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Please email if you have any questions about this project

About this Project

Stale bugs are issues that have not seen any progress in a very long time. A bug can go stale for numerous reasons, sometimes because we've exhausted all means of investigation, sometimes because it got lost in the noise of many newer bugs and changing priorities. It is important that we have a look at these bugs to resurface important issues that have fallen through the cracks.

This project will evolved over several phases:

  • I: bugs stale for 5+ years <-- current phase
  • II: bugs stale for 2+ years
  • III: bugs stale for 1+ year


The following people have participated in this project

How to Participate

Before you begin, you should be familiar with installing the latest Nightly version of Firefox and be able to comprehend a bug report in Bugzilla. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with our MDN documentation since our focus will be on UNCONFIRMED DOM bugs. If you are new or need a refresher on these topics, please contact me ( so I can help you get started.

When you're ready to begin:

  • Look through the list of bugs below to find one that interests you
  • Open the bug report by clicking the link and read through the report
  • Once you have an understanding of the bug report, see if you can reproduce the issue in the latest Nightly version of Firefox
  • Once you've finished testing and updating a bug report (or if you get stuck) feel free to move on to another bug report

If the bug reproduces, make the following changes to the bug report:

  • add a comment describing the steps to reproduce and your test environment (Firefox version, Operating system, etc)
  • set the status of the bug to NEW
  • add [stale] to the QA Whiteboard field (this will be used to track contribution to this project)

If the bug does not reproduce, make the following changes to the bug report:

  • add a comment to the bug stating, "I am not able to reproduce this bug with the latest Firefox Nightly. Please reopen this bug report if the bug is still valid.", include relevant information (steps followed, operating system, Firefox version tested, etc)
  • set the status of the bug report to RESOLVED with one of the following resolutions:
    • WORKSFORME: if you can reproduce the bug in an older version of Firefox but not in the latest
    • INCOMPLETE: if you think the bug is probably valid but is not actionable
    • INVALID: if you think the bug is not a valid bug
  • add [stale] to the QA Whiteboard field (this will be used to track contribution to this project)

Getting Help

To get help with a specific bug:

  • set the needinfo flag to ? and enter :ashughes in the needinfo field
  • add a comment to the bug asking your question

Alternatively, send me an email ( to ask me a question and get help.


