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This page contains all of the important details for One and Done.


The "One and Done" initiative, previously known as "QA Taskboard", is a workflow where Mozilla community contributors can pick tasks and work on them - one at a time, one day at a time - and feel good about doing them.

Previous project data can be found here: QA Taskboard.

Get Involved

If you'd like to try out One and Done, sign up and pick a task! There is an option within One and Done to give feedback once you finish or abandon a task.

To contribute to our code base, check the readme document in the One and Done github repo. The site is written in Python and uses Django.

To report a bug or suggest an enhancement, please use Bugzilla.

Info & Specs




The primary and secondary contacts for each role of this project:

  • Project Managers: Rebecca Billings
  • Developers: Bob Silverberg
  • IT/WebOps: TBD

Communication You can contact us using the dev-quality mailing list. You may also find us in the #qa IRC channel. Feel free to ping:



  • One and Done monthly check-in meeting
    • Every first Wednesday of the month, starting February 4, 2015
    • Place: Rebecca Billings Vidyo Room
    • Guest Vidyo link:

    • To join from a telephone, dial the following number:
US Toll Free +1 800 707 2533, pin 369, conf 99215









Active Development

ID Summary Status Priority Assigned to
979639 Filter should indent the subcategories / also allow for a hide/show subcategories icon (like a triangle that points to it and then down) RESOLVED --
988559 Show a consistent home page for logged in and not logged in users VERIFIED -- Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
988565 403 error when logging in with Persona VERIFIED --
988630 Consistently expose a link to the list of tasks VERIFIED -- Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
991830 Typo issue on "Moilla" mentioned instead of "Mozilla" under WebQA VERIFIED -- Kohei Yoshino [:kohei]
1004618 [Tracker] One and Done Version 2.0 VERIFIED --
1005082 Edit front page header text VERIFIED P3 Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1005100 Create one time tasks VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1005114 Profile includes list of completed tasks VERIFIED P1 Maja Frydrychowicz (:maja_zf)
1005127 [privacy] Add ability to delete profile VERIFIED P1 Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1005148 Add pagination for profile VERIFIED P3
1005404 Add ability to create task within tool VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1005406 Create a Get Involved page RESOLVED P4
1005410 Update Front page with task filtering VERIFIED P2 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1006009 [testing] Write a test for logging into the website as a new user VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1006014 [testing] Write a test for logging into the website as an existing user VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1006020 [testing] Write a test for completing a task VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1006023 [testing] Write a test for abandoning a task VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1006569 [privacy] Add checkbox at sign-up VERIFIED P1 Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1006736 [privacy] Add text on how we use name data VERIFIED P1
1006740 [privacy] Add notice to feedback form VERIFIED P1 Maja Frydrychowicz (:maja_zf)
1007026 Refactor code to make Unit and Functional Tests share Factories VERIFIED --
1007174 Implement data values for tasks VERIFIED P3
1007337 Update OneAndDone to use django-browserid 0.10.1 VERIFIED P4 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1008085 [testing] Add Page Objects and Base Class VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1009154 Add a REST API for User Data Deletion VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1009571 Fail nicely when user creates duplicate username VERIFIED P2
1009594 Add privacy text to sign up VERIFIED P1
1009595 Add privacy text to feedback form VERIFIED P1
1009605 Feedback should be sent to the task owner VERIFIED P2 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1010012 Inconsistent capitalization in oneanddone VERIFIED --
1011688 Update Task detail page VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1011729 Front page signed out view VERIFIED P1 Maja Frydrychowicz (:maja_zf)
1012998 Clicking the complete task button after your session times out marks the task as complete, but doesn't allow for feedback VERIFIED --
1014427 Create Next and Previous task links VERIFIED P1
