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Plugins help Firefox display or understand different types of media, such as Adobe Flash or Apple Quicktime.


  • [outdated] Mozilla Plugin Support PluginDoc
  • Firefox plugin checker: PluginCheck
  • Detailed information regarding writing, monitoring and different resources Plugins MDN
  • Fixing plugin issues link

Feature Ownership

QA Lead: Bogdan Maris, :bogdan_maris on IRC

Testing Approach

Plugins we might want to test, by platform. These are the most important plugins that have been implicated in crash data:

'this list is subject to change'

Bug Work

Bugzilla queries

Unconfirmed bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Component Op sys
750113 Suddenly Flash Player will not remove its dialog from the screen Plug-ins macOS
758606 Camino 2.1.3pre won't view PDF documents inline any longer Plug-ins macOS

2 Total; 2 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

qe-verify+ bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Component Op sys
432 PowerBuilder plugin causes random page fault error. Plug-ins Windows 95
433 Page fault error created when Netscape launched before Windows completes loading Plug-ins Windows 95
434 Communicator does not work with PowerBuilder plugin. Plug-ins Windows 95
510 Netscape crash when running applets Plug-ins Windows 95
920 Problems with Plugins inside Layers in Navigator? Plug-ins Windows NT
1155 OBJECTs do not degrade correctly Plug-ins Windows NT
1156 OBJECTs without type attribute aren't rendered Plug-ins All
1157 AVI and WAV OBJECTs crash again Plug-ins Windows NT
1158 OBJECTs in natively supported formats aren't rendered at all Plug-ins Windows NT
1201 Plugins ignore size parameters and display in 50 x 50 box Plug-ins Windows NT
1210 Fix to avoid multiple declaration of PrefChangedFunc Plug-ins Solaris
1347 Cannot build modules/plugin/test plugin, missing file(s) Plug-ins Windows NT
1416 Crash with Adobe Acrobat Plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
1417 Plugin handling code creates temporary files but they are never deleted Plug-ins Windows NT
1418 Auxiliary plugin DLLs not loaded from plugin directory Plug-ins Windows NT
1691 Not reading ALT content in Applet tag when Java is off Plug-ins Windows NT
1748 crash dereferencing null pointer Plug-ins Windows NT
1771 This site causes crash in ns4xPlugin.cpp::Initialize() Plug-ins Windows NT
1776 Object Tag needs version control Plug-ins All
1786 <EMBED> crashes. Plug-ins Windows NT
1937 nsObjectFrame is incomplete Plug-ins All
1945 gecko handles OBJECT incorrectly for native image types Plug-ins Linux
2118 OBJECTs degrade incorrectly Plug-ins Windows NT
2368 [patch] C++ comments in modules/libpref/src/prefapi.c Plug-ins Solaris
2423 Plug-in doesn't receive data Plug-ins Windows NT
2424 Full-screen plug-in: throbber never stops Plug-ins Windows NT
2508 Backward Adaptor Needs to provide a Service Manager Plug-ins All
3074 Loads page but reports plugins are required Plug-ins Windows NT
3075 Crash with clsid specified for ActiveX control Plug-ins Linux
3205 RX: plugins Plug-ins Windows 95
3392 StreamAsFile for attached content - broken Plug-ins IRIX
3605 [top100] crash occurs attempting load electronic arts site Plug-ins All
3736 Performance running qtime plugin is too slow; cursor affected Plug-ins Other
3787 Object tag does not handle ActiveX controls Plug-ins Windows NT
3788 [PP]Crash trying to login to cnn custom news, applet invoked Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
3800 apprunner/viewer quits when loading a page with an applet Plug-ins Windows NT
3959 Specifying both width & height for an applet crashes Mac Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
4316 OBJECT image does not render if mimetype missing Plug-ins Windows 95
4414 US West: View Acrobat inline then click back button and scroll bars are lost. Plug-ins All
4422 68K plugin support needs to be removed for carbon compliance Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
4444 nightly build 30.3.1999 crashes Plug-ins Windows NT
4474 Apprunner and viewer crash on launch with "invalid NT image" for plugins Plug-ins Windows NT
4480 Need a plug-ins directory for seamonkey on launch Plug-ins Windows 95
4535 Communicator 4.5/4.51 crash -- run a JavaApplet Plug-ins Windows 95
4568 nightly build 5.4.1999 crashes on startup Plug-ins Windows NT
4727 "The dynamic link library IML32.DLL could not be found" NT4 Plug-ins Windows NT
4751 Selecting Plug-in option on Basic Functional test crashes the app Plug-ins Windows 95
4935 Plug-in streaming API does not handle "File Not found" error properly Plug-ins Windows NT
4953 Shockwave and the Gecko Beta do not seem to get along Plug-ins Windows 95
5033 Re-open bug 4474 Plug-ins Windows NT
5049 Apprunner crash on startup if npmidi32.dll is found in comm451 plugin folder Plug-ins Windows 98
5363 Application crashes when selecting any of the test cases Plug-ins Windows 95
5522 OBJECT frame code isn't setting max-element-size correctly Plug-ins All
5625 Regression with images in object tag Plug-ins Windows NT
5978 "window.navigator.plugins[i].name" returns plugin filename instead of plugin name. Plug-ins Windows 95
6113 Window stops updating if load doc that needs plug-in Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
6135 Crash on nsPluginsDirWin.cpp Plug-ins Windows 95
6183 Need to load standard plugins on Mac OS Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
6212 stylesheet visibility property does not hide plug-ins Plug-ins Windows NT
7125 Crash on startup when initializing plugin for webturbo 2.02 Plug-ins Windows 95
7193 Multiple APPLET tags results in one plug-in instance Plug-ins Windows NT
7194 Multiple APPLET tags results in one plug-in instance Plug-ins Windows NT
7499 MLK in nsPluginsDirWin.cpp Plug-ins Windows NT
7503 nsObjectFrame::Reflow uses deleted string Plug-ins Windows NT
7505 Search for old plug-in directory fails for Navigator 4.5 Plug-ins Windows NT
7507 Reloading 4.x plug-in that uses SDK C++ framework crashes Plug-ins Windows NT
7509 Embed tag doesn't recognize percentages in width & height attributes Plug-ins Windows NT
8063 [FLASH] flash movie does not play as intended Plug-ins Windows 95
8551 PluginViewerImpl::StartLoad: content-type=audio/x-wav extremly slow Plug-ins Windows 98
8583 Browser simply crashes while visiting the page with the sound file Plug-ins Linux
8584 Browser simply crashes while visiting the page with the sound file Plug-ins Linux
8740 The default size for unsized OBJECTs should be larger Plug-ins All
9211 Plugin code does not recognize file extensions separated by comma. Was: QuickTime plugin does not work Plug-ins Windows NT
9323 "window.navigator.plugins[i].filename" returns just a filename instaead of path. Plug-ins Windows 95
9392 "document.plugins" returns null instead of returning Object Embed array. Plug-ins Windows 95
9498 [FLASH][SHOCKWAVE] No load with flash or shockwave components Plug-ins Other
9562 [FLASH] Plug-in height and width do not function Plug-ins Windows 98
9855 [malloc] memory allocation problems - plugins Plug-ins Windows 95
10962 Plugins are broken after Necko landing Plug-ins Windows NT
11732 Applet is displayed outside of the browser window Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
12153 nsIPluginInstance::Stop( ) and ::Destroy( ) not being called properly Plug-ins Other
13122 [4.xP][REALPLAYER] RealAudio content fails to start playing on page with EMBEDed .rpm file Plug-ins Windows NT
13299 MLK: -leak of 40 bytes - nsPluginsDir::nsPluginsDir() Plug-ins Windows NT
13504 modules/plugin: StrAllocCopy() and friends must die Plug-ins All
13642 Cannot find LiveAudio Plug-in for .mid file when HTML TYPE attribute is not specified Plug-ins Windows NT
13783 Java Plug-in 1.3 beta causes crash when using navigator.plugins object Plug-ins Windows NT
13929 WIDTH and HEIGHT of OBJECT/EMBED does not work as a %age Plug-ins Windows NT
14117 [patch] build bustage in nsRelatedLinksHandler.cpp Plug-ins Solaris
14413 Cannot listen for NS_PAINT events for nsMacWindow from my event handler Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
14496 Clicking on MIDI file link doesn't play in Quicktime Plug-ins Other
15210 use CreatePluginInstance instead of CreateInstance to create plug-ins Plug-ins All
15217 need hook for default plugin Plug-ins All
15417 M9 Apprunner and Viewer Crash on Startup Plug-ins Windows NT
15606 nsICookieStorage not implemented Plug-ins Windows NT
15607 nsIPluginManager2::FindProxyForURL() returns E_NOTIMPL Plug-ins Windows NT
16125 [FLASH] Drawing problems on Mac OS Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
16302 Plug-ins at 100% width/height exceed content region of browser window Plug-ins All
16519 NPP_DestroyStream() invoked too often for 4.0 plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
16522 Plugins are not resized when window is Plug-ins Windows NT
16677 nsIPluginManager::FindProxyForURL isn't aware of "bypass proxies for local addresses" Plug-ins Other
17551 [FEATURE] need default plug-in handler: When mozilla doesn't find a plugin, instead of informing the user, it goes on to display the rest of the page. Plug-ins Windows NT
17732 stream (result of peer's NewStream method) isn't working Plug-ins Windows NT
17809 does not compile with Sun Workshop 5.0 C++ compiler Plug-ins Solaris
18205 Mozilla unexpectedly quits... Plug-ins Linux
18278 [Webshell] Plugin DLL should be lazily loaded Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
18320 Plugin which works with Navigator 4.5/4.6 fails with Mozilla Plug-ins Windows 98
18641 it is impossible to register xpcom plugin for an extension Plug-ins All
18656 pdf files don't launch unless dll is manually added to plugins folder Plug-ins Windows NT
18679 [ACROBAT][DOGFOOD][BETA] Adobe Acrobat Plug-in Crashes M10 Build Plug-ins Windows 98
18824 [ENH][LIQUIDPLAYER] register default MIME type/plug-in handler data for LiquidPlayer plug-in Plug-ins Windows NT
18897 [FLASH] Flash movies are not recognized Plug-ins Linux
18902 Plugin doesn't do anything Plug-ins Windows 98
19125 [Mac]Load Movie functionality of FLASH 3&4 NOT WORKING Plug-ins All
19216 Plugin streams only give 4114 bytes before closing Plug-ins Windows NT
19222 These applets crash mozilla. Plug-ins Windows NT
19306 [Outdated plug-in] Sherlock plug-in for Google is outdated Plug-ins Linux
19559 [dogfood] Plugin can not draw itself on linux and solaris. Plug-ins Linux
19931 [REALPLAYER] Mac - RealAudio controls drawn on top of Sidebar Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
20213 Flash and Quicktime Errors Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
20407 MIME Type Plug-ins Linux
20472 Inline plugins are not getting receiving a valid nsPluginPort Plug-ins Linux
20792 Flash content isn't displayed correctly Plug-ins Windows 98
21140 Sound test page should be installed as a chrome URL Plug-ins Windows NT
21659 Cannot play .wav file Plug-ins Windows NT
21784 Crash on WAV OBJECTs with QuickTime 4 Plug-ins Windows NT
21938 fix Plugin detection logic to first check Plugins folder, then if Plugin not found, the Nav4 folder next Plug-ins Windows NT
22391 Calling GetParameters() after GetParameter(name) results NS_ERROR_FAILURE return value Plug-ins Windows NT
22501 Can't handle regular links inside <applet>... </applet> Plug-ins Windows 95
22598 No access to document from a plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
22954 mapping of URL's to plug-in MIME types isn't working Plug-ins All
22996 [RFE] want Linux Mozilla to support Win32 plug-in binaries via WINE Plug-ins Linux
23054 [CRASH] Browser crashes when trying to play real audio file Plug-ins Windows NT
23247 Crashes when browsing. [FLASH] Plug-ins Windows NT
23546 nsPluginsDir::nsPluginsDir() Plug-ins Linux
23667 NPP_StreamAsFile is never called Plug-ins Windows NT
23856 need to decide whether FCS will load plug-ins from Nav4 plugins directory, then need to implement decision Plug-ins All
24194 nsIPluginInstancePeer.ShowStatus crashes browser Plug-ins All
24718 Cannot play Quicktime files on MAC Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
25003 LiveConnect needs to allow for testing for NAV4 plugins Plug-ins All
25025 [BLOCKER] Cannot play realaudio files on Linux Plug-ins Linux
25068 Need some sample plugin-in code under Linux Plug-ins Other
26081 [QUICKTIME] Quicktime midi plugin crashes mozilla on unload Plug-ins Windows 98
26190 M13 crashed while loading Plug-ins Solaris
26243 [CRASH]Pressing BACK button after playing multiple plugins on the same page crashes browser Plug-ins Windows NT
26516 java/plugins initialize at startup Plug-ins Windows NT
26639 Searching for plugins: Mozilla looks in wrong place Plug-ins Windows NT
26835 [regression] browser exits trying to load plugins Plug-ins Windows NT
26875 Java applets's stop method is not called during page switch Plug-ins All
26893 nsIPluginTagInfo::GetDOMElement should really be in nsIPluginTagInfo2 Plug-ins All
26941 Freeing mismatched memory in nsPluginTag destructor Plug-ins Windows NT
27469 DOGFOOD PDT+ Plugins won't work if user doesn't have 4.x installed Plug-ins All
27473 Flickering seen when page with livepicture plugin is viewed Plug-ins Windows NT
27486 Browser deadlock because Plug-in native window is destroyed before the applet's stop is called Plug-ins Windows NT
27548 Shockwave site that crashes mozilla Plug-ins Windows 98
27558 [FLASH] buy a bug. crash the browser. on Plug-ins Windows 95
27755 Mozilla looks for OJI plug-in first in old Navigator's plugins directory Plug-ins Windows NT
27763 Plug-in stream listener doesn't call nsIPluginStreamListener::OnFileAvailable() Plug-ins Windows NT
27907 Browser crashes upon pressing button in plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
28067 Plugin plays outside gray area and blocks image Plug-ins All
28433 Crash on leaving the page. Possible Quicktime Plugin problem. Plug-ins Windows NT
28609 (topcrash)several chrashes on loading pdf-files Plug-ins Windows 98
29206 QuickTime plugin half-drawn and positioned incorrectly Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
29561 Memory leak in nsPluginHostImpl.cpp Plug-ins Windows NT
29767 Macromedia Flash Buttons... Plug-ins All
29857 XPCOM plugins installed outside of components directory won't load under Unix Plug-ins Linux
30262 Mozilla m14 2000030209 segfault on .au file Plug-ins Linux
30297 Page does not display correctly Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
30733 Embedding helper applications within Mozilla window Plug-ins All
30743 M14: Crash on attempt to load Plug-ins Solaris
30793 clicking flash logo on crashes browser Plug-ins Windows 98
31012 linux needs legacy plugin support for 4.x plugins Plug-ins Linux
31050 [QUICKTIME] mozilla crashes when popup window closed with quicktime plugin running Plug-ins Windows 98
31109 crash on open on Mammoth tunein page Plug-ins Windows NT
31114 Test plugin no longer builds Plug-ins Linux
31808 Flash 4 objects never finish loading Plug-ins Windows 98
31872 Mac should load Real, Flash, and Acrobat from Nav4 plugins directory, just like Windows Plug-ins Other
32150 Scriptable Plugin methods/members need to be accessable from JavaScript Plug-ins Other
32272 new plugins can't be backwards compatible Plug-ins Windows 2000
32319 Undocumented Plug-in Behavior Not Supported ... and Breaks Acrobat Functionality Plug-ins Windows NT
32327 Mac: displaying page (flash, quicktime) ---> no more chrome ;) Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
32380 Multiple Plugins for same MIME type Plug-ins All
32552 Page with javascript used to detect plugin does not load plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
32563 Browser Crash on Plug-ins Windows NT
32668 Right click in QuickTime Plug-in region brings up browser context menu Plug-ins All
32717 nsIPluginInstance methods cause namespace conflicts with legacy plugins Plug-ins Windows 2000
32784 crash if i try to load a movie after I have previously viewed another Plug-ins Windows 98
33066 Page with plugin loads very slow Plug-ins Windows NT
33105 Crash when quitting browser while movie is playing. Plug-ins Windows NT
33138 movie is out of position, doesn't play Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
33536 Crash in plugins on startup. Plug-ins Windows 98
33584 Mozilla is loading Plugins from Communicator folder Plug-ins Windows 98
33832 Tracker bug for all issues relating to the use of 4.x plugins under mozilla Plug-ins All
