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There is a large discrepancy between the platform/hardware/driver configurations we see on Release versus what we see on our test branches. Additionally, the Graphics team and our testing community does not and can not provide sufficient test coverage to fill this gap. As a result we've historically been notified far too late about critical graphics issues triggering multiple chemspill releases and a loss of users.

In an effort to improve pre-release visibility of graphics regressions we have partnered with Betabreakers, a company that maintains a lab specifically designed to test various modern and legacy configurations of Windows versions, graphics hardware, and graphics drivers. We try to coordinate a graphics sanity testrun with them once per mozilla-aurora cycle, as detailed below.

More information about our relationship with Betabreakers can be found on

Test Runs


Full Query
ID Summary Status
1144199 Test # 4: Bioshock Infinite video goes to infinite loading screen when resuming to play after putting computer to sleep RESOLVED
1144237 During Test 3 (Stress test) multiple videos buffer forever or just stop playing RESOLVED
1144242 Videos do not resume playing when coming out of sleep RESOLVED
1144257 DXVA: Firefox crashed when opening right click menu RESOLVED
1144258 Bioshock Ininite command video is distorted when setting quality to 1080p RESOLVED
1144272 Test # 3 (Stress Test) Video playback stutters when setting video resolution to max RESOLVED
1144282 DXVA crash with 3 HD video tabs open RESOLVED
1144283 Test # 5: (Canvas2d demo): No snowflakes are displayed RESOLVED
1144378 Stress test: Severe lag when when having multiple tabs open RESOLVED
1144411 Video corruption in 1080p RESOLVED
1144754 Some videos wont play, videos only play in 360p on Windows XP RESOLVED
1167621 Dead Trigger 2 Demo becomes laggy when multiple assets (enemies) are on screen RESOLVED
1167656 Audio stuttering on Auralux menu RESOLVED
1167681 Audio stutters while playing and persists after game ends in Dead Trigger 2 RESOLVED
1167700 Polycraft Demo does not play since Firefox 38 RESOLVED
1167778 X-Type game suffers from low frame rate RESOLVED
1168451 BSOD when playing Banana Bread game RESOLVED
1168467 Tanx game suffers from low framerate spikes RESOLVED
1172561 Mini Dell: Browser becomes laggy when the user scrolls the page up/down RESOLVED
1172596 Videos will not play from VERIFIED
1172628 Setesh (System): Firefox becomes unresponsive when right clicking link, and selecting open in new tab RESOLVED
1172634 (Setesh) Firefox becomes unresponsive when selecting to play any videos RESOLVED
1173000 Rajh (System) All videos load to black screen even after Flash is updated/installed RESOLVED
1173012 CNN videos won't play as the file is corrupt VERIFIED
1180317 some image black displayed with Firefox 40.0* RESOLVED
1184193 Some Windows 7 systems running WARP when they shouldn't be RESOLVED
1184618 Some images on show striping artifacts RESOLVED
1185017 Crash when resizing browser while entering Google Street View after updating driver with browser open RESOLVED
1201126 1080p 60 FPS video stuttering and occasionally stopping playback RESOLVED
1217124 Expand, Minimize and Close buttons do not display RESOLVED
1217170 YouTube serves 360p VP8 video instead of Flash video to FF 40+ VERIFIED
1217240 Youtube Video Resolution has maximum resolution of 360p RESOLVED
1217547 Windows shell buttons (minimize/maximize/close) disappear when Windowblinds theme is applied if OMTC is enabled RESOLVED
1217566 Enhance untrusted connection pages with basic troubleshooting tips UNCONFIRMED
1217587 Youtube Video Resolution has maximum resolution of 360p RESOLVED
1217936 Max Youtube Video Resolution 720p RESOLVED
1217999 "You can skip to video in 5" countdown timer not moving, stuck watching ads RESOLVED
1218546 sec_error_ocsp_future_response error when loading various pages RESOLVED