1014428 Auto linkification of URLs should not be done for code snippets NEW P5
1014429 In some cases markdown syntax broken for automatic links REOPENED --
1014431 Improve visualization for code snippets VERIFIED -- Tessy
1014434 [admin] Add 'area' filter for task attempts VERIFIED --
1014435 [admin] Show the duration (time taken) by the user for a task to complete VERIFIED P3
1014437 [admin] Request for user reports (stats) RESOLVED --
1014439 Auto-close not finished tests after a given time VERIFIED --
1014444 [admin] Filter popup in task attempts overlaps last column RESOLVED --
1014448 [admin] Page doesn't know the name of the logged in user VERIFIED --
1014451 Add task rating for easier feedback analysis NEW P4
1015739 Enhance REST API for User to also deal with UserProfile VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1015830 Show 'Edit' link for open task if logged in user has edit permissions VERIFIED -- Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1017083 [testing] Configure Travis CI for oneanddone-tests VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1018321 Create url to one and done profile page based on username or name VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1018373 Add tooltip to Abandon and Complete task VERIFIED P2
1018374 Add ALT text to buttons for accessibility VERIFIED P1
1019268 [privacy] Existing users must sign the privacy policy VERIFIED P1 Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1019672 Missing instructions for development setup in readme VERIFIED -- Maja Frydrychowicz (:maja_zf)
1019799 New user account creation VERIFIED P1
1020611 Update Available tasks page with new filter VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1020981 Remove Edit Profile button from signed in Front Page view VERIFIED P3 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1022224 [testing] Add css locators to page elements VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1022849 Add profiles to One and Done from the inquiry-qa list RESOLVED P1
1023447 One and Done crash on staging while picking a task VERIFIED --
1026732 Showing 2 Pages when only 1 Available VERIFIED P3
1027332 Expired tasks display 'Get Started' button VERIFIED P3
1029000 Front page shows list of easy tasks by default VERIFIED P3
1029277 DatabaseError: (1054, "Unknown column '' in 'field list'") on staging VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1030202 Calendar arrows don't display when picking dates VERIFIED P3
1030473 Make task keywords into query links VERIFIED P3
1030767 Create Admin List View with filters VERIFIED P2 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1030786 UI: Sign up text box overlaps border on smaller window NEW --
1030789 Migrated tasks show error VERIFIED --
1030791 Keyword search results are incorrect VERIFIED --
1030874 Display taken task publicly VERIFIED --
1030876 Add ability to clone tasks VERIFIED -- Maja Frydrychowicz (:maja_zf)
1030904 Run migration to delete task area after production push has been verified VERIFIED --
1030972 Add ability to auto-import tasks from Bugzilla VERIFIED P1 Maja Frydrychowicz (:maja_zf)
1030976 Add ability to prioritize task VERIFIED P2 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1030978 Add ability to create import query RESOLVED P3
1030984 Create tasks that require sign off VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1030992 Update to include link to team wiki page VERIFIED P3
1030996 Add in tool notifications VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1031148 Update One and Done to use playdoh's SITE_URL RESOLVED --
1031196 Improve Display for Profile Details Page VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1031246 Improve Display of Task List on Front Page Signed Out View RESOLVED --
1031495 Tasks with future start date display on Available tasks VERIFIED --
1031512 Need message for no search results VERIFIED --
1031518 Suggest adding text to search box or tooltip VERIFIED P4
1031538 Able to repeat one time task from profile VERIFIED --
1031539 Feedback translates symbols to html RESOLVED --
1031549 Errors on all migrated tasks when signed out VERIFIED P1
1031551 Tasks go below search filter unless page is maximized ASSIGNED P4 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1031604 Error when viewing non-repeatable task when not logged in VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1031710 Error on task page pagination and Create task button VERIFIED --
1031972 Problem with paging the task list when multiple checkboxes are used for the filter VERIFIED P1 Maja Frydrychowicz (:maja_zf)