33833 tracker for all bugs relating to the use of the acrobat plugin with mozilla Plug-ins Windows 98
34576 The plug-in Chime does not function correctly with Mozilla. Plug-ins Windows NT
34660 MIDI files won't play Plug-ins Windows 98
34827 FLASH PLAYER - BETA 2 Plug-ins All
35324 Browser doesn't load plug-in correctly - StreamAsFile not implemented correctly Plug-ins Windows NT
35682 Acrobat does not launch as a plugin and launches as a helper app even if not explicitly specified Plug-ins All
35784 Selecting shockwave movie on page does not play movie in new window Plug-ins Windows NT
35912 memory leaks loading plugins Plug-ins Windows NT
35914 Shockwave player not detected and grey box appears Plug-ins All
36046 QuickTime movies fail to display Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
36047 Page w/ QT movie interferes with screen capture Plug-ins All
36056 Browser crashes as soon as it tries to load the home-page Plug-ins Windows 2000
36089 All 4.x plug-in installers will fail on Mac because folder is named 'plugins' instead of 'plug-ins' Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
36240 Implement nsHTMLObjectElement::GetContentDocument() Plug-ins All
36272 RFE: Crash (SIGSEGV) in plugin code should be catched... Plug-ins All
36297 Plugins Standard Plug-ins All
36383 The URL does not render at all Plug-ins All
36568 Crash when trying to load url Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
36569 Problem with backward compatibility with existing plug-in binaries (sans LiveConnect) on mac Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
36666 progid prefix for XPCOM plugins should be changed Plug-ins All
36908 about:plugins does not work Plug-ins Linux
36924 beos build broken Plug-ins BeOS
36973 nsPluginsDir should not use nsFileSpec; use nsIFile instead Plug-ins All
37025 nsPluginsDirUNIX.cpp does not build due to dlopen() flags. Plug-ins OSF/1
37126 Flash animation displays as mostly gray, only bottom is displayed Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
37137 Flash animation improperly placed, sized Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
37145 Mac client crashes upon loading Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
37162 Flash animation halts prematurely ( Plug-ins All
37165 Unreconized protocal in embed/object src attribute breaks plug-in support code Plug-ins All
37237 non-NSPR functions used in plug-in wrapper code Plug-ins Other
37394 Old pthread refs in gtkxtbin code Plug-ins Other
37477 Browser crashes on this page (uses flash) Plug-ins Linux
37504 [PIDEV][REALPLAYER] XPCom/Legacy Plug-in registration not clearly defined Plug-ins Linux
37522 JavaScript plugin object always returns null for description Plug-ins Linux
37617 sample plugin won't compile Plug-ins Solaris
37622 <embed hidden="true"> doesn't really hide Plug-ins Windows 98
37623 <embed src="non-existent.mid"> crashes quicktime plug-in Plug-ins Windows 98
37633 Connection Refused Window Seen Many Times In Short Period Of Time Plug-ins Windows 98
37710 Flash FS Command fails Plug-ins All
37884 shockwave plug-in does not start and crashes in some pages Plug-ins Windows 98
37915 plugin ref count leak in nsPluginHostImpl.cpp Plug-ins All
38094 nsPluginHostImpl::GetURL does not work for relative URLs if target is null Plug-ins All
38257 npsimple does not compile Plug-ins All
38268 Linux Mozilla w/ plugin crashes with Flash content Plug-ins Linux
38273 Sample Plug-in (npsimple) needs to use new nsString methods Plug-ins All
38274 Sample HTML for npsimple use the wrong MIME type Plug-ins All
38350 GetURL callback causes app hang when called from <a> link Plug-ins Windows 2000
38351 Reloading page with the Tcl/Tk plugin causes duplicate token key in token table npStream Plug-ins Windows NT
38373 nsIPluginManager::GetURL() documentation comment outdated Plug-ins All
38482 Context menus for plugins don't contain navigation options Plug-ins Windows 98
38484 native context menu for plug-in doesn't close mozilla context menu for browser Plug-ins All
38495 [FEATURE] need to support JS LiveConnect calls in existing content via upgraded plug-in binaries Plug-ins Windows NT
38499 4x Plugins are receiving a bad portx and porty parameter during draw Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
38500 Plugins are receiving two update events when one is called for. Plug-ins All
38510 Prefs dialog is blank *if* visiting Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
38822 netscape not loading Quick View Plus plug-in for MS word files. Plug-ins Windows NT
38848 nsIPluginManager::GetValue is not implemented Plug-ins All
39071 Plugins don't get launched when clicked on hyperlinks with file extensions Plug-ins Windows NT
39208 Freeze when attempting to run embedded Media Player file Plug-ins Windows NT
39296 PDF freezes browser on file save Plug-ins Windows NT
39534 LoadPlugins should handle failures more gracefully Plug-ins Windows 2000
39789 assertion loading plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
39823 Sane sample plugin should use NSGetModule instead of NSGetFactory Plug-ins All
39907 Plugin Interfaces should be converted to IDL Plug-ins All
39911 Plugins should be scriptable Plug-ins All
39933 enhance sample Win32 plug-in to demonstrate XPConnect scriptability Plug-ins Windows NT
39936 enhance sample Win32 plug-in to demonstrate enabling backward compatibility with legacy content calls to Nav4 Java APIs via LiveConnect Plug-ins Windows NT
39993 [ENHANCEMENT] Support Legacy Plugins Plug-ins All
40088 fix signed vs unsigned comparison in mozilla/modules/plugin/nglsrc/nsPluginHostImpl.cpp Plug-ins All
40556 NPN_PostURL does not post any data to external URL Plug-ins Linux
40557 NPN_PostURLNotify not implemented under Linux Plug-ins Linux
40657 "/tmp/" file created Plug-ins Windows 2000
40680 OBJECT attribute 'codebase' doesn't affect 'data' attribute Plug-ins All
40952 Javascript should be a plug-in Plug-ins Linux
41112 Bad include is causing HP-UX not to build Plug-ins HP-UX
41222 NAV4 plug-ins that open a stream with a "javascript:" url crash browser Plug-ins Windows 2000
41276 [crash] arbitrary limit to number of plugins allowed in a page Plug-ins All
41334 'Download Java' alert message only displayed one time, not once per session. Plug-ins Other
41602 plugins don't size to expand the box Plug-ins Windows 2000
41870 loading the main rockyandbullwinkle page crashes Mozilla Plug-ins Linux
42039 Relativ URL s could not correctly be resolved, if flash anim is in another folder. Plug-ins Windows 98
42040 Plugins initialized twice during Mozilla startup? Plug-ins Windows 98
42230 linked SVG-content brings "unknown file-type" Plug-ins All
42232 linked SVG-content brings "unknown file-type" Plug-ins Windows 95
42262 Need to lazily load the plugin DLL Plug-ins Other
42694 Page does not render correctly if PLUGINSPAGE attribute has a relative url Plug-ins All
42696 Default plugin throws assertion if no mime type is specified Plug-ins All
43075 Hard coded plugin content type strings in nsLayoutDLF break external helper apps Plug-ins Windows NT
43106 not thread-safe assertions in plugin module Plug-ins Windows 2000
43148 java menu doesnt popup Plug-ins All
43179 pref that lists plug-ins to load from Nav4 Plug-ins All
43280 No Plugin Downloader Plugin! Plug-ins All
43292 remove nsIJRILiveConnectPlugInstPeer.idl (not being used) Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
43500 Default plugin should be checked in the Mozilla/commercial tree Plug-ins Windows NT
43506 Two or more flash movies don't work correctly Plug-ins Windows 2000
43528 Cooporate flash movie and CGI doesn't work correctly Plug-ins Windows 2000
43543 Unnecessary calls to nsPluginStreamInfo::SetURL() Plug-ins Windows 2000
43555 site doesn't work under brwoser Plug-ins Windows NT
43620 Need to launch the default plugin for full page mode Plug-ins All
43672 Download alert shouldn't use question mark icon Plug-ins All
43675 Download alert shouldn't say "Netscape" Plug-ins All
43725 Flash anims are slower than in Internet Explorer Plug-ins Windows 98
43832 problems if plugin implements nsIScriptablePlugin and nsIXPCScriptable Plug-ins Windows NT
43840 plugin leaks if it implements nsIScriptablePlugin Plug-ins Windows NT
43875 need a sample Mac plugin (4.x and 6.x dual) Plug-ins All
43896 when click anywhere the browser crashes Plug-ins Windows NT
44169 improperly parented modal dialog in nsPluginHostImpl.cpp Plug-ins All
44216 NPP_Write() fails on subsequent calls Plug-ins Windows NT
44322 [WPAPI] Implement Navigator 4.x windowless plug-in API Plug-ins All
44416 Mozilla calls itself Netscape :-) Plug-ins Linux
44614 XPCOM plugins not reflected in js plugins array Plug-ins All
44667 Incorrect assumption about lifetime of nsPluginInstancePeerImpl, which can lead to crash of Mozilla with some plugins on exit. Plug-ins SunOS
44670 No correct IDLs for plugin XPCOM objects. Plug-ins All
44692 Default plugin doesn't do anything if no mimetype specified in EMBED tag Plug-ins Windows NT
44754 NS_PLUGIN_CID should not exist Plug-ins All
44810 Mac hangs with a plugin in the Plugins folder Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
44840 Quicktime movie half clipped out Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
44897 There are no plugins for the Linux version. Will there ever be ? Plug-ins Linux
44960 mozilla crashes on second page of attached webpage Plug-ins Windows 2000
44967 nsPluginManager missing contractID Plug-ins All
44973 Need to support multiple plugins for a given content type (PLID) Plug-ins All
45009 nsIPlugin::Initialize() and ::Shutdown aren't called Plug-ins All
45162 nsIWidget::GetNativeData(NS_NATIVE_PLUGIN_PORT) should return native XID on unix Plug-ins Linux
45249 flash isn´t working if doctype forces strict render mode. Plug-ins Windows 95
45426 Browser segfaults when viewing pages with Macromedia Flash content Plug-ins Linux
45460 Plugin loader expects NSGetFactory to return a nsIPluginInstance rather than a nsIPlugin Plug-ins All
45689 Realplayer does not launch as a helper app Plug-ins Windows NT
45698 [PIDEV] XPCOM component registry should include keys to distinguish new plug-ins from ordinary XPCOM components Plug-ins Windows NT
45699 plug-in initialization should load plug-ins from user's profile's plugins directory Plug-ins All
45769 Crash in ns4xPluginInstance::SetWindow() / Private_SetWindow() / NPP_SetWindow() (Java plugin?) Plug-ins Linux
45802 legacy java applets using liveconnect cannot communicate with mozilla plugins Plug-ins All
45869 crash loading flash plugin Plug-ins Linux
45895 Leaking contents of nsPluginInfo struct Plug-ins All
45923 "plugin downloader plugin" ( does not work Plug-ins Linux
46405 Relative URLs in 'pluginspage' attribute don't use BASE tag href Plug-ins All
46569 Flash Publish codes OBJECT element with IE specific classid attribute Plug-ins All
46573 Default plugin crashes on page with redirection Plug-ins Windows NT
46606 sane plugin defines CID in .idl file Plug-ins Linux
46663 Can't find "plugin downloader plugin" Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
46751 doesn't reads this pdf. Plug-ins Windows NT
46938 keystroke events are not passed to plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
46940 full page plugins don't work at startup if Java is disabled Plug-ins Windows NT
47283 Loading this page causes endless re-paints of embedded element Plug-ins All
47360 full page plugins are not destroyed properly and leak Plug-ins All
47498 OnDataAvailable() is never called again if data is not read from the Stream Plug-ins All
47712 full page plugins don't work by file extension Plug-ins All
47718 crash on beatnik site. [@ MimeTypeArrayImpl::GetMimeTypes] Plug-ins Windows 95
47759 beatnik plugin not functional in seamonkey after install Plug-ins Windows 95
47840 Flash relative URL redirection does not work correctly Plug-ins All
47968 Browser UI unusable (de facto hang) on page with Flash after loading Plug-ins Windows NT
48091 Flash object not rendered at correct size in table cell Plug-ins All
48110 Browser crashes on startup in plc4.dll due to Crescendo 5.01 plugin Plug-ins Windows 98
48140 flash player mouse position tracking unreliable Plug-ins Windows NT
48430 Java plugin 1.3 runtime can not get proxy configuration for a url from browser of M17 build Plug-ins Other
48431 Plugin downloader plugin message pops up when plugin is absent on a webpage Plug-ins Linux
48483 Get the default plugin for Unix platforms Plug-ins Linux
48492 xpcom plugins can't be updated without closing browser if plugin was used Plug-ins All
48498 flash 4 page doesn't display Plug-ins Windows NT
48765 Improperly installed acrobat plugin freezes Mozilla Window content Plug-ins Windows 98
48856 Crash in page with <EMBED> element Plug-ins Linux
48969 Flash plugin not installed, browser crashes on trying to load page Plug-ins Linux
48972 nsIPluginInstancePeer needs a GetOwner() method Plug-ins All
49047 Browser crashes on page that requires an embedded plugin Plug-ins Linux
49121 failing to download the flash player the browser diplays blank black output Plug-ins Solaris
49123 Going to this URL crashes the browser at just step one Plug-ins Solaris
49243 clicking the link crashes the browser Plug-ins Solaris
49249 browsser crashes while going to this URL -(Netscape 6- Build 2000080720 Plug-ins Solaris
49381 browser (Netscape6 -Build 2000080720) just shows a blank page going to these 4 URL's Plug-ins Solaris
49432 Plugin code crashes due to null mimetype Plug-ins Linux
49515 Regression: Mac plugins don't work Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
49522 API sez: "Plugins can provide HTTP headers to POST" I say: NOT TRUE! Plug-ins Solaris
49525 No way for plugins to set headers to HTTP GET Plug-ins All
49702 browser crashes as soon as the above mentioned URLs are clicked for Quicktime tests in Plugins testcases Plug-ins Solaris
49709 browser Ns6 crashes as soon as video trailers display is attempted Plug-ins Solaris
49717 ns6 (build 2000080720) browser crashes as soon as the said URL's are clicked Plug-ins Solaris
50364 Acrobat reader does not launch as helper app anymore Plug-ins Linux
50523 Update Name of null plugin Plug-ins All
50651 flash embed causing table to not render correctly Plug-ins Windows NT
50811 Plugins need way to access HTTP response headers on GET/POST Plug-ins Other
50830 A crash occurs when loading with applets Plug-ins All
51040 <APPLET> triggers plugin downloader plugin Plug-ins Windows 95
51068 # fragments in URL's don't always reach the plugin Plug-ins All
51081 embedding app dumps core when looking for java plugin Plug-ins Linux
51189 Plugin module explicitly depends on libXt - it doesn't allow to run Sun Java VM in Mozilla process. Plug-ins Linux
51291 Does not load applet from codebase specified Plug-ins Windows NT
51376 4.x plugins don't work with HP-UX N6 builds Plug-ins HP-UX
51563 Unable to obtain a plugin from the plugin link Plug-ins Windows 2000
51679 Call to SetCookieString needs to pass in an nsIPrompt Plug-ins Windows NT
51759 Missing kCPluginManagerCID component will cause crash! Plug-ins Linux
51787 Shockwave director movie does not play and blank page appears Plug-ins All
51812 Error message appears after installation and before launching the browser Plug-ins Windows NT
51821 nsIPluginStreamListener::OnDataAvailable() never gets called. Plug-ins All
51900 Mouse cursor does not change back to oiginal shape when moved over movie after performing search Plug-ins Windows 2000
51919 Plugin POST incorrectly implemented Plug-ins All
51922 Doesn't render page correctly Plug-ins Windows NT
52117 error while starting site, maybe because of flash; says: "an error occured - timeout: variables" Plug-ins Windows NT
52127 Flash links are .swf-relative instead of page-relative Plug-ins Windows 98
52355 Every AOLMail screen yields "can't find plugin downloader" dialog Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
52539 Plug-in installation warning Plug-ins Windows 98
52570 Visiting page with plugin causes windows to stop drawing Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
52905 No "click here to get the plugin" for embed height<35 Plug-ins Windows 98
53048 Brkwser crashes after pressing OK on 'No Plugin Downloader Plugin' Plug-ins Linux
53094 crash on N620 M096 [@ js_Lock ] Plug-ins Windows 98
53122 OnFileAvailable is no longer called Plug-ins All
53139 [GTK] Crash warning default plugin doesn't exist Plug-ins Linux