1219425 "Let It Snow" Microsoft Edge demo acquires the incorrect window height of 32px NEW
1219959 Youtube videos max resolution is 360p Mozilla Firefox 41.0.2 for Ubuntu RESOLVED
1229171 Problem loading page, "The connection has timed out" when accessing RESOLVED
1229190 Content does not load when a new window is called RESOLVED
1229193 New windows do not retain firefox/windows themes correctly UNCONFIRMED
1229207 Close, minimize, etc, buttons do not show with blinds and firefox theme RESOLVED
1229872 Videos on Twitter homepage display "This browser does not support video playback" RESOLVED
1229904 videos fail to fallback to Flash playback on Windows XP NEW
1229914 Black corruption appears when opening/closing tabs UNCONFIRMED
1229917 Incredibly slow performance while simultaneously loading several tabs RESOLVED
1229922 Error with video player in Firefox RESOLVED
1229970 Crash in `anonymous namespace''::ScriptLoaderRunnable::OnStartRequest while dragging tabs to their own window RESOLVED
1230625 Google Icons/Buttons do not render RESOLVED
1265809 Choppy video and sound on on Shadowsong computer. RESOLVED
1265820 Choppy Video and Sound on on Anetheron computer. RESOLVED
1265870 Choppy video on Youtube 360 at 2k and 4k on Asaad computer. RESOLVED
1265879 No video or audio on Twitch on Asaad computer VERIFIED
1265894 Choppy video on Youtube 360 on 4k and 1440 videos on Azeroth computer RESOLVED
1265901 Choppy video on Vimeo whenever full-screened on Azeroth computer RESOLVED
1265910 Choppy on all video when full-screened on Azeroth RESOLVED
1265918 Doesn't load 360 portion of youtube 360 and is choppy on 4k and 1440 on Lothar RESOLVED
1265933 Embedded facebook video shows no picture when on HD on Lothar computer. RESOLVED
1265935 Video on Vimeo gets choppy in 1080p and even choppier/lagging in fullscreen 1080p on Lothar computer RESOLVED
1265937 Any and all ads loaded are extremely choppy on Lothar computer RESOLVED
1266111 Choppy video on Vimeo at 1080P when full-screened on Shadowsong RESOLVED
1266114 Doesn't load 360 controls for Youtube 360 and gets choppy at 720p and up on Shadowsong computer RESOLVED
1266141 All remaining issues on Shadowsong computer RESOLVED
1266186 All remaining issues on Anetheron RESOLVED
1266208 Minor video/sound sync with Twitch at high quality on Ming computer. RESOLVED
1266246 All issues on the Centurion computer RESOLVED
1266482 All issus with Frostwolf computer RESOLVED
1266504 All issues with Silvermoon computer RESOLVED
1266560 Youtube 360 has some choppiness with hardware acceleration off and no 4k option with it on on Dradis computer. RESOLVED
1266580 All problems on Palpatine computer RESOLVED
1266787 All issues on Warlock computer RESOLVED
1266814 All issues on Onyxia computer RESOLVED
1266861 All issues on Dragonmaw computer RESOLVED
1266881 All issues on Frostmane computer RESOLVED
1266902 All issues on Nefarian computer RESOLVED
1267304 All issues on Marwyn computer RESOLVED
1267341 All issues on Eomer computer RESOLVED
1267366 All issues on Skullcrusher computer RESOLVED
1267424 All issues on Kal-El computer RESOLVED
1267478 All issues on Horridon computer RESOLVED
1267667 Choppy video on youtube UNCONFIRMED
1267668 Choppy video on Youtube 360 RESOLVED
1267669 Choppy video on Vimeo UNCONFIRMED
1267672 Choppy video on Facebook UNCONFIRMED
1267673 Choppy video on DuckDuckGo UNCONFIRMED
1267674 Choppy video on Reddit UNCONFIRMED
1267676 Choppy video on Steam UNCONFIRMED
1267677 Choppy video on Twitch UNCONFIRMED
1267679 Choppy video on ABC News UNCONFIRMED
1267682 Choppy video on UNCONFIRMED
1267700 360 controls on Youtube 360 don't load RESOLVED
1267714 Facebook HD video won't load RESOLVED
1267723 Audio/video sync issues on RESOLVED
1267726 Audio/video sync issues on Twitch RESOLVED
1267728 Audio/video sync issues on ABC News RESOLVED
1269538 Vimeo not loading video on Talon RESOLVED
1269541 Some videos on Talon system require Flash to play UNCONFIRMED

99 Total; 15 Open (15.15%); 80 Resolved (80.81%); 4 Verified (4.04%);