1032312 Switch order of buttons on task detail page VERIFIED P3 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1032318 Create Task and Edit buttons should only be on Task Admin page VERIFIED --
1032320 Make sort order match for all search pages VERIFIED P2
1032343 Able to create task with end date prior to start date VERIFIED -- Maja Frydrychowicz (:maja_zf)
1032350 Cancel button is missing from Create Task VERIFIED --
1032354 Update default new task time estimate to be 30 mins VERIFIED P4
1032368 Able to edit task history RESOLVED --
1032370 Collate feedback from tasks and display on task detail RESOLVED P4
1032371 Display users who have completed task on task detail page VERIFIED P2
1032374 Generate weekly list of users who contributed VERIFIED --
1032426 Unclear that front page displays only some tasks VERIFIED P5
1032430 Search results are incorrect when choosing all projects or all test types VERIFIED P1
1032439 Edit task missing cancel button VERIFIED P2 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1032618 [traceback] TypeError: count() takes exactly one argument (0 given) VERIFIED --
1032691 Server error when trying to add a new task VERIFIED -- Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1032692 Can no longer manage areas in admin section VERIFIED --
1032694 Elements misaligned on new task creation page VERIFIED -- Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1032729 Update UserProfileSerializer to include username and privacy_policy_accepted fields VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1032749 [testing] Test that an Existing User can Delete Profile VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1032752 [testing] Test that an Existing User can Update Profile VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1032759 [testing] Test Filter Tasks According to Estimated Time NEW P5 Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1032881 [Tracker] One and Done Version 2.0 milestone 2 VERIFIED --
1033454 Use better characters for page-switching links that are using "font icons". ASSIGNED --
1033475 Allow user to configure email preferences from their profile VERIFIED P2 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1033548 Investigate using vagrant or docker for the dev environment NEW P4
1033645 Feedback emails should contain link to the task VERIFIED --
1033659 Update Task API to include the newly added fields to Task model VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1033662 Add Bugzilla email field to One and Done profiles ASSIGNED P4 Tessy
1033666 Add URL for website field in Profile VERIFIED P3 Tessy
1033808 Automatically make bugzilla-import task unavailable based on criteria VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1033861 'Firefox Accounts and Sync' bugs wound up in team 'General' rather than 'Cloud Services' VERIFIED --
1033865 Extra 'Steps' in task template makes 'Firefox Accounts and Sync' tasks read awkwardly VERIFIED --
1034516 [testing] Fix failing tests in test_user_tasks module VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1035139 Make One and Done REST API key publicly available to users ASSIGNED P4 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1035800 One time per user tasks NEW P4
1035968 Description was not intended to be required VERIFIED P3 Tessy
1036458 Add Invalid checkbox to Edit Task page VERIFIED P3 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1036865 one task can be started and completed multiple times RESOLVED --
1036928 Allow to set longer time estimages as 60 minutes ASSIGNED P3 Shubham Jindal [:shubham]
1037208 Display the owner of a task to administrators VERIFIED P4 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1037596 Suggestion: Make a special Area for tasks: 'Do These First' VERIFIED P4
1037926 Task update: 404 on MDN when clicking on link for a tutorial on how to create multiple firefox profile (for testing mozilla nightly version) VERIFIED P2
1037964 Error when accessing /profile/new when not logged in VERIFIED P2 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1038020 Add caching to One and Done to improve performance VERIFIED P2 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1038618 [testing] Test that one time tasks are marked completed on finishing NEW P5
1038901 [testing] Test to verify duplicate usernames are not allowed NEW -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1038903 Only include users and user profiles in the admin if the user has accepted the privacy policy VERIFIED P2
1039622 Show total time spent completing a task RESOLVED P4