53344 PDF Support Problem: NPP_NewStream Never Sets the Stream as Seekable Plug-ins Windows 2000
53347 Acrobat Forms Support Problem: Form fails to submit Plug-ins Windows 2000
53349 PDF Support Problem: Mozilla Not Calling NPP_Print (full-page) Plug-ins All
53363 PDF Support Problem: NPN_RequestRead is not implemented Plug-ins All
53365 PDF Support Problem: No Byte Range Request Plug-ins Windows 2000
53368 PDF Support Problem: Undocumented Feature of NS API Plug-ins Windows 2000
53369 PDF Support Problem: Undocumented Feature of NS API Plug-ins Windows 2000
53370 PDF Support Problem: Undocumented Feature of NS API Plug-ins Windows 2000
53372 PDF Support Problem: Undocumented Feature of NS API Plug-ins Windows 2000
53373 PDF Support Problem: Undocumented Feature of NS API Plug-ins Windows 2000
53386 Crash after "missing plug-in downloader plug-in" dialog Plug-ins Linux
53390 MoleculeViewer applet example3 doesn't load all the applets on the page. Plug-ins Other
53399 PDF Support Problem: Crash in NPN_GetURL Plug-ins Windows 2000
53437 shockwave movies redraw improperly on mac(nsbeta3 rtm) Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
53451 Following HP Plugin page causes a freeze in Seamonkey, not Communicator Plug-ins Windows NT
53453 on Mac, should delete plugins directory or gracefully detect and handle duplicate installation in both directories Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
53507 nsIPluginInstance::SetWindow hides xwindow handle Plug-ins Linux
53868 mimeService does not use registered plugin file extensions Plug-ins All
53895 [WINDOWS] mimetype.description should not contain (*.suffix) Plug-ins Windows XP
53897 about:plug-ins should also work Plug-ins All
53984 Advertisement on default plugin page for java sometimes pushes download links off of window Plug-ins Windows 98
54147 Default plugin can't decide what cursor it wants Plug-ins Windows 98
54186 crash when opening a shockwave movie while another shockwave movie is streaming in SW8.5 Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
54205 Netlanski movie (netling) hangs when "getNetText" button is pushed in Netscape 6 (Mozilla) [@ IML32.dll] Plug-ins Windows 98
54224 Assertion when loading a plugin from XUL in chrome Plug-ins Windows NT
54238 'Illegal operation performed' dialog pops up while viewing page with ipix plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
54243 Clever content viewer plugin does not work Plug-ins Windows NT
54247 Clicking on mp3 file does not launch winamp even if it is registered as a helper app Plug-ins Windows NT
54291 Need Alternative Location to Load Java Plugins Plug-ins Solaris
54369 The Plug-in native window get destroyed before nsIPluginInstance:Stop/Destroy get called Plug-ins Windows 2000
54437 realplayer does not load as embedded plugin in some cases (MIME problems?) Plug-ins Windows NT
54448 Flash-enabled site doesn't show up Plug-ins Windows NT
54552 Browser(with plugin) is crashing while loading flash files Plug-ins Solaris
54560 Browser is crashing when RealAudio plug-in is added Plug-ins Solaris
54592 BACK button stops functioning after pdf's are loaded in frames on a page Plug-ins Windows NT
54603 Default plugin does not do anything when clicked on puzzle icon to get plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
54650 Sys3175 on clicking "Do not border with downloading plugin" Plug-ins All
54689 Blank page loads when trying to access pdf on a secure server Plug-ins All
54755 null-plugin dialog behaving bad and results are confusing Plug-ins Linux
54777 Can't use MIME type audio/x-scpls Plug-ins Windows NT
54778 must fix plug-in finder code on Mac so it always looks in "plug-ins" directory Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
54850 crash when plugin has an inline parent Plug-ins Windows 98
54921 crash while dismissing default downloader plugin Plug-ins Linux
54962 General Mac plugin paint and positioning problems Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
55039 Crash on Java plugin dialog on Linux Plug-ins Linux
55076 Proxy Auto Config (PAC) not honored in nsPluginHostImpl::FindProxyForURL(). Plug-ins All
55217 "Get Java" links take you to a URL with PR2; JVM never downloads Plug-ins Windows 98
55222 extra browser window pops up when trying to fetch a plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
55223 Java Plug-in launches two pages Plug-ins All
55235 flash crash Plug-ins Linux
55261 GTK modal dialog locks up browser when installing plugin Plug-ins Linux
55420 Crash in ViewportFrame::Destroy when cancel plugin download window Plug-ins Windows NT
55535 Browser crashes after installation of java plugin on linux Plug-ins Linux
55537 N601 (Linux) crash #1: Browser crashes after installation of java plugin on linux [@ nsJARChannel::OnStartRequest] Plug-ins Linux
55695 Linux: Crash when visiting page with Flash Plug-ins Linux
55755 [RFE] Install plugins in subdirectories Plug-ins Other
55756 [RFE] plugins should scan subdirectories of /plugins/ Plug-ins All
55757 Default java plugin does not install its compnents in the plugin directory Plug-ins Windows 95
55790 "Netscape" text and link on about:plugins Plug-ins Linux
55821 MLK: nsPluginHostImpl::ScanPluginsDirectory() Plug-ins Linux
55822 The context menus for Shockwave and Flash movies do not work in Netscape 6 PR3 Plug-ins All
55848 MLK: BeOS nsPluginFile::FreePluginInfo() does nothing Plug-ins BeOS
55959 [META] Navigator 4.x plugin API implementation Plug-ins All
55979 NS6 for i386_Solaris is not loading the plugins other than OJI Plug-ins Solaris
56028 nsObjectFrame should be a DOM Listener Plug-ins Windows NT
56106 need missing-plugin icon in status bar (because puzzle icon does not show for tiny plugins) Plug-ins Windows NT
56112 can't install Flash without 4.x installed on your machine Plug-ins Windows NT
56120 Page content not displayed on Mac Plug-ins All
56126 Support windowless plugins Plug-ins All
56154 nsPluginsDir{Win,Unix} must use nsIFile instead of nsFileSpec Plug-ins Other
56171 Games on website do not work Plug-ins All
56229 useless url to download "plugin downloader plugin" (default plug-in) Plug-ins All
56231 "Plugin Downloader Plugin" vs "Default Plug-in" Plug-ins All
56268 console message says "failed to register" after installing new realplayer Plug-ins Windows NT
56297 Tank Wars does not load on Mac/Win NS6pr3 with either SW8.0 or SW8.5 Plug-ins All
56298 Tank Wars does not load on Mac/Win NS6pr3 with either SW8.0 or SW8.5 Plug-ins All
56311 Netscape 6 doesn't call NPP_UrlNotify() when a stream requested with NPN_GetUrlNotify() completes Plug-ins All
56323 browser crashes on mozillazine Plug-ins Linux
56487 RealAudio plugin is showing extraneous "Saving File" dialog Plug-ins Windows NT
56498 free (beer) alternatiff plugin doesn't render tiff images correctly at US patent office site. Plug-ins Windows NT
56535 Mozilla crashes when prompted to download plug-in Plug-ins Windows 98
56549 if flash size is defined with 100%, anim overrides fixed table width and height. Plug-ins All
56550 no sound when visiting a page with macromedia flash Plug-ins Linux
56584 ns4xPlugin::CreatePlugin leaks ref to nsMemoryImpl Plug-ins Linux
56606 Plugin helper window won't appear until mousing over certain parts of the chrome Plug-ins Windows 98
56650 problems with plugins and helper apps. Plug-ins Linux
56653 Bad wording when getting any plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
56659 [MLK] Leaking nsPluginInstanceOwner (cycle with nsTimerImpl) Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
56735 Crash when executing java applet Plug-ins Linux
56896 Crash while playing a shockwave game Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
56922 Unix default plugin grabs focus, doesn't go away Plug-ins Linux
56942 Browser crashes when loading a page with a Java applet and Java enabled Plug-ins Linux
56943 Mozilla crashes when java is enabled and visiting a site with an applet on it Plug-ins Linux
56960 Impossible to install a plug-in (for example the java 2.0 one) Plug-ins Other
57135 Browser crashes on page Plug-ins OpenVMS
57186 Scrolling with plugin on page leaves garbage on screen Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
57189 hitting reload after scrolling when quicktime movie is playing crashes browser Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
57199 Unable to start shoutcast stream from ns6 Plug-ins Windows 95
57202 Shockwave installations/registrations fail using Netscape 6 PR3 on the Mac. Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
57207 progress dialog sometimes doesn't go away when opening content with a helper app Plug-ins Windows NT
57210 If you have npjava32.dll in the Netscape 4.7x plugin dir, Mozilla crashes on startup Plug-ins Windows NT
57229 [IBENCH] N6 doesn't seem to be picking up OS-registered MIME type for AVI files registered by Blaxxun plug-in Plug-ins Windows NT
57455 innumerable Plug-in dialogs if content area is resized Plug-ins Linux
57458 Context menu for flash does not work on mac Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
57459 Context menu for quicktime plugin does not launch Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
57499 "old" plugin api streaming corrupted [buffering issue] Plug-ins Linux
57760 no ability to disable plugins Plug-ins All
57796 plugins are not searched in ~/.mozilla/plugins Plug-ins Linux
57809 QuickTime Plugin Not Recognized Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
57885 crash in nsPluginHostImpl::GetPluginFactory with dual legacy/XPCOM plugin Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
58016 dialog does not go away after clicking ok on "Download plugin" dialog Plug-ins Linux
58128 crash on visiting page with Shockwave content after SW registration Plug-ins All
58134 Photo Hunt gives errors and is unplayable with SW8 and SW8.5r133 on mac/win Plug-ins All
58291 URLs in Mozilla plugin source? Plug-ins All
58358 MRJ Plugin Crashes on Intellicast URL in G4 system, works fine on two other G3 PPCs Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
58396 Multiple Windows appear when opening a Website with Java-Appletts Plug-ins Linux
58462 OS/2 - Mozilla doesn't recognize plugins Plug-ins OS/2
58491 ns4xplugin interface incorrect Plug-ins All
58500 Mozilla crashes when going to Plug-ins Windows 98
58687 flash overlaping in table cell Plug-ins Windows 2000
58814 Events must not be sent to Mac Plug-ins twice Plug-ins All
58823 Crash trying to load games page Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
58910 Mangled layout from Flash plugin Plug-ins All
58926 Small patch to nsPluginHostImpl.cpp to allow Qt build Plug-ins Linux
58957 Mac plugins do not receive key events Plug-ins All
59052 crashes when clicking on a Flash link Plug-ins Linux
59100 Play and Pause buttons on QT plugin controller not responding to a mouse click Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
59159 nsPluginFile::FreePluginInfo doesn't free arrays Plug-ins Linux
59288 Disabling Java crashes browser when going to Java page Plug-ins Linux
59394 Number of plugin objects cache is hard-coded Plug-ins All
59512 Java plugin uses proxy server when "direct connection to the internet" is selected Plug-ins Linux
59571 netlanski movie (netling) returns incorrect value for getNextText, error 4836 Plug-ins All
59575 Crash trying to install plugin while browser buster ran Plug-ins Linux
59582 loading this page and clicking any link results in a crash Plug-ins Linux
59620 origin not set properly when SetWindow() called Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
59653 Avoid browser crash when helper app crashes Plug-ins Linux
59696 "default plugin" dialog displays for each page reflow Plug-ins Linux
59749 window title not updated for full-page plugins Plug-ins All
59771 Needs me to download java plugin; download doesn't work Plug-ins Linux
59796 ParsePluginMimeDescription() fails to check for malloc failure Plug-ins Linux
59838 Dialog refers to non-existent UI Plug-ins All
59881 crash whenever plugins try to load Plug-ins Linux
59935 Javascript function calls to plugin do not work (in Real Player) Plug-ins Windows NT
59936 Repeated plug-in dialog display Plug-ins Linux
60027 Plugin downloader is not closing after click on OK. Plug-ins Solaris
60060 Plugin Downloader Dialog BOx not destroyed on clicking "OK' button. Plug-ins Solaris
60061 OS/2 - Mozilla context menu appears over plugin window Plug-ins OS/2
60063 Plugin Donwload file always seem to be saved in /tmp when PATH specified has no write permission. Plug-ins Linux
60064 Crashes on "Plugin Downloader" dialog. Plug-ins Solaris
60069 Mozilla does not launch external application Plug-ins Solaris
60166 Some weirdness involving helper apps, including abnormal termination of Mozilla Plug-ins Linux
60234 It does not load a plugin used in a previous version of NS4.73 Plug-ins Windows NT
60248 Mozilla build 2000111508 reports plugin errors at specified URL. Plug-ins Windows NT
60250 Mozilla 2000111508 reports errors then fails to print embedded SVG contents. Plug-ins Windows NT
60257 Remote connection attempt on registering plugins Plug-ins Linux
60394 Plugin Download Plugin Dialog Crash Plug-ins Windows 98
60425 Does Not Support Alias to Central Plug-ins Folder. Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
60680 Reflows cause default plugin to appear/reappear Plug-ins Linux
60712 Flash edit text fields input causes browser to go back (upon hitting the delete key) Plug-ins Windows NT
60717 Flash content within tables, is not displayed correctly - layout is incorrect Plug-ins All
60718 Missing check for null in nsPluginArray.cpp Plug-ins Linux
60719 Cannot input text into edit text fields with Flash - mac only Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
60720 LiveConnect not supported Plug-ins All
60721 flash crash mac back button Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
60844 N601 Crash (Linux) #7: Mozilla crashes when using plugger from redhat. [@ nsPluginTag::nsPluginTag] Plug-ins Linux
60895 crash in mozilla/layout/html/base/src/nsObjectFrame.cpp:nsPluginInstanceOwner::ProcessEvent() Plug-ins Windows NT
61005 scrolling a window with a QuickTime move leaves behind artifacts Plug-ins All
61020 [RFE] HTTP Site for java plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
61103 Stop default plugin from launching on page load on linux (mac?) Plug-ins Linux
61196 Page doesn't render properly without .swf file Plug-ins Linux
61333 Allow default plug-in to be turned off globally/for MIME types Plug-ins All
61361 Two Embeds => Two 'download plugin' windows Plug-ins Solaris
61454 Method nsIPluginManager::UserAgent return wrong value under Solaris Plug-ins Solaris
61455 nsIPluginInstancePeer::SetWindowSize do nothing, but returns NS_OK Plug-ins All
61647 Crash when acessing frame not associated with acrobat plugin Plug-ins Windows 98
61665 RTM crash trying to view PDF files [@ KERNEL32.DLL - NPPDF32.DLL] Plug-ins Windows 98
61782 focus problems with gtk based plugins Plug-ins Linux
61882 This site crashes build 2000112704. Plug-ins All
61955 watch cursor displayed in plugin menus and dialogs Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
62248 nsPluginInstancePeerImpl::GetValue is unimplemented Plug-ins All
62275 can't call methods on plugins Plug-ins Windows NT
62303 Crash occurs when Nav4 plug-in is called to load the same object twice Plug-ins Windows 98
62459 Cannot print within Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin Plug-ins Windows 98
62460 doesn't handle abnormal termination of plugins gracefully Plug-ins Linux
62489 Moz. 2000-12-06-08-Mtrunk crashes in nsPluginHostImpl::GetPluginFactory() Plug-ins Solaris
62513 Need XUL based dialog for plug-in to avoid GTK dependency and L10N Plug-ins Linux
62529 ADPCM files do not play in Nestcape 6 Plug-ins All
62579 RTM Crash: opening a pdf file in yahoo mail [@ KERNEL32.DLL - NPPDF32.DLL] Plug-ins Windows NT
62685 plugins are clipped out of the update region when page is scrolled Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
62693 Events are not sent to full-page plugins on Mac Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
62704 Textarea does not get updated when buttons are pressed Plug-ins Windows NT
62705 '4836' appears in result textfields in movie Plug-ins Windows NT
62710 Crash on clicking 'swPackageNotSet' Plug-ins Windows NT
62711 N601 Crash (Mac) #6 [@ nsPluginInstancePeerImpl::ShowStatus] Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