Full Query
ID Summary Op sys
204912 Add ability to snap to links (magnetic links) All
214459 should GetBlockNodeParent return null instead of the #document node when there is no block parent All
301746 Session history entries should implement property bag All
311337 when using location.replace history is doing strange things Windows XP
320569 You should be able to change the default protocol All
323922 Using Back button on Google gives search results out of sync with search strings Windows 2000
325622 Unknown protocol dialog should show full URL All
346339 fast back / forward broken on Windows XP
351689 meta refresh with Url=//rpsv/... tries to go to a server named "rpsv" instead of the "rpsv" directory on the same server Windows XP
355229 Leave some room when scrolling to named anchors Windows XP
369373 When clicking the Back or Forward button on this AJAX website nothing happens Windows XP
377798 strange Back button behavior with dynamic frames Windows XP
381350 address bar keyword search does not work properly when used with @ symbol Windows XP
402656 ImageDocument should behave like netError instead of being hard coded All
417277 Bad handling of backstack when pressing a second link before the first link had loaded macOS
439942 Images (etc) with invalid ssl certificates don't trigger a cert dialog All
456378 provide an xpcom api to add user(agent) stylesheets to documents All
471972 LOAD_FLAGS_BYPASS_CACHE and LOAD_FLAGS_BYPASS_HISTORY combination leads to ignoring both Windows XP
489016 Ctrl+F5 does not reload child frames Windows XP
502930 Status bar gives forward site, after back button push. Windows XP
521568 JavaScript history object reloads all frames when history.go(0) is used in one of the frames Windows XP
524329 docshell.allowJavascript does not disable JavaScript in inline event handlers macOS
527618 when remote XMLHttpRequest success callback tries to update hash via location.href, current session history entry is replaced ("Back" skips the entry) All
537619 consistency of onBlur and onFocus events (+multitab browsing) Linux
552634 an empty page is displayed, instead of the real content Windows 2000
577578 Bad handling of domain names entered in the location box both if it is entered in /etc/hosts file or is completely unreslved All
579925 crash-stats pages seem to break out of their iframe when they finish processing as part of a redirect macOS
585251 "The connection has timed out" "Unable to connect" pages do not preserve history Windows XP
628013 enhancement request for ticks or scale with line number in tab for long window displays macOS
645575 Make HTML pages accessible by line number so e.g. autorefresh won't lose my place All
647237 Iframe source leaks to other iframes Windows Vista
659333 JSON.parse crashes browser when decoding large JSON Windows XP
663027 Suggestions for mistyped TLDs All
688133 erroneous calls to onStateChange ProgressListener Windows XP
726330 perpetual loading state accompanied by tabbrowser.xml errors Windows XP
742264 Submitting form with a target name that exist in other windows cause problem Windows XP
746997 The option "Warn me when web sites try to redirect or reload the page" causes a blank page in some website All
803590 Rename onRefreshAttempted() to onRedirectAttempted() and make it handle all the redirection All
803950 matchMedia addListener event can not be triggered every time by width be change over the condition . macOS
832729 tabbrowser progress listener no longer fires STATE_STOP on async requests Linux
844401 Meta refresh broken on pages with contenteditable elements Linux
851786 http://example/index.html is treated differently, depending on left click or middle click. Windows 8
909679 Spaces in URIs get converted to %2520 Windows 7
913596 CSP violation reports do not authenticate with NTLM Windows 7
915603 Firefox ignores click on Continue button with Mixed Active Content block on GET form submit Linux
921209 compositionend event fires when it shouldn't Linux
926762 Firefox permits arbitrarily large numbers of javascript redirects. Linux
929899 iframe onload does not fire when the tcp connection reset by server Windows Server 2003
941414 onLocationChange handler not firing Linux
944414 xul <browser> element should not care for x-frame-options All
949899 ignored url in meta tag Windows 8
964619 forelast search string restored in google search Windows 7
972883 Navigation Timing values sometimes out of order on macOS
1013302 400 Errors should not be stored in session history Windows 8.1
1022351 url bar don't switch to search when i am using VPN Windows 8
1043046 Image load in unload handler delays subsequent window.load event macOS
1059382 History API bug -- window.history.state should not fire popstate after load. Windows 7
1086940 Firefox history state defect when a double click ad loads around the same time as a pushState is called (Mac only) macOS
1100281 Dominos pizza tracker does not work correctly. Windows 7
1112889 Firefox reports a CSP violation when using the "onload" attribute on a div Windows 7
1151195 a.href a.port URL parser integer/long All
1157585 Consider refactoring DocShell: give it control over which CookieService, AuthProvider and CacheService to give to HttpHandler Unspecified
1170580 click events not delivered with trivial CSS class change Windows 7
1181082 "browser.fixup.dns_first_for_single_words" should be set to true for Firefox ESR Windows 7
1183479 link to another site's mid-page without anchor All
1201971 Back button slow (also forward button) Linux
1202305 Shift+LeftClick opens a blank page Unspecified
1221047 Version 41.0.2 on Win requires Access-Control-Allow-Origin for the same domain. Unspecified
1237226 target attribute is ignored with an anchor with download attribute even if the download is overridden by explicit Content-Disposition from the server Windows 7
1238471 event.dataTransfer.setDragImage(image, xOffset, yOffset); macOS
1250972 history.replaceState is slow on large pages Unspecified
1251156 I am refreshing page(F5) when my Rest requests are in progress and waiting for Server Response, status in the the console is displaying as Aborted and application getting redirected to the domain. Unspecified

72 Total; 72 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);