1039628 Add ability to edit Task Ownership VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1039689 Request moving Create Task button to top of page VERIFIED P4
1039778 Error submitting the privacy policy VERIFIED P1
1040093 Add email notification status to Profile data in Admin RESOLVED P2
1040682 Feedback emails should contain link to the feedback entry VERIFIED P4
1040683 Broken content inclusion for long lines NEW P4
1040896 Display warning about editing task that has already been completed NEW P5
1042213 Update Task API to include attempts by users for a particular task VERIFIED -- Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1043375 [traceback] REST API raises a 500 error - TemplateSyntaxError: Encountered unknown tag 'load'. VERIFIED P5
1043794 [testing] Test that an already taken one time task cannot be taken by different user NEW P5 Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)
1043940 [Frontpage] List tasks in two columns NEW --
1044168 Text: change "Easy" to "Beginner" for task difficulty VERIFIED P4 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1046890 Changed user permissions and no longer able to log in VERIFIED P1
1048174 Use a group email address to send feedback emails to NEW --
1048353 One time tasks need expiration date VERIFIED P1
1049018 Task admin group members can't create tasks unless they are also marked as staff RESOLVED --
1050417 Update One and Done User REST API to only allow for deletion of users that you created NEW P4
1050418 Remove ability to list and get details of Users via the One and Done User REST API VERIFIED P4
1050427 Add Nightly, Aurora, and Beta to the task filters RESOLVED --
1050429 Hide empty filters from non-admins in the task sidebar VERIFIED --
1051991 Exclude batch tasks from front page VERIFIED P5
1054031 Update feedback text to include mention of profile email preference VERIFIED P3 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1060077 Create cron job for imported bug tasks VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1060428 Feedback form logs JS warnings to "Browser Console" RESOLVED --
1065442 Audit views that use PrivacyPolicyRequiredMixin as it may no longer be required in some situations NEW P3
1066209 Draft versions of tasks are difficult to find RESOLVED --
1068598 Add an admin menu with options for the different features VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1068958 After editing a task there is no easy way to view the task again VERIFIED P3
1071249 Create cron job for expired tasks VERIFIED P1
1072341 Invalid error displays twice VERIFIED P5 Shubham Jindal [:shubham]
1072474 Columns no longer sort for admin tab VERIFIED --
1074494 Linkify front page copy for One and Done VERIFIED P4
1074692 Buttons and steps missing RESOLVED --
1074889 Admin: view imported batches and description NEW P5
1074891 Add ability to view invalidation criteria on Edit task page NEW P5
1074897 One and Done Documentation VERIFIED P3 Rebecca Billings [:rbillings]
1074898 Add bug summary to Task Detail page VERIFIED --
1075162 Need space between task lines of text VERIFIED P4 jicksy.john
1075645 Metrics dashboard VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1075655 Create Next and Previous task links VERIFIED P1
1075661 Able to edit Task Owner VERIFIED P1
1075666 [Tracker] One and Done Version 2.0 milestone 3 NEW --
1075679 Front page enhancement: add images ASSIGNED P2
1083987 [traceback] DatabaseError: (1054, "Unknown column 'tasks_task.last_attempt_timestamp' in 'field list'") VERIFIED --
1086626 Task owner dropdown should sort alphabetically VERIFIED P4
1087264 Table header in Task Activity doesn't need an expander RESOLVED --
1087266 Add datetime for task execution in Task Activity view VERIFIED P3
1087520 Leaderboard for One and Done VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1087649 Create a contribute.json file for One and Done VERIFIED P4 methwanishagufta
1088583 I tried to sign up on the One and Done QA taskboard, but: An error occurred during a connection to Invalid OCSP signing certificate in OCSP response. (Error code: sec_error_ocsp_invalid_signing_cert) UNCONFIRMED --
1093053 Search results are not correct - missing tasks RESOLVED --
1095546 Display feedback from users on Task Detail page - viewable by admins only NEW P3
1096351 User should view profile after editing VERIFIED P4
1096353 Personal url should open in a new tab/window VERIFIED P4
1096418 Task buttons are different sizes VERIFIED --
1096424 Edit task page changes the task owner VERIFIED P1
1096431 Able to create tasks with duplicate names VERIFIED P3 Shubham Jindal [:shubham]