62788 Mac plugin window and child controls destroyed prematurely Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
62891 WRMB: Pages with plugins flicker on Mac Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
63050 flash plugin submits garbage from a flash form Plug-ins All
63182 Flash plugin (version < 6) context menu doesn't disappear on click, like other right click menus Plug-ins Linux
63219 flash crashes Plug-ins All
63243 Browser crashes on visiting any page with flash content Plug-ins Windows 2000
63262 PDF document fails to display under HTTPS Plug-ins Windows NT
63284 Crash while loading Plug-ins Windows NT
63344 N601 Crash (Linux - Top10) Installing plugins [@ DialogOKClicked -] Installing plugins Plug-ins Linux
63391 Crash in 'printf' due to a NULL string when trying to load the Java-vm plug-in Plug-ins Solaris
63518 Netscape 4.76/MRJ Plugin 1.0b2. Receive authentication dialogs Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
63662 Nightly build won't start: Registering plugin 0 for: "*","All types",".*" Plug-ins Linux
63686 npnul32.rc should not depend on afxres.h Plug-ins Windows 2000
63688 Hitting XPel site causes browser crash Plug-ins Windows 2000
63755 Cannot find Plugin downloader plugin -> OK -> crash Plug-ins Linux
63898 [RFE] Plug-in finder Or Importer Plug-ins All
63975 Crashing when viewing pages with flash content Plug-ins Windows 2000
64040 Possibility to disable plugins in a session on-the-fly Plug-ins All
64209 bad string usage in nsObjectFrame::Reflow Plug-ins All
64297 nsIPluginManager not defined in xpidl Plug-ins All
64380 crash on shockwave banner ad Plug-ins Windows 2000
64568 add xlib code for nsPluginHostImpl::GetValue Plug-ins Linux
64645 RealPlayer plugin displays only bottom of video Plug-ins All
64652 browser crashes when page with applet is printed in absence of java plugin Plug-ins Linux
64694 Crashed clicking on mail message. Plug-ins Windows NT
64756 MRJPlugin: JEditorPane incorrectly displays text/html as text/plain Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
64794 No way for plugins to access browser services Plug-ins All
64821 selecting 'Don't show again' checkbox does not work, dialog appears again Plug-ins Linux
64974 Real Player Plug-in is placed at the top of the window, out of view Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
64977 Mozilla crashes if default plugin isn't found Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
65007 System restarts when WinAmp used as Midi device Plug-ins Windows 98
65055 ns4 plugins (and Java) won't load if XFree86-devel libs are not installed Plug-ins Linux
65074 XHTML page crashes browser. Plug-ins Windows 98
65129 keyboard events go to window while playing game on a page Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
65134 Pressing tab key and typing does not work properly Plug-ins Windows 2000
65162 Crash in nsPluginInstanceOwner::GetMode Plug-ins Windows 98
65181 Crash when a site requires QT and other plug-ins not installed. Plug-ins All
65462 Running helper apps prevent Mozilla from shutting down cleanly Plug-ins Linux
65496 mozilla doesn't start after installing Shockwave flash plugin Plug-ins Linux
65500 Flash plugin in this url grabs focus and renders the page unnavigatable. Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
65524 Going to the webpage will sometimes crash mozilla. Related to not having the shockwave plugin. Plug-ins Linux
65661 XPCOM plugin instances not destroyed Plug-ins Windows NT
65669 Support for PLUGINURL attribute for plugins Plug-ins All
65687 after focusing a plugin, scrollbars don't respond Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
65802 visit about:plugins, then, crash Plug-ins Windows 2000
65971 crash If I click on one of the red image buttons Plug-ins Linux
66005 Crash on EMBED tag Plug-ins Linux
66015 WMP: Windows Media Player broken on NT and 95 only Plug-ins Windows NT
66021 mozilla crashes when doing something with plug ins Plug-ins Linux
66085 Linux nightly 2001011921 crashes on this URL Plug-ins Linux
66101 Mozilla crashes while downloading the java plug in Plug-ins Linux
66107 Can't assign kodakprv to image/tiff viewer Plug-ins Windows 2000
66205 NPP_Write passed wrong buffer pointer in Netscape 6.0 Plug-ins Windows 98
66314 Link with PFD file using Acrobat Reader 4.05 ignores target="_blank" Plug-ins Windows NT
66316 Link with PFD file using Acrobat Reader 4.05 ignores target="_blank" Plug-ins Windows NT
66690 NGDriver tests for Javascript crash the browser Plug-ins All
66729 signed/unsigned comparison problem in nsPluginHostImpl::AddHeadersToChannel Plug-ins Linux
66748 Plugin's within frameset documents crash because of stale window handles Plug-ins Windows 2000
67225 nsPluginsDirBeOS.cpp severely needs some TLC Plug-ins BeOS
67651 Trying to download the PDF file crashes Mozilla Plug-ins Linux
67665 Browser will not start when sound card is being accessed by another process Plug-ins Linux
67671 Mozilla not finding Java plugin after installation Plug-ins Other
67786 mozilla browser crashed Plug-ins Windows 98
67845 "Default Plugin" dialog is oversized Plug-ins Linux
67879 crash when clicking OK on plugin downloader Plug-ins Linux
67933 null plugin registered twice Plug-ins Linux
68043 following a relative page link onto the same (page.html#onSamePage) will cause Streaming to Stop (& it's not restartable w/o a page reload Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
68076 On Mac, IPIX plugin displays initially then is unusable Plug-ins Mac System 8.0
68127 Unknown extn error when opening .wav files Plug-ins Windows NT
68216 The browser crashes in modern/classic themes Plug-ins Windows 98
68503 crash clicking URL in mail message (ecard pickup) Even bad html shouldnt cause a crash... Plug-ins Windows 98
68506 npsimple needs a custom factory and module Plug-ins All
68595 browser does't pass variables to an asp page Plug-ins All
68691 Background music (MIDI) doesn't play Plug-ins Windows NT
68732 [RFE] Allow Multiple Directories for NS600_PLUGIN_PATH Plug-ins Linux
68756 ObjectFrame needs nsIDOMFocusListener for Mac keyboard events in Shockwave Plug-ins All
68759 Call SetWindow() with NULL correctly for ALL plugins Plug-ins All
68773 flash intro hangs mozilla Plug-ins Linux
68801 jre.xpi won't install on latest builds (0.8 and nightly) Plug-ins Linux
68907 [BeOS Plug-in] implemented to read mime-types - get plugins work Plug-ins BeOS
68990 Can't create pdf plug-in Plug-ins Windows 98
69167 plugin load fails silently on library not found Plug-ins Linux
69215 Browser should remember when I don't want to download a plug-in Plug-ins All
69308 xmms does not play when added as helper app on linux Plug-ins Linux
69344 can't locate Java 2 plugin on Mac Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
69403 acroread plugin doesn't load Plug-ins Linux
69696 Plugin download dialogues should use XPT Plug-ins Linux
69719 QuickTime plug-in interferes with Mozilla internal handling of image/png Plug-ins All
69736 N601 & M08 crash printing ecard [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::GetTagType] Plug-ins All
69750 Acrobat plugin description says 'Embedded JVM' in about:plugins Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
69868 Plugin won't work Plug-ins Windows 2000
70046 Java plugin does not work properly as non-root user Plug-ins Linux
70066 Mozilla won't start if Flash plugin is installed and sound is playing Plug-ins Linux
70136 Java won't install Plug-ins Linux
70280 crash in ns4xPluginInstance::HandleEvent Plug-ins All
70281 crash in nsPluginTag::nsPluginTag() Plug-ins All
70282 crash in nsPluginTag::nsPluginTag() Plug-ins All
70286 crash in [@ PluginArrayImpl::GetLength] Plug-ins All
70287 crash in [@ nsPluginInstancePeerImpl::ShowStatus] Plug-ins All
70289 crash in [@ nsPluginFile::LoadPlugin] while trying to access netscape radio Plug-ins All
70291 crash after clicking OK on flash plugin download dialog Plug-ins All
70326 flash menu does not load a new page. Plug-ins All
70346 pdf does not load, blank page seen Plug-ins Windows NT
70429 Plugins no longer get resize events Plug-ins Linux
70555 demo using Real Player plugin causes error in 6.0 Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
70620 Java Plug-in causes Mozilla to hang Plug-ins Linux
70686 NPP_SetWindow should be called after instantiating the stream Plug-ins All
70872 lack of windowless support for plugin (flash) Plug-ins Windows 2000
70881 Flash content inside table width="100%" height="100%" is badly misaligned Plug-ins Windows 2000
70956 Realplayer plugin won't get registered Plug-ins Linux
70976 Add intrinsic sizing support for NPAPI Plug-ins All
71163 loading flash page crash mozilla !! Plug-ins Linux
71182 QNX photon port requires changes to run 4x netscape plugins Plug-ins Neutrino
71223 ASSERT in WalletService.cpp interfears with full-page plugins Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
71642 Quicktime logo appears incorrectly when Quictime movie is played Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
71884 Native Get Plugin dialog must not be modal Plug-ins Windows NT
72017 dual xpcom/npapi plugins are not initialized properly Plug-ins All
72019 [MLK] Massive memory leak of buffers in ns4xPluginStreamListener::OnDataAvailable() Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
72052 Default plugin leaks GDI resource Plug-ins Windows 98
72130 plugins not detected due to missing xlib-dev Plug-ins Linux
72236 Refcount not correct on nsPluginInstanceOwner Plug-ins All
72243 Realvideo clip appears partially clipped Plug-ins Windows NT
72244 Plugin crashes (Not being destroyed correctly?) Plug-ins Linux
72246 Plugin crashes (Not being destroyed correctly?) Plug-ins Linux
72247 Plugin crashes (Not being destroyed correctly?) Plug-ins Linux
72406 Mozilla crashes if Acrobat Web integration off Plug-ins Windows 2000
72472 Java plug-in RedHat linux install trouble Plug-ins Linux
72635 Shockwave ad hogs CPU Plug-ins Linux
72668 browser hangs on URL Plug-ins All
72676 crash if right click with mouse inside movie Plug-ins Windows NT
72903 Acrobat files loading up blank Plug-ins Windows NT
72988 Flash doesn't work propertly. Mozilla shows only a little peace of animation. Plug-ins Windows 98
72989 Flash doesn't work propertly. Mozilla shows only a little peace of animation. Plug-ins Windows 98
73060 Current pluginhost implementation need NewEmbededPluginStream return true Plug-ins Windows NT
73071 nsIPlugin::Shutdown is not called if there is no nsIPluginInstance object created Plug-ins All
73084 plugins are broken after cache landing... Plug-ins Windows 2000
73129 Change plugin dialog posing to allow embedder override Plug-ins All
73289 plugins must be released even if plugin host is leaked Plug-ins Windows 2000
73428 format.cpp doesn't compile, undeclared identifiers: 'NPPVpluginScriptableInstance' and 'NPPVpluginScriptableIID' Plug-ins Windows 2000
73430 npspy shouldn't use afxres Plug-ins Windows 2000
73435 makefiles for npspy Plug-ins Windows 2000
73436 npspy/common should not use win32api calls Plug-ins Windows 2000
73558 crashes on pdf files Plug-ins Linux
73678 Adobe Atmosphere plugin does not work in mozilla Plug-ins Windows NT
73846 Make printing OBJECT frame safer Plug-ins All
73854 The Spy Plugin should be in the repository Plug-ins Windows NT
73856 4.x plugins cannot be scriptable Plug-ins All
73874 Sample code for using new way to script old style plugins needed Plug-ins All
73957 Defined pluginspage not reached when need java plugin Plug-ins HP-UX
74206 Potential discrepancies in some variable definitions Plug-ins All
74457 nsPluginInstanceOwner needs it's own file Plug-ins All
74485 nsIPlugin::Shutdown called too often Plug-ins All
74618 BACK button does not work on site Plug-ins Windows NT
74715 gkplugin.dll (what ever that is) crashes browser Plug-ins Windows 95
74743 Changes to modules/plugin/nglsrc/ for Qt port Plug-ins Linux
74744 Changes to modules/plugin/nglsrc/ for Qt port Plug-ins Linux
74789 Full page plugins die when event sent Plug-ins All
74838 plugins not registering - HELP Plug-ins Linux
74926 New View Manager2 causing full-page Acrobat to crash on Mac Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
74934 New View Manager2 causing full-page Acrobat to crash on Mac Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
74938 acrobat fails on plugin registration on Linux Plug-ins Linux
74980 META bug for plugin issues Plug-ins All
75085 with flash plugin, mozilla fails to load 2 frames at once .. Plug-ins Windows 98
75293 Plugin continues to play even after leaving page Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
75383 Flash plugin takes 4min 30 seconds to register at startup Plug-ins Linux
75456 Browser context menu appears after choosing an item from plugin context menu Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
75509 Crash when File => Exit if "Plug-in Not Loaded" dialog displayed Plug-ins Windows 2000
75540 Crash during loading of page Plug-ins Linux
75570 quicktime movie crashes browser Plug-ins Windows NT
75582 full page mac plugin mousedown event handling broken Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
75682 Code in areTheSameFileNames(...) should be cross-platform Plug-ins All
75765 Crash on mouse over on default plugin Plug-ins All
75826 NPN_PostUrl(Notify) doesn't work if streaming from file Plug-ins All
75972 backspace inside flash plugin takes browser back one page. Plug-ins Other
76015 an independent location for plugins Plug-ins All
76116 Crash in File-->Exit with embedded plugin om page Plug-ins Windows NT
76121 RealPlayer 8 Plugin not being recognized Plug-ins Linux
76324 Leaving page with Java causes segfault Plug-ins Linux
76356 Plugin streams are not aware of byte range support Plug-ins All
76373 Browser crashed after entering Plug-ins Solaris
76384 Crash in the default plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
76499 Helper app (Acrobat Reader, acroread) won't launch if "do not ask me before..." is checked for the helper's setup Plug-ins Linux
76503 Selecting from combobox crashes if running java plugin Plug-ins Linux
76505 browser crashes as soon as default plugin download dialog comes up Plug-ins Linux
76594 Plugin is destroyed immediatey if SRC="" doesn't exist Plug-ins All
76660 browser crashes on linux if you go to a java page and you don't have java installed Plug-ins Linux
76771 Shockwave 3D Goove engine fails to install, gives error initially, game works after reloading frame(number of times) Plug-ins All
76797 Shockwave 3D Goove engine fails to install Plug-ins All
76892 loading of acrobat 5 pdf fails sometimes Plug-ins Windows 2000
76921 nsPluginHostImpl::FindProxyForURL() messed up by PAC service. Plug-ins All
76932 Acrobat Forms fails to submit on Mac Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
76981 mozilla does not recognize application/smil type Plug-ins Linux
76982 clicking "clickable" areas in java applet results in context menu popup Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
77048 OBJECT/EMBED construct crashes mozilla Plug-ins Linux
77163 Browser Crash on Java Applet Unload Plug-ins Solaris
77201 NO-JAVA-PLUGIN: Visiting this site with no java intsalled crashes browser on linux Plug-ins Linux
77224 text appears garbled on Inklink game Plug-ins Windows NT
77231 Code for finding plug-ins is wrong. Plug-ins All
77234 Plugins do not resize correctly in XUL Plug-ins Linux
77302 xpcom real plugin is not in plugins list and is not recognized Plug-ins Windows NT
77309 browser window freezes when print option is selected from context menu Plug-ins Linux
77319 browser crashes when I closed plugin and browser windows in that order Plug-ins Windows NT
77389 exits out of mozilla completely whilst trying to load this page. Plug-ins Linux
77436 cpu goes 100% ,browser freezes/crashes on boatdcr movie on netlanski [@ nsWindowWatcher::OpenWindowJS ] Plug-ins Windows NT
77484 crash while loading memory test Plug-ins Windows NT
77488 browser crashes on toon style movie clip when button is pressed Plug-ins Windows NT
77491 ascii characters appear in textarea in 4kurltest Plug-ins All
77494 queue list is not seen, sound does not play in breakloop2.dcr Plug-ins Windows NT
77572 shockwave games causing random crashes while loading Plug-ins All
77603 Call to NPN_PostURL Results in Mozilla Doing a GET Rather Than POST Plug-ins All
77748 Browser crashes upon streaming windows media files online. Plug-ins Windows 98
77793 blank javascript window opens up, no plugin plays Plug-ins Windows NT
