conditional cuddling
bug All included modules should use variable names starting with capital
bug All conditionals use !== or ===

Note: The above comes from the agreed to refactoring guidelines

Phase II

Goal: Bring tests in-line with Shared Module Refactor

Outstanding Items

Discussion here

Generally Agreed
  • We should always use the triple operator to not experience strange behavior
    • ===/!== instead of ==/!=
  • Variables for imported modules have to start with a capital letter
    • i.e. var Tabs = require(".../tabs")
  • Class names have to start with a capital letter
  • setupModule(module) and teardownModule(module) have to specify the module parameter
  • If variable name contains an acronym, capitalize the acronym
  • Error messages should use the following format:
    • Boolean: "<element> is <state>."
    • Value: "<element> is <state>: got 'value', expected 'value'"
    • Example: "Password notification is visible"
    • Example: " is loaded: got '<loaded_domain>', expected ''"
  • sleep() should be avoided and only used when...
    • element is not immediately available
    • state is not immediately available
    • waitFor() fails to capture event
Needs Discussion
  • TestFilesAPI for loading of test files
    • We should have a module specific to loading of test files
    • We should also check how we can make sure those locations are easily replacable with other servers (apache, ...)
  • Parameters should be named using aParam format
    • shows that a variable inside a long function is a parameter and hasn't been declared locally
  • Constant scope - should they be global and local?