1096435 Clone task data is permanently saved under /create VERIFIED --
1097096 Edit task header blends with task title VERIFIED P4
1097716 Users should not be able to access http version of the site NEW --
1097795 Page not found error completing a task NEW --
1099301 Add avatars to user profile NEW P4
1100452 Metrics display for no results RESOLVED -- Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1100492 Add "Total" to Metrics permanent headers RESOLVED P5
1100809 Tasks have been changed ownership RESOLVED --
1104095 Enhance Metrics to show Percent likelihood that a task is an "entry point" task NEW P4
1104096 Enhance Metrics to show Percent likelihood that a user goes to another task after this one NEW P4
1104100 Next and Previous tasks - Add new page with links after user completes a task VERIFIED P3 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1104102 Next and Previous tasks - Update Profile to include links to next tasks VERIFIED P3 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1105491 Users should not be able to make task it's own next task ASSIGNED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1107239 Disallow users to mark a task as complete within x seconds of a threshold ASSIGNED P3 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1107840 One and Done task 25: - Page not found VERIFIED --
1112723 Search box should include ability to search on task difficulty VERIFIED P4
1115909 Menu does not open on One and Done NEW --
1119326 Django 1.4.18/1.6.10/1.7.3 update (One and Done) RESOLVED -- Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1119465 Upgrade One and Done to Django v1.7 VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1123745 Create What's Deployed site for One and Done NEW P3
1124776 Remove old users from list of owners on Edit/Create Task page VERIFIED --
1125361 Search isn't finding task by name or project or team RESOLVED --
1126344 Add a link to Read the docs NEW --
1126349 Add option to sign in/create account with Firefox Accounts NEW --
1127447 Update homepage to include new illustrations RESOLVED P2
1131760 Correct email addresses for the "Need help" area in one and done VERIFIED --
1132472 Task detail page should display after creating a task RESOLVED --
1134442 Invalidation criteria for task importing should be set to !=UNCONFIRMED NEW --
1139392 User.has_completed_task is broken RESOLVED P1
1140758 First page of "Suggested First Tasks" on the main page is dominated by Firefox OS tasks RESOLVED --
1144886 Make it easier for those with devices to complete tasks in One and Done NEW --
1144945 Create a way to feature a set of tasks based on functional needs NEW --
1145272 Add ability to embed content NEW --
1145280 Create team landing pages RESOLVED -- Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1145286 Remove QA branding from the site NEW P1 Rebecca Billings [:rbillings]
1145304 Add option to receive notifications when users start or finish tasks NEW P3
1145329 Suggest next tasks to users NEW --
1148046 Allow users to start multiple tasks ASSIGNED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1148059 Update search design ASSIGNED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1154049 Typo in Area: Reading list RESOLVED --
1154050 Add BuddyUp as a functional area RESOLVED --
1159925 One and Done staging is throwing a 404 VERIFIED --
1162116 [Tracker] One and Done Version 3.0 milestone 2 NEW --
1167592 Choosing BuddyUp won't display the task/s RESOLVED --
1174029 Clarify OWASP ZAP project in the dropdown list of tasks RESOLVED --
1174033 Don't show areas that don't have tasks RESOLVED --
1174265 Implement filtering search results NEW P1
1182122 Upgrade the version of Django that One and Done uses to 1.7.9 VERIFIED P1 Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1182466 Use tabzilla-static.less for One and Done NEW P2
1183224 Take One and Done off of Stackato NEW -- Bob Silverberg [:bsilverberg]
1183679 Migrate One and Done to Pontoon NEW -- Michael Kelly [:mkelly,:Osmose]
1185456 it did not show finished message after finish task RESOLVED --
1187955 Use the new tabzilla static NEW --

250 Total; 53 Open (21.2%); 37 Resolved (14.8%); 160 Verified (64%);


  • May 7: 305 non-staff contributors, 195 task attempts, 123 finished.
  • June 2: 670 non-staff contributors, 444 task attempts. 302 finished.
  • July 15: 1632 non-staff users. 879 task attempts. 617 finished.
  • Aug 6: 1790 non-staff users. 1327 task attempts. 929 finished.
  • Sep 4: 2901 users, 1750 task attempts, 1219 finished.
  • (Sep 23: 3756 users, 2172 task attempts, 1516 finished)
  • Oct 9: 4217 users, 2440 task attempts, 1720 finished