77864 crash when plug in requiring page is opened while Composer is open. Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
78009 [RFE] Include Shockwave DLL (np32dsw.dll) in 4.x plugin scan Plug-ins Windows 2000
78014 areTheSameFileNames leaks Plug-ins All
78052 Crash if I exit page containing Java applet. Plug-ins Linux
78145 embed tag in failed object tag does not expand table Plug-ins Windows 98
78150 [RFE] Include OJI plugin installation path in plugin scan Plug-ins Windows 2000
78164 Surfing from this page (or closing the browser window) crashez Moz Plug-ins Linux
78242 Display style not working properly Plug-ins Windows NT
78314 plugins located in $HOME/.mozilla/plugins/ are not loaded Plug-ins Linux
78390 Active Accessibility: support not working with Acrobat plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
78414 Application shortcut keys (keyboard commands such as f11, ctrl+t, ctrl+r) fail to operate when plug-in (flash, acrobat, quicktime) has focus Plug-ins All
78435 Images are not loading when called for Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
78437 Shockwave movie does not report information from submission fields Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
78502 Pages with FLASH not shown correctly Plug-ins Windows 2000
78505 Hidden plugins cause page flicker on Mac Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
78651 [console] Plugin module must not print to console in opt builds Plug-ins All
78741 Full page plugins completely broken Plug-ins All
78751 On Mac, include systemwide "Internet Plug-ins" folder in plugin scan Plug-ins macOS
78777 crash after pressing 'play' button in inklink game Plug-ins Windows NT
78846 Lost focus isn't sent to plugins Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
79019 about:plugins crashes Mozilla Plug-ins Linux
79062 Fix gServiceManager ASSERTIONS in ns4xPlugin Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
79108 Shockwave/Flash is not recognized under Mandrake 8.0 Plug-ins Linux
79124 Plugins seemingly fail to register or load after install Plug-ins Linux
79195 garbled characters appear in window Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
79196 we should not call PR_UnloadLibrary on any plugins Plug-ins Linux
79215 no sound is heard when moused over links, buttons as in 4.x Plug-ins Windows NT
79256 Acrobat doesn't show PDF files again Plug-ins Windows 2000
79481 Status bar should update when loading plugin Plug-ins All
79507 Can`t get Java2 running! Plug-ins Windows 98
79529 Mac only: outside plugin area doesn't always invalidate correctly Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
79601 crash when javascript controls flash embedding Plug-ins Linux
79609 Doesn't resolve aliases for folders Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
79706 Crash loading the above URL caused by flash plugin Plug-ins Linux
79743 [XPCDOM] about:plugins is busted - does not show MIME-Type info Plug-ins Windows 2000
79872 crash clicking on realplayer movie link Plug-ins Windows NT
79942 browser crash on Package_Tag test on netlanski Plug-ins Windows NT
79945 plugin for .pdf files does not work Plug-ins Windows 2000
80044 plugin doesn't install Plug-ins Windows 2000
80105 navigator.plugins.refresh(1) crashes on pages with xpcom plugin - M091 topcrash [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::GetInstance] Plug-ins All
80251 Flash Animation a total CPU hog Plug-ins All
80459 Plugins don't work at all on Linux Plug-ins Linux
80504 missing plugin crash in __pthread_mutex_lock Plug-ins Linux
80648 crash on loading site Plug-ins OpenVMS
80955 Browser Segment Faults Unloading Java Plugin at Quit Plug-ins Solaris
80982 plugin crashes when loading Plug-ins All
81052 browser crashes while loading Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
81111 Include Quicktime in 4.x plugin scan Plug-ins Windows 2000
81136 Can't script Real Player Plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
81140 redraw problem with real player plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
81285 Mozilla with Flash 5 plugin won't start if Xmms already running Plug-ins Linux
81291 browser crash if I try to reach about:plugins Plug-ins Linux
81357 Mozilla crashes while loading this site Plug-ins Linux
81362 can't type in flash textboxs on Mac Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
81363 Zoom In button always appears pressed, never toggles Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
81374 Crash visiting page Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
81405 RealPlayer dosn't work Plug-ins Linux
81587 Following a hyperlink in CNET RealPlayer popup causes crash Plug-ins Windows 2000
81597 Illegal Operation in Plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
81613 stand-alone RealPlayer will not start Plug-ins Linux
81654 Plugins never fires StreamAsFileProc when loading from file:// Plug-ins Windows 2000
81659 All non bundle plugins fail under OS X Plug-ins macOS
81812 flash movie sound is heard, but no picture. Plug-ins Windows 2000
81953 Blank screen in Acrobat invoked if not ending .pdf Plug-ins Windows 2000
82090 Flash intro hinders Mozilla .9 Plug-ins Windows 98
82149 flash links dont work in mozilla Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
82164 animated gifs "flash" when Flash plugin also on page. Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
82255 Using Netscape plugins from custom user directory Plug-ins Linux
82351 reloading this page cause mozilla to crash Plug-ins Linux
82415 nsIPluginStreamListener changed! Plug-ins All
82444 GetResponseHeader() call in nsPluginHostImpl.cpp not changing input param Plug-ins Windows 2000
82445 stream listener leaks Plug-ins All
82545 mpdk crashes mozilla Plug-ins Windows 2000
82552 nsCSSFrameConstructor doesn't support adding nested <object>s dynamically Plug-ins Windows 2000
82603 Quicktime movie playback stalls after a few seconds Plug-ins Windows NT
82606 Resizing browser window does not always resize plug-ins Plug-ins Windows 2000
82701 No way to get past flash intro Plug-ins Linux
82716 EMBED and plugin error: Error: Object "drawingArea" does not have windowed ancestor Plug-ins Linux
82933 Mozilla / FreeAmp incompatability..... Plug-ins Linux
82980 Images inlined with <EMBED> prompt for a plugin download Plug-ins All
83069 A message with an attachment which calls for Shockwave Flash crashes the build Plug-ins Windows 2000
83089 Stop button doesn't stop downloads for plugins (like Flash animations) Plug-ins All
83095 problem with flash plug-in in Mozilla 0.9+ Plug-ins Linux
83155 Browser crashes when trying to load html parameter test on mac Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
83159 HTML Embed region is not painted correctly Plug-ins All
83169 Movie clip is slow to follow the cursor Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
83181 Acrobat 5 PDF plugin fails Plug-ins Windows 95
83183 nsPluginStreamListenerPeer is leaked for Byte Range requests Plug-ins All
83186 nsIPluginStreamListener2 should be removed Plug-ins All
83189 documentation: Deprecated XPCOM Plugin API interfaces need to indicate deprecated status -- public frozen interfaces should be labled clearly in source Plug-ins All
83376 Crash loading Java Plugin if UserAgent string is changed ("Java Plug-in for Netscape Navigator should not be used in Microsoft Internet Explorer") Plug-ins All
83379 realplayer control panel appears on top of video Plug-ins Windows NT
83420 plugin not installed after installing it twice Plug-ins Windows ME
83499 crash on yahoo media helper realplayer test Plug-ins Windows NT
83546 back button after viewing quicktime page crashes Plug-ins Windows 98
83558 crash in flash at this site Plug-ins Linux
83670 Crash in Plug-ins Linux
83680 Mozilla takes forever to start if Flash plugin is readable Plug-ins Linux
83703 plugin context menu not visible Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
83742 Embedded RealPlayer popping up separate window Plug-ins Windows 98
83754 Replace C++ version of default (null) plugin with XBL one Plug-ins All
83776 crashes when loading Plug-ins Linux
83833 crash when opening page with flash animation on remote X display Plug-ins Linux
84159 Linux: keyboard events don't bubble out of a plug-in Plug-ins Linux
84160 Change in the way NPP_StreamAsFile Works: zero length string passed as URL Plug-ins Windows 98
84332 Crash in Byte Range Requests for this PDF File Plug-ins Windows NT
84349 Javscript can't call Flash Player Methods. Plug-ins All
84427 Browser doesn't search legacy paths for 4x plugins on unix Plug-ins Linux
84509 Flash is no longer able to open new window Plug-ins Linux
84568 [Xlib] xlib port does not support netscape plugins Plug-ins Linux
84673 libnullplugin is the only loaded plugin Plug-ins Linux
84681 All full-page plug-ins recieve DOUBLE key & context menu events on Mac Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
84697 Can't install the JRE plugin Plug-ins Linux
84785 Crash when hitting Ctrl-W on a Flash applet Plug-ins Windows 2000
84799 Real plugin loads in browser window, and external app, then hangs windows. Plug-ins Windows 2000
84960 Can't install jre.xpi from hard disk. Plug-ins Linux
85076 [xlib] java not supported with this port Plug-ins Linux
85146 Flash links do not work Plug-ins Linux
85196 no warning when necessary plugin not found Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
85231 Crashes on exit M092 [@ NQD - nsActivePluginList::stopRunning] Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
85253 RealAudio plugin doesn't register or load Plug-ins Windows 95
85256 Crash using Java plugin [@ AWT.DLL] Plug-ins Windows 98
85269 No UI for downloading <embed>ded files without plug-in Plug-ins All
85295 plugin registration on unix needs to shut the hell up Plug-ins Linux
85323 RealPlayer video not shown but sound is heard Plug-ins Windows 98
85334 Shockwave Web installs broken. Plug-ins Windows NT
85350 [RFE]Automatic Install on Demand (with no redirection to install page) Plug-ins All
85405 Can't "wheel scroll" when mouse pointer is on flash content Plug-ins Windows ME
85526 hitting <backspace> on keyboard goes back to previous page Plug-ins Windows NT
85529 Some Byte Range Requests are Returning Bad Bytes Plug-ins Windows 2000
85534 NetDone and NetError textfields empty Plug-ins Windows NT
85537 hourglass cursor appears and does not go away when Plug-ins Windows NT
85539 realplayer launches seperately and embed player does not appear Plug-ins Windows NT
85546 Receiving error while opening adobe acrobat file. Plug-ins Windows NT
85547 browser freezes after loading pdf Plug-ins Windows NT
85549 Clicking the back button on the browser does not return to previous location. Plug-ins All
85580 Innotek Flash plug-in not recognized as valid in build 0.9.1 Plug-ins All
85640 PDF attachments are not displayed Plug-ins Windows ME
85670 crash on win32 if data cannot be found in an Object tag Plug-ins Windows 98
85701 M091, M092 problems using plugins [@ gtk_xtbin_init] Plug-ins Linux
85711 crash clicking CLOSe button inside Ipix movie Plug-ins Windows NT
85722 Browser frame freezes after playing media player, memory usage 100% Plug-ins Windows NT
85740 Can Not Post Binary Data Plug-ins Windows 2000
85772 [WORKAROUND] linux flash plugin can't find ESD socked (no sound) Plug-ins Linux
85930 illegal Operation in Plugin Plug-ins Windows 98
85958 Shockwave/Flash pages cause crash under Solaris [x-server/bit-depth] Plug-ins Solaris
85982 'Set Default' is not remembered the next time I click on the same file Plug-ins Windows NT
85988 movie keeps loading on and on and on... Plug-ins Windows NT
86127 Flash plugin does not work on this page Plug-ins Linux
86210 Plug-ins keep downloading after they are stopped Plug-ins Windows 98
86367 crash when opening Plug-ins Windows 95
86454 Mozilla Not Paying Attention to Registry Settings Associated With Acrobat Plug-ins Windows 2000
86481 OS/2 only - Can't type in flash entry fields Plug-ins OS/2
86519 N621 M099 Trunk crash [@ nsObjectFrame::Reflow] loading java applet Plug-ins All
86628 Helper app selector needs to search the path. Plug-ins Linux
86645 M0.9.1 crashes at the 2nd "Default Plugin" window call Plug-ins OpenVMS
86678 Selecting 'About Macromedia Flash Player 5' from the context menu after canceling a print request crashes the Netscape 6.1PR1 browser. Plug-ins Windows 98
86716 ipix erro dialogs appear and no movie loads Plug-ins Windows NT
86722 UMR: in wvsprintfA Plug-ins Windows 2000
86771 proxy error loading mediaplayer link Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
86774 Crash in SetUpCacheFile [@ nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::SetupPluginCacheFile] Plug-ins Windows NT
86840 no flash game at Plug-ins Windows 2000
86865 [regression] plugins crash linux build Plug-ins Linux
86867 Crash when retrieving website Plug-ins Windows 2000
86873 Crashes when clicking on the button to download java plugin Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
86891 Trunk crash installing plugins [@ nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::SetupPluginCacheFile] Plug-ins Windows NT
86926 Backspace in flash entry field causes browser to go Back Plug-ins Windows NT
86971 pdf crashing on today's builds Plug-ins Windows NT
87083 Shockwave files crash Mozilla Plug-ins Windows 98
87086 Stop pupup windows asking about plugin Plug-ins All
87099 deRTM 6.1: -> GPF Plug-ins All
87128 crash when closing browser after viewing pdf file Plug-ins Windows 2000
87197 address bar becomes unresponsive when plugin page is loaded Plug-ins All
87226 Mac should NOT conduct a plugin folder scan in ns4xPlugin::CreatePlugin Plug-ins All
87228 Support for user "Plug-ins" folders on OS X Plug-ins macOS
87270 Will not follow soft links for the plug-in folder Plug-ins Linux
87287 QuickTime plugin doesnt init before reload Plug-ins Windows 2000
87290 Plugin MIME-type attribute should not be case sensitive Plug-ins Windows 2000
87291 Mozilla refuses to start with flash 5.0r47 plugin installed and artsd(kde) sound server Plug-ins Linux
87340 Leaving this page causes a crash Plug-ins Windows NT
87397 Plugins stop working after first clicking on reload once Plug-ins Windows 2000
87441 Adding a flash tab to my sidebar freezes/crashes the browser Plug-ins Linux
87469 crash on shutdown with acrobat plugin topcrash on trunk & M092 [@ PluginViewerImpl::Destroy] Plug-ins Windows 2000
87478 Mozilla loads .nfs* files in plugins/ directory Plug-ins Linux
87521 crash (flash plugin?) Plug-ins Linux
87597 Flash Plugin with this URL does not work correctly Plug-ins Other
87627 Realplayer 8 Plug-ins Linux
87646 ActiveX error - could not create control Plug-ins Windows NT
87697 Shockwave Flash won't work Plug-ins Linux
87707 crash when viewing context menu while index page is about to load Plug-ins All
87786 clicking on MORE>>> link under "Windows XP Ushers..." article Plug-ins Windows NT
87814 browser crashes when doesn't have appropriate permissions for /dev/dsp Plug-ins Linux
88053 browser crashes on exit after loading java pages Plug-ins All
88105 clicking on radio button inside flash movie does not load frame Plug-ins Windows NT
88113 game does not load Plug-ins Windows NT
88114 Need UI for a Plug-In Manager (no backend yet) Plug-ins All
88155 Trunk & M094 crash [@ MSVCRT.DLL - ns4xPluginStreamListener::OnDataAvailable, nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::OnDataAvailable] - seg faults loading Plug-ins Windows 98
88183 navigator.plugins leaks path names Plug-ins All
88214 Realaudio plugin shows garbled text in about:plugins Plug-ins Linux
88252 Schockwave not initiated sometimes when navigating forward and back Plug-ins Windows 2000
88266 Crash when loading Plug-ins Linux
88378 flash animation doesn't play when I go back to it Plug-ins Windows 98
88479 trunk & M092 crash [@] Plug-ins Linux
88481 Plugins don't work in FreeBSD Plug-ins FreeBSD
88484 Segmentation fault when going to "Radio Tango Argentina" Plug-ins Linux
88564 Subsequent loads of flash content fails. Plug-ins Windows 2000
88636 Back button fails to load Flash. Plug-ins Windows 95
88650 audio/midi object is not played Plug-ins Linux
88671 Program reciveed signal SIGPIPE,Broken pipe. 0x40582b94 in __libc_write () from /lib/i686/ GLIBC 2.2.3 Plug-ins Linux
88702 java plugin not recognized Plug-ins Linux
88734 RFE: about:plugins in menu Plug-ins Other
88789 Sample plugin no longer builds. Plug-ins Windows 2000
88870 Java support needed for carbon Mac OS X build Plug-ins macOS
