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Lead: Henrik Skupin
Co-workers: n/a
Dates: No specific dates set
Status: Needs assignee
Repository Location: Software Update Tests
Tracking Bug: bug 562352


Mozilla provides updates for each new version of Firefox, which makes the whole update process simple and fast. To ensure the best quality for our users, QA constantly runs software update tests for security and major releases. Those tests are complex and time consuming and should be completely run automated in the future.

This project covers all the work which is necessary to create an environment for automated update testing, but also the implementation of needed tests.

Project Details

The complete project can be divided into 3 different sub projects, which can mostly be run in parallel:

  • Creation of software update tests (based on existing Litmus tests)
  • Script for Automated Software Update Test-runs

Creation of Software Update Tests

The creation of the software update tests is basically the same work as we do for all the other Mozmill tests. We focus on existing Litmus tests to implement the tests.

If you want to help please contact Henrik Skupin.

Script for Automated Software Update Test-runs

To be able to run all the created software update tests a single test-run script is necessary. It takes care of installing Firefox, running all kind of necessary update checks, and sending the results to a reporting server (supported by CouchDB).

The implementation of the script is covered in the Automated Test-run project.