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The purpose of this testrun is to vet video playback when hardware acceleration is not available, eg. bug 1255281


Please use the following systems/configurations for testing:

Set up the test environment

1. Install Firefox
  • Download the latest Beta from (make sure it's Firefox 46)
  • Run installer and select customize
  • Put the install in a known directory (C:\FirefoxBeta for purposes of this example)
  • Do NOT allow it to launch Firefox at the end of the install
2. Disable the automatic updater
  • Open C:\FirefoxBeta\defaults\pref\channel-prefs.js in a text editor
  • Change the line reading pref("", "beta"); to pref("", "foobar");
  • Save and Close the text file
3. Launch Firefox with a clean profile
  • Run cmd.exe
  • Change directory to the folder where you installed Firefox: cd C:\FirefoxBeta
  • Run firefox.exe: firefox.exe -P -no-remote - This will bring up our profile selector window.
  • Use the "Create Profile" button to create a profile new profile
  • Once the profile is created, select it, and then click "Start Firefox"


We are looking for issues with video playback, including but not limited to
  • choppy video or dropped frames
  • visible artifacts in the video
  • broken sound
  • hangs or visibly slow performance
  • visible glitches in the UI outside of the video
  • crashes (be sure to submit the crash report)
If you encounter an issue
  • File a bug report
  • Copy your about:support page to a plain text file and attach it to the bug report
  • If you crashed, include a copy of the ID (retrievable from about:crashes) in the bug report
  • Check if the issue reproduces, add that info to the bug report
  • Check if the issue reproduces with hardware acceleration turned back on, add that info to the bug report
  • Check if the issue reproduces with the latest Firefox release, add that info to the bug report
Run this test twice, once on an older GPU driver and again on the latest GPU driver (submit a separate result for each)
  1. Start Firefox with a new profile (see above)
  2. Open the preferences view, switch to the Advanced pane, make sure "Use hardware acceleration when available" is unchecked, and restart Firefox
  3. Play this Youtube video and test different size/quality modes
  4. Play this Youtube 360° video and test dragging around the video in different size/quality modes
  5. Play this Vimeo video and test different size/quality modes
  6. Test watching an embedded video on Facebook, Duckduckgo, and Reddit
  7. Test watching a streaming video on Steam, and
  8. Pick a News website at random and play some videos (use as a reference to find websites)
  9. Pick a Sports website at random and play some videos (use as a reference to find websites)
  10. Fill out this form to submit your test result.


Bugs reported and tagged with betabreakers-fx46 appear automatically below

Full Query
ID Summary Status
1265809 Choppy video and sound on on Shadowsong computer. RESOLVED
1265820 Choppy Video and Sound on on Anetheron computer. RESOLVED
1265870 Choppy video on Youtube 360 at 2k and 4k on Asaad computer. RESOLVED
1265879 No video or audio on Twitch on Asaad computer VERIFIED
1265894 Choppy video on Youtube 360 on 4k and 1440 videos on Azeroth computer RESOLVED
1265901 Choppy video on Vimeo whenever full-screened on Azeroth computer RESOLVED
1265910 Choppy on all video when full-screened on Azeroth RESOLVED
1265918 Doesn't load 360 portion of youtube 360 and is choppy on 4k and 1440 on Lothar RESOLVED
1265933 Embedded facebook video shows no picture when on HD on Lothar computer. RESOLVED
1265935 Video on Vimeo gets choppy in 1080p and even choppier/lagging in fullscreen 1080p on Lothar computer RESOLVED
1265937 Any and all ads loaded are extremely choppy on Lothar computer RESOLVED
1266111 Choppy video on Vimeo at 1080P when full-screened on Shadowsong RESOLVED
1266114 Doesn't load 360 controls for Youtube 360 and gets choppy at 720p and up on Shadowsong computer RESOLVED
1266141 All remaining issues on Shadowsong computer RESOLVED
1266186 All remaining issues on Anetheron RESOLVED
1266208 Minor video/sound sync with Twitch at high quality on Ming computer. RESOLVED
1266246 All issues on the Centurion computer RESOLVED
1266482 All issus with Frostwolf computer RESOLVED
1266504 All issues with Silvermoon computer RESOLVED
1266560 Youtube 360 has some choppiness with hardware acceleration off and no 4k option with it on on Dradis computer. RESOLVED
1266580 All problems on Palpatine computer RESOLVED
1266787 All issues on Warlock computer RESOLVED
1266814 All issues on Onyxia computer RESOLVED
1266861 All issues on Dragonmaw computer RESOLVED
1266881 All issues on Frostmane computer RESOLVED
1266902 All issues on Nefarian computer RESOLVED
1267304 All issues on Marwyn computer RESOLVED
1267341 All issues on Eomer computer RESOLVED
1267366 All issues on Skullcrusher computer RESOLVED
1267424 All issues on Kal-El computer RESOLVED
1267478 All issues on Horridon computer RESOLVED
1267667 Choppy video on youtube UNCONFIRMED
1267668 Choppy video on Youtube 360 RESOLVED
1267669 Choppy video on Vimeo UNCONFIRMED
1267672 Choppy video on Facebook UNCONFIRMED
1267673 Choppy video on DuckDuckGo UNCONFIRMED
1267674 Choppy video on Reddit UNCONFIRMED
1267676 Choppy video on Steam UNCONFIRMED
1267677 Choppy video on Twitch UNCONFIRMED
1267679 Choppy video on ABC News UNCONFIRMED
1267682 Choppy video on UNCONFIRMED
1267700 360 controls on Youtube 360 don't load RESOLVED
1267714 Facebook HD video won't load RESOLVED
1267723 Audio/video sync issues on RESOLVED
1267726 Audio/video sync issues on Twitch RESOLVED
1267728 Audio/video sync issues on ABC News RESOLVED
1269538 Vimeo not loading video on Talon RESOLVED
1269541 Some videos on Talon system require Flash to play UNCONFIRMED

48 Total; 10 Open (20.83%); 37 Resolved (77.08%); 1 Verified (2.08%);