88974 i cannot install flash or any macromedia product Plug-ins Windows 98
88995 gray background in quicktime plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
88996 no context menu when right clicking in plugin area Plug-ins Windows 2000
88998 Current plug-in files need to be reviewed and updated to reflect the current state and status of each file, making adjustments and modifications as demed appropriate (formally titled: [meta] Plugin code cleanup tracking bug Plug-ins All
89075 Some PNG's cause browser window to go into ozone in .9.2 Plug-ins Windows NT
89076 remove unnecessary methods from nsIObjectFrame Plug-ins All
89077 remove redundant nsPluginInstanceOwner implementation Plug-ins All
89088 Flash overlaps table Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
89089 Going Back from this plug-in requiring URL crashes Mozilla. Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
89182 OS/2 only - plugin array does not have product name Plug-ins OS/2
89191 Acrobat fails to load PDFs from HTTP/1.0 only servers [need to backout existing hack] Plug-ins All
89223 flash doesn' start without reloading the page Plug-ins Linux
89270 Mozilla destroys the stream when NPP_WriteReady() return 0 Plug-ins All
89295 crash in nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::SetUpStreamListener() Plug-ins All
89344 Flash crashes browser when clicking back or exiting Plug-ins Linux
89367 Latest plugins drawn out of bound or with ourofbounds warning. Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
89382 Bad support for JavaScript plugin methods for wave files. Plug-ins All
89397 mPosition is not correctly reset at the start of a new request Plug-ins Windows 2000
89407 Quicktime 4.x sweep misses important MIME-types for QT5 Plug-ins Windows 2000
89413 Inappropriate prompt to open Acrobat PDF files Plug-ins Windows 2000
89431 Mac-Freeze when opening a pdf file from a secure/non-secure link Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
89493 3d Groove install does not happen Plug-ins All
89494 flash 5 plugin / actionscript: loadVariables sends request twice to server Plug-ins Windows NT
89519 M092 crash [@ + 0xd9f84 ] Plug-ins Linux
89529 browser freezes on loading pages with flash, shockwave Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
89544 links in flash plug-in don't work Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
89604 flash movies sometimes only load on second try Plug-ins Linux
89622 home page loads when I click on url to load video Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
89631 Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 only works the first time Plug-ins Windows NT
89662 Quicktime completely broken on Classic Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
89672 Trunk, M092 & N610 branch beatnik plugin crash at exit - invalid nsPluginInstancePeerImpl owner [@ nsPluginInstancePeerImpl::GetOwner] Plug-ins Windows 2000
89749 Java plugin not recognised Plug-ins Linux
89771 Flash 5 plugin doesn't consistently play Flash 4 movie Plug-ins Windows ME
89785 the Flash 5 plugin from Macromedia freeze Mozilla 0.9.2 Plug-ins Linux
89792 Browser plugins install, but non-functional Plug-ins Linux
89845 Flash animation sometimes does not play Plug-ins Windows 2000
89847 Trying to install RealPlayer causes browser to get some type of loop Plug-ins Windows 2000
89881 attempting to go to this url crashes mozilla Plug-ins Linux
90035 Real Player Embed Not controllable from JavaScript Plug-ins Windows 2000
90051 RFE: Dismissing the "download plugin" dialog Plug-ins Linux
90062 stop excluding the 4.x plugin directory Plug-ins Windows 2000
90116 Segmentation fault Plug-ins Linux
90162 Browser has no scrollbars when Quicktime loads a TIFF file larger than the current window Plug-ins Windows 2000
90173 Focus events not being sent to Shockwave Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
90191 [RFE] disable request for plugin download (dialog box) Plug-ins All
90207 Mozilla should not repeatedly ask to install Flash Plug-ins Linux
90241 Mozilla 0.9.2 hangs X visiting this flash page WITHOUT flash plugin Plug-ins Linux
90248 Fizilla unable to pick up on built-in flash plugin Plug-ins macOS
90251 Opening Embedded QT movie is not rendered delievered from Apple's server Plug-ins macOS
90256 Can't script Fullpage Plugins Plug-ins All
90268 move plugins to content - plugins should withstand a reframe of the object frame Plug-ins All
90272 Can't access XPFE from plug-ins Plug-ins All
90348 update New Plugin API SDK Plug-ins All
90382 Definition of nsPluginWindow structure is wrong. Plug-ins All
90389 ns4xPluginInstance should not check for pdata != NULL. Plug-ins All
90437 crashes when you install just the plugger and not the additional programs... Plug-ins Linux
90464 Quicktime Plugin requires manual re-initialization once a mpeg file is played. Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
90471 Crash while rendering this page w/ flash 5, FIXED IN FLASH 6 Plug-ins Linux
90525 CGM files load as a helper app instead of in full-page mode Plug-ins Windows 2000
90570 4.x LiveAudio plugin is being picked up in "sweep" but doesn't work Plug-ins Windows 2000
90574 Windowless plugins do not receive mouse/keyboard events Plug-ins Windows 2000
90599 The browser simply dies after loading this page Plug-ins Linux
90705 Problems installing JRE2 and Flash plugins Plug-ins Linux
90714 Browser crashes using RealAudio plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
90753 PDF incompletely loaded by Acrobat plug-in Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
90760 OSX: QT plug-in menu is not displayed when clicking on movie Plug-ins macOS
90769 QuickTime Panorama causes browser buttons to disappear; redraw makes buttons reappear Plug-ins All
90773 QuickTime plugin doesn't show % complete at bottom of browser window Plug-ins macOS
90814 QT movie is not painted correctly after scrolling browser window Plug-ins All
90827 Can't see QuickTime trailers. Plug-ins Windows 98
90857 Plugin causes cache file to not be created Plug-ins Linux
90951 Trunk & N610 crash in [@ 0x00000000 - MimeTypeElementImpl::GetEnabledPlugin] after plugin.refresh() Plug-ins All
90959 Plugins may not work at all on less than OS 9.1 Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
91024 Egreeting crashes browser Plug-ins All
91078 png images not rendered Plug-ins Linux
91092 Real Player Plugin Broken for Mozilla 0.92 Plug-ins Linux
91095 Default plugin is bypassed when 'code' attribute missing in 'applet' tag Plug-ins All
91136 Pressing the backbutton while viewing a quicktime closes browser. Plug-ins Windows 2000
91140 NPP_DestroyStream called at wrong time Plug-ins Windows 2000
91253 crash when displaying about:plugins and then using plugins Plug-ins SunOS
91261 Mouse scroll button in non supported plugin brings up dialogue Plug-ins NetBSD
91302 plugins simply do not work Plug-ins Linux
91353 window does not repaint properly after 3d groove certificate dialog is closed Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
91470 Mozilla should refuse to work with incompatible plugins Plug-ins Linux
91529 Video not working for RealPlayer Plug-in Plug-ins Other
91590 Error on submit: Must enter data in correct format Plug-ins Windows 98
91767 Reading incorrect Real data (rpm) with Real plugin crashes Mozilla Plug-ins Linux
91804 problems with kde arts soundserver and Flash Plug-ins Linux
91830 QT logo not displayed when QT plugin activated Plug-ins macOS
91860 Should be able to install QT plugin in Mozilla through QT installer Plug-ins Windows 98
91896 java don't work Plug-ins Linux
91921 pressing Back button while movie is playing crashes browser Plug-ins All
91988 OSX: Crash clicking on Quicktime movie link several times in a row Plug-ins macOS
92005 Copy button on Acrobat toolbar does not function properly. Plug-ins Windows NT
92138 Real clip does not stop after the window is closed Plug-ins Windows NT
92161 crashed when clicked inside ipix plugin window Plug-ins Windows NT
92166 ipix demo images do not load Plug-ins Windows NT
92181 crash or freeze if I go to a page with Java applet Plug-ins Linux
92188 [pp]Default plug dialog displays when viewing flash animation Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
92322 Default plug-in not supported in Mac OS X Plug-ins macOS
92397 Mozilla Printing Problem Plug-ins Windows NT
92415 "uncaught exception" when using "Findin This Page" on pages that are viewed via plugins Plug-ins Windows 2000
92443 Crash opening site with Real Player plugin - Trunk [@ PresShell::UnsuppressAndInvalidate] Plug-ins All
92457 For more information about browser plug-ins at "Netscape Netcenter" Plug-ins All
92490 [xlib] Implement Plugin Downloader Plugin Plug-ins SunOS
92536 Mouse wheel doesn't work over's map Plug-ins Windows ME
92606 yet another crasher Plug-ins Windows 2000
92645 Crash using npinstall plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
92702 Navigation/personal toolbar and url bar are *hidden* when loading QT trailer pages Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
92734 Mozilla quits after playing Quicktime movies Plug-ins macOS
92739 Mozilla crashes after 'sox' failes to find cache file Plug-ins Linux
92767 Crash Browser window when trying to open. Plug-ins Linux
92803 Mozilla and JRE 1.3. Plug-ins Linux
92832 No UI feedback while downloading a QuickTime movie Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
92926 Mozilla uses QuickTime plug-in Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
92989 Throbber and status bar don't show progress of plug-in data Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
93056 windowless plugins don't draw in the correct place when scrolled Plug-ins All
93105 used to Crash entering Real Player site Plug-ins All
93133 Screen Refresh Issues When PDF First Opens Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
93145 Mac: Full-page plugins don't get adjustCursorEvent events Plug-ins All
93166 QuickTime handles PNG Plug-ins Windows 2000
93341 hit CTRL+N in pdf, click BACK+FWD, browser crashes Plug-ins Windows NT
93351 Reload loop on navigator.plugins.refresh(true) Plug-ins Windows NT
93395 xanim plugin does'n run with this build ID mozilla Plug-ins Linux
93469 Mozilla crashes with java plugin Plug-ins Linux
93500 Coordinates for NPWindow messed up for Windowless plugins Plug-ins Windows 2000
93534 part of plugin does not paint properly when loaded initially Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
93656 Mouse arrow cursor flickers when Java applet redraws Plug-ins Windows 2000
93661 OSX: Crash leaving a page with flash Plug-ins macOS
93672 Mozilla & gcc-3.0 & crashing binary plugins Plug-ins Linux
93707 Javascript Error Plug-ins macOS
93739 Crash when loading Plug-ins Linux
93806 [RFE]Default Plugins Request Plug-ins Windows 98
93817 Mozilla fails to download .tiff files (Windows Imaging software issue) Plug-ins Windows 2000
93895 Many menu items don't work with full-page plugins (like PDF) on Mac Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
93944 Quitting with Java running crashes Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
94000 Helper apps require full path Plug-ins Linux
94035 Allow blocking of any media type (flash, plug-in, applet, etc.) by site (like cookies and images) Plug-ins All
94105 clicking on a timezone crashes browser Plug-ins Windows 2000
94196 hardcoded string in nullplugin.h Plug-ins Linux
94214 On exit, the plugin's NSUnregisterself doesn't get called Plug-ins Windows 98
94233 Installer for JRE plugin fails Plug-ins Linux
94312 mozilla locks very strangely.. Plug-ins Linux
94324 After TCL/TK plugin installation can't start Mozilla 0.93 Plug-ins Linux
94371 nsIPluginStreamListener::GetStreamType is not called anymore Plug-ins All
94444 Flash player 5 plugin causes static-like sound at start of playback Plug-ins Linux
94482 Flash plugin problems, doesnt display flash file correctly Plug-ins Windows NT
94527 playing music over /dev/dsp an login into crashs moz Plug-ins Linux
94532 [RFE] Prevent crashes in XPCOM plugins from crashing Mozilla Plug-ins All
94535 Opening crashes Mozilla. Plug-ins Linux
94648 href="navigator.plugins.refresh(1)" does not always work Plug-ins All
94736 Loading crashes browser Plug-ins Linux
94740 Crash when i click cancel in the alert dialog Plug-ins FreeBSD
94790 Java Plugin does not work on Mozilla under RedHat 7.1 (2.4 kernel) Plug-ins Linux
94895 [FIX] Flash movie is constantly stopped and restarted Plug-ins Linux
94900 Flash plugin disable application's keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+L, ALT+F4, etc) Plug-ins All
94922 Implement NSPR Logging for plugin module (and clean up tabs) Plug-ins All
94975 helper applications not launched Plug-ins Linux
95063 Don't show default plugin for bad src plugin url Plug-ins All
95096 Flash plugin doesn't start Plug-ins Linux
95098 bombs trying to bring up any page at Plug-ins Linux
95169 Mozilla .93 not recognizing/loading installed plug-ins Plug-ins Linux
95174 [RFE] Plugins to be layered Plug-ins Other
95192 some (all?) pages with Macromedia Flash take a long time to load Plug-ins Linux
95215 Mozilla fails to restart properly after installing java plugin, and plugin is not properly installed Plug-ins Windows 2000
95394 flash does not shows up Plug-ins Windows 98
95506 Oversize plug-in content displayed via OBJECT renders scrollbars ineffective Plug-ins macOS
95539 Lock up with flash plugin Plug-ins Linux
95541 Scrolling with keyboard is interrupted when mouse pointer moves over Flash plugin. Plug-ins Linux
95548 OBJECT tag's type can't be changed later (like through the DOM) Plug-ins All
95549 OBJECT tag: Content-type header should take precedence Plug-ins All
95568 Flash Plugin 5 install under NT problems Plug-ins Windows NT
95576 plugger is unable to find file in cahce, mozilla 0.93 has more trouble than 0.92-10 Plug-ins Linux
95646 plugin not an option for helper applications Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
95712 Use of 'codebase' attribute with APPLET causes plugin finder to open wrong URL Plug-ins Other
95762 browser crashed on malformed <object> tag Plug-ins Linux
95848 blank page loads after ipix plugin install Plug-ins Windows NT
95884 Installing Java plug-in renders Mozilla unable to start Plug-ins Linux
95901 mozilla doesn't detect new plugins Plug-ins Linux
95909 Cursor bug (visual/behavior) with contextual menu on Flash document Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
95925 Redraw problem with Flash document Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
96004 Mozilla does not recognize java/Flash plugins Plug-ins Linux
96015 OSX: talkback causes crash when reloading about:plugins page Plug-ins macOS
96040 Mouse pointer in flash animation does not revert from hand to default pointer when mouse out of button Plug-ins Windows 2000
96091 png image kills keys Plug-ins Windows 2000
96103 don't check "plugin safety pref" on every NPP call Plug-ins All
96245 Including <windowsx.h> even for non windows platforms Plug-ins All
96251 Mozilla/N6 trunk build going to for Java Plug-ins Linux
96274 Browser Interface will not appear Plug-ins Linux
96362 within the site, a game page will not render at all Plug-ins All
96397 Browser JAva plug-in download fails / browser will not use installed JRE Plug-ins Linux
96468 java plugin scan code removed from build? Plug-ins Windows NT
96528 Full-page xpcom plugin crashes on File/Exit Plug-ins Windows NT
96579 <object> with absolute URL and without MIME type doesn't work Plug-ins All
96619 The plugin is not found Plug-ins Linux
96624 Problems loading zip through socks V4 firewall Plug-ins Windows NT
96643 Visiting causes enormous rise in memory usage Plug-ins Windows NT
96648 N620, M095 crash with plugins [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::ProcessEvent] Plug-ins All
96751 Crescendo Plug-In problems Plug-ins Windows 98
96809 plugins don't get unloaded and preloaded mozilla keeps getting bigger Plug-ins Windows NT
96900 Right (ctrl) click on flash plugin pops two context menus Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
96976 OBJECT alternate content fallback sometimes fails Plug-ins All
97015 Flash plugin closes the browser window. Plug-ins Windows 2000
97159 no reponse with realplayer Plug-ins Windows 98
97218 WRMB: The plugin does not work in the given URI Plug-ins Windows 2000
97313 When Acrobat in Browser Window, Can Not Exit Browser (Mac only) Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
97320 plugin warnings re-occur on re-render Plug-ins Linux
97362 Plugins have "invalid ELF header" Plug-ins Linux
97380 No user interaction: prompt before starting plugin Plug-ins All
97435 Blackwood 1.0 causes missing entry point in xpcom.dll [GetterCopies@nsXPIDLString] Plug-ins Windows 2000
97448 Plugin doesn't appear and "Download Plugin" symbol doesn't appear either Plug-ins Windows 98
97488 Modify 4x scriptable plugin sample to use nsIClassInfo Plug-ins All
97513 Flash animation is executed twice Plug-ins All
97591 PNG-Images displayed by Quicktime plugin, not by browser Plug-ins Windows 2000
97627 Plugins are not picked up from 4.x on first launch Plug-ins Windows 98
97643 doesn't find plug-ins in ~/Library/Internet Plugins Plug-ins macOS
97656 Call to NPP_SetWindow in plugins has incorrect window frame Plug-ins macOS
97680 'Netscape Netcenter' should be '' Plug-ins All
97848 Remove nsIPluginInstanceOwner::ShowStatus(char *) in favor of PRUnichar *. Plug-ins All
98025 Plug-in assertions with Java plug-in Plug-ins Linux
98027 Can't input Japanese text in flash content textfield Plug-ins All
98142 Javascript error Plug-ins Linux
98165 "Help - About Plugins" crashes browser Plug-ins Windows NT
98233 about:plugins is opening a blank page Plug-ins Windows NT
98285 Add a possibility to access the service manager via NP (legacy plugin) API Plug-ins All
98302 about plugins broken in this nightly release Plug-ins Windows 98
98382 Port scriptable plugin example to Macintosh Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
98461 crash at and Plug-ins Linux
98505 quicktime plugin usage tends to take down the browser Plug-ins macOS
98641 Implement passing NPSavedData arg between NPP_Destroy() and NPP_New() Plug-ins All
98652 RealPlayer description incorrect in about:plugins Plug-ins Linux
98705 The Netscape 4 plugins do not work if the NPP_WriteReady returns values less the 16K Plug-ins All
98709 Some errors when running Profile Manager Plug-ins Linux
98729 Reloading a page containing a QT movie results in a crash Plug-ins macOS
98748 Port scriptable plugin sample on Unix platforms Plug-ins Linux
98780 WRMB: Infinite reload loop with Flash 4; crash after right-click Plug-ins Windows NT
98933 Don't pop "download plugin" alert pref Plug-ins Linux
98941 Add Refresh Plugins button to about:plugins Plug-ins All
99001 Crash cancelling flash plugin prompt Plug-ins Linux
99063 OBJECT tag support is completely buggy! Plug-ins All
99070 crashes browser (Gtk-WARNING **: invalid cast from (NULL) pointer to `GtkXtBin') Plug-ins Linux
99080 using plugger, makes the temp file huge Plug-ins Linux
99114 Need VMS specific page for JVM plugin info Plug-ins OpenVMS
99294 Crash while watching QuickTime video at CNN's website Plug-ins macOS
99324 Plugin support code uses uninitialized variables to check plugin properties Plug-ins Windows 2000
99361 Flash site does not function " Plug-ins Linux
99569 M094, N620 & Trunk crash cancelling plugin [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::GetTagType][@ 0x0ee8ce8b - nsAString::do_AssignFromElementPtr][@ 0x00000009 be877c8b - nsPluginInstanceOwner::GetTagType][@ 0x00000001 - nsPluginHostImpl::InstantiateEmbededPlugin] Plug-ins All
99588 java plugin fails to install. Plug-ins Linux
99656 Crossover plugin fails to load with undefined symbol: XtDisplayToApplicationContext Plug-ins Linux
99709 no plugin works: no RealVideo, no MediaPlayer, nothing Plug-ins Windows 2000
99713 Clicking URL crashes browser. Plug-ins Windows ME
99846 Environment var for plugin path has the wrong name Plug-ins Linux
99870 flash kills mozilla Plug-ins Linux
99935 Plug ins will not register Plug-ins Windows 2000
99950 Crash when view about:plugins before loading plugin Plug-ins Linux
99974 wmode parameter for Flash 5 files Plug-ins Windows 98
100005 Need "broadway"(=xrx) plugin Plug-ins Linux
100120 flash plugin hangs/crashes mozilla on this URL Plug-ins Linux
100185 0.9.4 plug-in directory can't deal with java class/zip files Plug-ins Linux
100269 PNG images should use native decoder, now uses quicktime plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
100278 Java plugin 1.3.0 - 3 crash the browser - other plugins not working Plug-ins Solaris
100313 M094, N620 crash cancelling plugin [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::GetTagType] Plug-ins All
100376 flash plugin crash when audio is playing Plug-ins Linux
100538 Flash5: Clicking 'About' on animation not already on page causes crash Plug-ins Windows 2000
100605 Interaction between java plug-in and about:plugins cause core dump Plug-ins All
100651 This URL completely crashes Mozilla. Plug-ins Linux
100681 Java Plug-In doesn't work Plug-ins Windows 98
100888 Bad signed conversion in plugin streaming code Plug-ins All
100898 Orphan xpicleanup process after Java 2 plugin auto-install Plug-ins Linux
100901 no (easy?) way of disabling flash Plug-ins Linux
100977 crash once the flash plugin starts loading the ELF lib Plug-ins Linux
101227 lockup when connection fails while downloading a pdf with Acrobat 5 Plugin Plug-ins Windows 98
101245 Automatic plug in instalation requires root to be running mozilla Plug-ins Linux
101317 attempt to initialize wrong files in plugins directory Plug-ins Solaris
101428 Crashes at BBC Cult TV site Plug-ins Windows 95
101495 Opening this URL, Mozilla crashes Plug-ins Windows NT
101556 page loads very slow, mouse pointer becomes busy and freezes page then comes back to normal Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
101687 Java2 Plug-In Does Not Work Plug-ins Windows NT
101769 Stop loading plugins on startup Plug-ins Linux
101792 Crash after using back and forth arrows Plug-ins Windows NT
101833 "Click here to get the plugin" prompt only works for deprecated tags Plug-ins All
101868 M095, N620, Trunk Clicking on a link will crash Mozilla [@ Area::~Area][@ 0x11d1ff20 - nsBlockReflowContext::DoReflowBlock] Plug-ins All
101871 error initializing ShockwaveFlash.class shared library Plug-ins SunOS
101879 Flash plugin [almost] hangs browser Plug-ins SunOS
101974 acrobat plugin resize problem Plug-ins Linux
102042 Separate the useragent used by http from the actual one seen by plug-ins Plug-ins All
102102 this url crashes mozilla Plug-ins Linux
102123 crashing mozilla leaves VERY LARGE file (> 3GB) in plugins temp dir Plug-ins Linux
102286 nsPluginsDir::IsPluginFile() should properly check shared library files Plug-ins Linux
102296 Without flash installed, site continual searches for it (page keeps reloading) Plug-ins Windows NT
102329 NS600_PLUGIN_PATH doesn't take a list of directories Plug-ins Linux
102385 Browser crash [Talkback ID: TB36053948E] Plug-ins Windows 2000
102652 nsPluginsDirUnix.cpp breaks Qt/Xlib build (any build without GTK?) Plug-ins Linux
102665 Plugin "zombies" left unreaped Plug-ins Linux
102666 No user-local plugin directory for Mozilla 0.9.4? Plug-ins Linux
102667 Java crashes Browser Plug-ins Solaris
102688 quicktime not working Plug-ins Windows 98
102700 nsPluginHostImpl.cpp needs to switch to using nsIFile Plug-ins Linux
102727 OSX: Crash occurs after selecting QT Plugin menu items (Plug-in Settings / Connection speed) Plug-ins macOS
102740 Mozilla crashes when clicking on file Plug-ins Linux
102769 Shutdown and Destroy not called properly on legacy style plug-in Plug-ins Windows 98
102796 QuickTime plug-in crashing Fizzilla Plug-ins macOS
102885 Flash Plug-in does not work Plug-ins Linux
102986 Windows media Plugin for Netscape causes Mozilla to seize updating screen Plug-ins Windows 2000
103383 media helper window launches again after selecting settings Plug-ins Windows NT
103393 areTheSameFileNames does not work correctly on Mac! Plug-ins All
103438 RealPlayer as a video plug-in is not positioned properly Plug-ins All
103526 No flash plugin Plug-ins Windows 98
103531 browser crashes while trying to open URL Plug-ins Linux
103647 Download of Java2 plug-in has hozed Mozilla Startup Plug-ins Linux
103848 Applet doesn't shown when inside a Table Plug-ins Linux
103934 full-page PNG images use QuickTime plugin to render even when told not to Plug-ins All
103940 Seamless support for application/x-oleobject plugins in OBJECT tags doesn't work Plug-ins All
104034 Flash plugin causing mozilla to use 100% CPU Plug-ins Linux
104079 A C++ comment in C file blocking mozilla build on Solaris Plug-ins SunOS
104218 flash plug-in handles dynamic content much slower than on IE 5.5 Plug-ins Windows NT
104236 crash when flash context menu visible when page unloads Plug-ins Windows 98
104298 remove obsolete interfaces from the plugin directory Plug-ins All
104299 Deprecated XPCOM Plugin API interfaces need to indicate deprecated status in the file. Plug-ins All
104410 HTTP basic authentication info not passed to applets Plug-ins Windows 2000
104537 Flash animation causes mozilla to crash Plug-ins Linux
104648 Don't keep asking about downloading uninstalled plug-ins Plug-ins All
104727 running mozilla as other than root - plugin installation fails on linux Plug-ins Linux
104732 Incompatible xpcom.dll Plug-ins Windows 2000
104859 temp files should be cached in OS's "temp" directory not "plugtmp" Plug-ins All
104866 Non-plugin np*.dll in the plugins folder crashes the browser Plug-ins Windows 2000
104867 Java plugin causes segv on page without any applets, just Flash Plug-ins Linux
104893 WRMB: Flash 5.0 plug-in is not rendering Plug-ins Windows 98
104940 Mozilla should not pick up 'plugins' that do not expose mime type Plug-ins All
104970 Cursor is changed by QT plugin even if it is not visible -- QuickTime movie changes cursor when mouse is over it even when it's covered by other browser window or tab Plug-ins Windows 2000
104985 Yahoo games don't start in 0.9.5 Plug-ins Linux
105032 Browswer freezes. Plug-ins Linux
105072 nsIClassicPluginFactory interface changed after my checkin Plug-ins Windows 2000
105075 NS_CALLBACK_ is a REALLY bad name for a callback Plug-ins All
105124 flash links not working Plug-ins Windows 2000
105189 Infinite loop of "download plugin" dialog Plug-ins Linux
105195 Mozilla hangs completely about 80% of the time accessing this URL. Plug-ins Linux
105207 This web site makes netscape 4.78 as well as mozilla 0.9.4 and 0.9.5 freeze Plug-ins Linux
105221 crashed when I installed netscape flash plugins. Mozilla took me to the Netscape site for download. Plug-ins Linux
105275 crash after loads - M099 N622 Trunk[@ nsBlockFrame::ComputeFinalSize][@ nsTableRowFrame::IR_TargetIsChild] Plug-ins Linux
105283 Very large webpage causes segfalut Plug-ins Linux
105329 N610, M094, M095 crash copying plugins [@] Plug-ins Linux
105334 solaris acrobat plugin requires motif Plug-ins Solaris
105379 fix up resize behaviour of testevents plugin Plug-ins Linux
105408 All plug-ins disappeared Plug-ins Linux
105417 NPN_PostURL not always working correctly [like with binary file data] Plug-ins All
105418 Sample plugin no longer works Plug-ins Linux
105673 Non-root installation of plugins (such as Java plugin) fails under Linux Plug-ins Linux
105674 Mozilla makes no effort to autodectect java plug-in under Linux Plug-ins Linux
105780 Page loading seems to hang on Plug-ins All
105844 crash: segmentation fault Plug-ins Linux
105935 Reloading a page containing a QT movie results in a crash Plug-ins macOS
105959 port NPAPI tester plugin to other platforms Plug-ins All
106065 Can't invoke QuickTime Plug-In via <object> Plug-ins macOS
106070 Shockwave Director not loading on Mac os X using NS6.1 Plug-ins macOS
106112 error message occurrs when opening up PDF plug-in Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
106119 GetPluginFactory() needs to use nsIDirectoryServiceProvider to determine scanning directories. Plug-ins Linux
106169 Crashes as soon as the page starts to load, causing the browser session to stop responding. Plug-ins Linux
106184 Plugin resizing incorrect in XUL Plug-ins All
106204 Mozilla hangs upon starting Flash animation Plug-ins Linux
106240 Frequent freezes Plug-ins Linux
106253 Plugins aren't adding themselves to load groups Plug-ins All
106281 If gtk plugins grab focus, input elements can't get it back Plug-ins Linux
106314 Stop scanning 4.x plugins directory during runtime Plug-ins Windows NT
106397 Fizzilla's performance in displaying Flash files is suboptimal Plug-ins macOS
106411 "Starting plugin for type" keeps showing in status bar Plug-ins All
106413 inconsistency in the use of the words "plug-in" and "plugin" Plug-ins Windows 2000
106435 NPN_SetValue causes a crash because it works differently between NS4.x and Mozilla Plug-ins Windows NT
106473 takes several minutes to load Plug-ins All
106556 Flash crash mozilla Plug-ins Linux
106634 Plugins no longer work! Plug-ins Windows 98
106649 Quicktime Plugin not working Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
106741 WRMB: Plugin causes crash Plug-ins Windows 98
106806 plug-in ".sl" extensions not correctly searched on HP-UX 11.00 Plug-ins HP-UX
107082 Right-Click Flash Plugin info window is hard to dismiss Plug-ins Linux
107126 blocking plugins Plug-ins All
107298 QuickTime Movies Cause Unexpected Quit on Mac OS X Plug-ins macOS
107329 Real Player Plugin and QuickTime Plugin are incompatible with ALL Mozilla Plug-ins Windows 2000
107384 The incoming datastream is html page itself when npp_newstream() get called Plug-ins Windows 2000
107485 nsPluginHostImpl's shutdown listener should be a weak reference Plug-ins All
107627 Flash page loading flash image out of place Plug-ins All
107649 SHockwave applet shrunk Plug-ins Windows 2000
107705 Adobe pdf plugin doesn't resize correctly Plug-ins Linux
107738 browser crashes after loading part of the page Plug-ins Linux
107770 <object> width and height not honored for <embed> default Plug-ins Windows 2000
107772 Browser 'hangs', task needs to be killed Plug-ins Windows 2000
107856 Embed, Object not sized correctly Plug-ins Windows 2000
108169 Browser crashes while opening link Plug-ins Linux
108223 Default Plug-in should not be in the CVS repository Plug-ins All
108246 A special character in plugin info causes caching mechanism fail Plug-ins Windows 2000
108253 The Opal plug-in can't be loaded anymore Plug-ins Windows NT
108298 N620 crash installing Beatnik plugin [@ nsAFlatCString::GetReadableFragment] Plug-ins Windows 98
108299 Mozilla 0.9.5 crashes with plugger Plug-ins Linux
108326 mozilla freezes loading this eBay page Plug-ins Linux
108347 Crash (linux/unix only) after NPP_SetWindow() call into flash plugin with window->width[height] <= 0 Plug-ins Linux
108354 new window crash (with java, realplay plugins) Plug-ins Linux
108363 Java applet works - but is incomplete Plug-ins All
108379 Flash plugin crashes Mozilla built with GCC 3.x Plug-ins Linux
108392 can't install flashplayer Plug-ins Windows 2000
108451 browser get extrem slow on entering url with flash plugins Plug-ins Linux
108452 video/quicktime mov files crash mozilla Plug-ins Linux
108469 QuickTime plug-in content rendered incorrectly Plug-ins macOS
108532 Real Video plugin doesn't connect on some pages Plug-ins Windows 2000
108605 "Plug-In Not Loaded" requester not localizable Plug-ins All
108622 The wrong mouse cursor in flash is displayed Plug-ins Windows 2000
108705 This asf causes mozilla to lockup Plug-ins Windows 2000
108726 Warnerbros Trailers site link causes crash Plug-ins Windows 2000
108755 BeatNik Plugin NOT recognized Plug-ins Windows NT
108807 Flash movies are the wrong size Plug-ins Linux
108835 OSX: Plugins do not respond to clicks in contextual menus Plug-ins macOS
108957 JRE auto-detection needs to be version specific Plug-ins All
108966 shockwave player installation does not complete Plug-ins All
109039 Mayscript attribute needed on <OBJECT> tag; this is not HTML4 compliant Plug-ins All
109041 SetWindow for windowless works differently between NS4.x and Mozilla Plug-ins Windows 2000
109082 Outer most nested OBJECT element is rendered even if unknown Plug-ins All
109281 Mozilla 0.9.5 does not appear to release component ref counts correctly Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
109355 N620 crash [@ nsTableRowFrame::IR_TargetIsChild ] Plug-ins Linux
109512 Description of "Mozilla Default Plug-in" should not include suffixes Plug-ins Windows 2000
109535 Mozilla wont play embedded midi files Plug-ins OS/2
109539 Mozilla traps when trying to play .avi Plug-ins OS/2
109542 Mozilla exits when trying to view an mpeg file Plug-ins OS/2
109739 plugins registered in appreg each time they are used (?) Plug-ins All
109756 Java Plug-ins Plug-ins Linux
109835 mozilla hangs at Plug-ins Linux
109973 SDK -- NPP_New parameters should be relayed to nsPluginInstance Plug-ins All
110011 Choosing about:plugins from the menu doesn't give all the info Plug-ins Windows 98
110031 Plugins should honor directory service temp path Plug-ins All
110094 [viewpoint.] NS4.x windowless plugins don't render in the right place when scrolled Plug-ins Windows 2000
110190 Mac: can't type in plugins (no keyboard events) Plug-ins All
110194 Shockwave plugin does not recognize keyboard input Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
110248 segmentation fault on Plug-ins Linux
110528 crash if I try to watch a video clip on Plug-ins Linux
110537 Quicktime plug-in control box doesn't respond Plug-ins macOS
110564 Mozilla crashes halfway through loading a Quicktime Movie Trailer Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
110650 M098 & Trunk [@ nsContainerFrame::PaintChild] Plug-ins All
110680 Plugin MIME types list is upside-down in JavaScript Plug-ins All
110768 Mozilla does not check handles of loaded plugins Plug-ins Linux
110778 plugin scanning doesn't always catch duplicates Plug-ins All
110781 plugin scanning doesn't always catch duplicates Plug-ins All
110789 Java Applet not reload properly after class is recompiled Plug-ins All
110863 Mac OsX, shockwave context menu: after invoking and dismissing shockwave context menu, browser menu appears Plug-ins macOS
110870 [RFE] Load Java Plugin from Default Install Directory Plug-ins Windows 2000
110890 Trunk M096 startup crash [@ AddPluginInfoToRegistry] Plug-ins All
110916 do not include realplayer in 4.x plugin scan Plug-ins Windows 2000
111008 4.x plugins invoked by OBJECT tag not receiving attributes in arg arrays Plug-ins All
111058 Migrate Plugin Scripting from JRI-based LiveConnect to JNI Plug-ins All
111383 Browser crashes on startup if mime description is missing in plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
111401 crash when leaving web page which uses quicktime plugin Plug-ins Windows 98
111429 Flash Player in linux causes mozilla to exit Plug-ins Linux
111430 JavaScript to Java communication does not happen in Netscape 6.1 Plug-ins Windows NT
111645 testing - please ignore Plug-ins Windows 2000
111648 Calling applet method from JavaScript works with <object></object> or <embed></embed>, but NOT with nested <object><embed></embed><object> Plug-ins Windows 2000
111767 Scrollbar blinks on flash/quicktime page Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
111836 startup crash in gkplugin.dll Plug-ins Windows 98
111920 Flash overlapping DHTML menus, due to missing wmode="transparent" Plug-ins All
111928 crashes while loading flashplugin then using a remote X session Plug-ins Linux
111930 Radia Plugin does not refresh correctly Plug-ins Windows 2000
111962 Crash if any link followed from this page Plug-ins Windows NT
112022 crashes when loading page after clicking on mouseover menu Plug-ins Windows 2000
112046 If is loaded no more plugins load Plug-ins Linux
112050 About Plug-ins Page is incomplete in 0.9.6 Plug-ins Linux
112097 problem with about:plugins Plug-ins Windows 2000
112102 problem with plugger plugin Plug-ins Solaris
112187 Help => About Plug-ins displays no plug-ins Plug-ins Windows 2000
112255 Make plugin SDK part of the build Plug-ins All
112307 QuickTime Plug-In Menus do not work Plug-ins macOS
112313 All installecd plugins fail Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
112335 mplayer, asf and divx Plug-ins Linux
112396 Plugins not being recognised Plug-ins Windows ME
112399 NPP_URLNotify() never called after a NPP_GetURLNotify() Plug-ins Windows 2000
112424 Flash and RealPlayer/XMMS hangup Plug-ins Linux
112428 java applet view does not get redrawn correctly Plug-ins Windows 2000
112467 Segfault if non-plugin shared library exists in plugin directory Plug-ins Linux
112508 about:plugins issues JavaScript error in nsIDOMPlugin Plug-ins Windows NT
112556 plugin downloader plugin should be selectable in install Plug-ins Linux
112576 Browser Crash Dealing with Plug-ins SunOS
112579 plugin.soname.list is ignored (libXt and libXext always used) Plug-ins OpenVMS
112778 About plug-ins doesn't report plugins in 0.9.6 Plug-ins Linux
112797 Inconsistency with hand pointer on Windows and Flash plug-in pointer Plug-ins All
112826 Plug-in Plugger doesn't work - Can't look streaming image Plug-ins Linux
112937 when the "find plugin" dialog comes up, browser crashes Plug-ins AIX
113016 OSX: MRJ, a crash occurs while applet is initialized. Plug-ins macOS
113057 about:plugins doesn't list all plugins Plug-ins Windows 2000
113060 picture not shown fully when going on Plug-ins Windows 98
113130 Asking for auto install of plugins cannot be turned off anymore Plug-ins Linux
113131 Plug In auto install should remember decisions Plug-ins Linux
113210 a news site, todays edition deadlocks mozilla Plug-ins Linux
113264 npapi.h: NPWindow struct doesn't match old, old SDK, caused NPP_Print to crash Plug-ins Windows 98
113285 Quicktime plugin on Mac Classic not detected Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
113291 Can't log in to personal iDisk Plug-ins macOS
113296 crash if I go to that URL Plug-ins Linux
113321 Doesn't load java plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
113333 Upon installing JAVA plug in and rebooting plug in not detetcted forced to download it over and over Plug-ins Windows ME
113382 crash on startup on win 2000 Plug-ins Windows 2000
113394 crashes with Macromedia plugins in 0.9.6 Plug-ins Linux
113464 Need to support BP_GetSupportedMIMETypes on Mac for mpeg to work with QuickTime Plug-ins All
113483 OSX: MRJ, Applet is not displayed after being initialized. Plug-ins macOS
113500 Wrong User-Agent sent by URLConnection in Carbon MRJ Plugin Plug-ins macOS
113502 assert at startup: nsPluginHostImpl not thread-safe Plug-ins Linux
113543 NPN_PostURL sends contents of 'buf' when 'file' is true Plug-ins Windows 2000
113560 [RFE]playing sounds automatically, on event, or onload, without flash Plug-ins Linux
113748 pulg-in error Plug-ins Windows 2000
113754 Crash when cancelling plug-in dialog Plug-ins Windows 2000
113768 Plugins fail to work Plug-ins Windows 2000
113769 Macromedia Flash5 + actionscript: getTimer() function does not work with Mozilla Plug-ins Windows 2000
113859 Problems with links to TIFF documents when using TARGET attribute Plug-ins Windows 98
113912 Flash player hang Mozilla 0.9.6 Plug-ins Linux
114026 Flash movie "not loaded" Plug-ins Linux
114031 Quicktime plugin error Plug-ins macOS
114047 flash plugin crushes browser under openwin Plug-ins Solaris
114124 Mozilla looks for a plug-in and displays incorrectly omitting the left hand side. Plug-ins Windows NT
114128 OBJECT tag: can not dynamically add PARAM tags with document.write() Plug-ins Windows 2000
114272 No way to shut off plug-in messages Plug-ins NetBSD
114312 Overly zealous duplicate detection Plug-ins Linux
114385 mozilla crashes when trying to show the default plugin dialog Plug-ins Linux
114589 Browser chrashes on load Plug-ins Solaris
114627 Patch to allow closing Default Plugin dialog with ESC key Plug-ins Linux
114716 Page crashes clicking on qt movie Plug-ins macOS
114746 Can't exit Windows Media Player after playing a movie Plug-ins Windows 2000
114758 Browser crashes on reload of that page Plug-ins Linux
114780 Sweep the IE plugins folder for NPAPI plugins Plug-ins Windows ME
114793 Crash with Flash plug-in Plug-ins Windows 2000
114808 Adobe Acrobat Reader no longer works as plug-in Plug-ins Windows XP
114875 Acrobat doesn't fire up Plug-ins Windows 98
114921 [viewpoint] NPP_HANDLE_EVENT for WM_PAINT doesn't pass in the updateRect Plug-ins Windows NT
114927 viewing local pdf file fills up /tmp Plug-ins Linux
114973 nsPluginInstanceOwner::GetParameters() shouldn't return an error on 0 parameters Plug-ins All
114985 wav files fail to play Plug-ins Windows 98
115053 Cannot detect proper flash settings Plug-ins Windows XP
115119 DestroyStream call to plugin says NPRES_DONE instead of NPRES_USER_BREAK when stream is cancelled Plug-ins All
115138 Open Document in SAME Frame of Same Window Plug-ins Windows 2000
115178 crashes under Solaris Plug-ins Solaris
115308 [viewpoint] HTTP POST does not handle binary data Plug-ins Windows 2000
115337 Old version of flash 4.x is used even when 6.x has the latest version installed Plug-ins All
115396 Add context menu for default (missing) plugin Plug-ins Windows ME
115415 [RFE] preference to disable flash or other plugin Plug-ins All
115426 plugin will not launch Java applet in chatroom Plug-ins macOS
115450 XPCom Plugins should be unloaded when not in use Plug-ins All
115461 Remove Shockwave hack from ns4xPluginInstance.cpp Plug-ins All
115509 Moz cannot run Java based chat of Plug-ins macOS
115519 navigator.plugins["Shockwave Flash"] always returns null on Japanese Plug-ins All
115550 plugger breaks plugins Plug-ins Linux
115588 Disable/Enable installed plugin or update Plug-ins Windows 95
115637 Crash when playing a mp3 with quicktime Plug-ins Windows NT
115639 Fizzilla-MachO doesn't support plugins as Bundles Plug-ins macOS
115666 mozilla hangs on flash-rich pages Plug-ins All
115696 3D groove install chokes midway, error pops up, browser closes Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
115721 Any Site with Shockwave Flash crashes mozilla 0.9.6 Plug-ins Linux
115724 Crash on freeing mCachedAttrParamNames [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::~nsPluginInstanceOwner()] Plug-ins Windows NT
115808 Flash animations stall until mouse is moved Plug-ins Linux
115835 NPP_Destroy or NP_Shutdown cause crash if called after window closes Plug-ins Windows 2000
115868 Flash apps are smaller than they should be Plug-ins Windows 98
115891 [viewpoint] [FIX] Byte range request are not giving the correct data Plug-ins Windows NT
115896 crash [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::GetAttributes] Plug-ins Windows 2000
116014 All plugins not displayed under about_plugins Plug-ins Linux
116027 Handle <embed> and <object> with helpers if no plugin is available Plug-ins All
116093 [viewpoint] Windowless plugins do not always get right coordinates Plug-ins Windows NT
116108 [viewpoint] Windowless plugin does not preserve its position if in a table cell Plug-ins Windows NT
116135 crash when closing "Quick Time Settings" window while watching QT movie Plug-ins Windows 2000
116216 Netscape v6.1 and v6.2 does not load older version plug-in which was working perfectly in version 4.7 and 6 Plug-ins Windows 2000
116238 Browser crashes completely on trying to render page Plug-ins Linux
116357 Old school plug-ins need the ability to be cached Plug-ins Windows 2000
116392 [viewpoint] keyboard events aren't getting to ANY plugin without a child window Plug-ins All
116427 MLKs in nsPluginHostImpl.cpp Plug-ins Windows NT
116562 Flash movie is not loaded if disk cache is disabled Plug-ins All
116617 Flash Peformance very sluggish Plug-ins macOS
116734 Plugger 3.2 causes about:plugins to fail. Plug-ins Linux
116735 Plugger 3.2 causes about:plugins to fail. Plug-ins Linux
116766 [windows] java and all other plugins flickers through active tab on resize because its child window is getting WM_PAINT or WM_WM_ERASEBKGND handled by DefWindowProc Plug-ins Windows 2000
116839 zero disk cache capacity brokes flush plugin Plug-ins SunOS
116924 Looks like --display is wrong handled for plugins Plug-ins Linux
116996 Crash at Yahoo Finance Plug-ins Linux
117022 Flash plugin causes segmentation fault on certain pages Plug-ins Linux
117108 Flash included in page cause strange ActiveX error message Plug-ins Windows 2000
117224 Flash plug-in stops working during browser session Plug-ins Windows NT
117244 Flash won't load movies throught a proxy in Mozilla 0.9.7 Plug-ins Linux
117246 Flash plugin causes segfault Plug-ins Linux
117301 Can't type in pop-up form Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
117349 Can't log in into the iTools site Plug-ins macOS
117389 Crash browsing site Plug-ins Linux
117402 mozilla freezes when accessing this page, mozilla 0.9.7, debian sid Plug-ins Linux
117462 Cannot Locate Existing Real Player Plug In Plug-ins Windows 2000
117520 cannot install java plug-in Plug-ins Windows 2000
117566 ViewPoint -- NPN_GetURLNotify does not always notify Plug-ins All
117679 Mozilla freezes occasionally w/100% CPU Plug-ins SunOS
117705 Browser crashes on startup with User-Agent set Plug-ins Linux
117721 Entrypoint not found windows error Plug-ins Windows NT
117725 Mozilla crashes with a segmentation fault ( Plug-ins Linux
117747 [RFE] Ability for plugin to set top level window title Plug-ins Windows NT
117766 With a non-NULL target argument, NPN_GetURLNotify and NPN_PostURLNotify do not cause NPP_Notify to be called Plug-ins All
117770 NPN_GetURLNotify and NPN_PostURLNotify do not fire notification if notifydata is null Plug-ins All
117793 Scrollbar locks when page with viewpoint plugin is resized and when I try to scroll Plug-ins Windows NT
117832 Flash plugin does not work on page (page shows up blank) Plug-ins Windows 2000
117920 4x-Scriptable plugin sample not work Plug-ins Windows NT
117949 javscript commands into the plugin are truncated Plug-ins Windows NT
117986 flash anim wouldn't come up Plug-ins Linux
118003 [viewpoint] executing javascript through xpconnect interface won't resolve relative URL Plug-ins Windows NT
118037 Getright download plugins for netscape doesn´t work any longer Plug-ins Windows 98
118056 Flash doesn't work with upgraded libs Plug-ins Linux
118101 browser context menu when right clicking on the scroll bar of the plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
118115 Flash and Shockwave not working Plug-ins Windows NT
118182 Mozilla hangs when displaying page with an OBJECT tag Plug-ins Linux
118476 Crashes when I go to Plug-ins Linux
118516 Java plug-in, Yahoo! Page Builder Plug-ins Windows 2000
118569 Right click image results in Crash Plug-ins Windows NT
118601 Latest Flash plugin (5.0 r47) instantly crashes mozilla compiled with gcc 3.0.1 when opening any flash-enabled page Plug-ins Linux
118628 N621 Crash instaling the beatnik plugin, incompatible with N6.2x [@ nsID::ToString] Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
118641 With the flash plugin 5.0 r47 the browser crashese Plug-ins Linux
118649 Add pluginClassic to Mac build system for Carbon target Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
118656 Plugin SDK -- remove dependency on nsIComponentManagerObsolete Plug-ins All
118715 by pressing buttons extern flash movies are not loaded Plug-ins Windows NT
118721 windowless plugins render in the wrong place when in div tag Plug-ins Windows 2000
118789 [viewpoint.] right mouse click handled by windowless plugin still causes popup context window to pop up Plug-ins All
118801 Change API struct to increment minor number Plug-ins Windows 2000
118806 RFE:Create a meaningful navigator.plugins.version Plug-ins Windows 2000
118828 Editing plugin header files is a recipe for disaster Plug-ins All
118843 [RFE] Default plugin should not ask again. Plug-ins All
118877 [viewpoint] Plugin adjustCursor handler causes mad cursor flicker due to NS_MOUSE_MOVE handling conflict Plug-ins All
118949 mozilla hangs (many flash examples) Plug-ins All
118967 Flash Plugin Context Menu sticky Plug-ins Linux
119045 OSX: Windows Media Plug-in fails on initialize Plug-ins macOS
119056 QuickLaunch: plugins don't get refreshed after browser is restarted Plug-ins Windows NT
119058 'Starting plugin' message remains in status bar even after actually starting the plugin Plug-ins All
119063 Mozilla should return correct service manager to a plugin Plug-ins All
119094 [FIX]Loading URL doesn't open up the PDF file (content-encoding) Plug-ins Linux
119204 Local Java plugin ignored Plug-ins Linux
119480 crash (in plug-in?) while browsing - GetQDGlobalsBlack Plug-ins macOS
119494 Acrobat fails to load document from this site [200 expecting 206] Plug-ins All
119539 trying to view png with QuickView Plugin crashes Plug-ins Windows 2000
119582 windows media player plug in fails.... Plug-ins macOS
119621 Plug-ins refreshed on page on every other refresh interval Plug-ins Windows 2000
119622 <applet> <object> codebase="" should resolve relative uri Plug-ins All
119672 Should have a way to disable plug-ins Plug-ins Linux
119966 [viewpoint]if 2 versions of a plugins are registered , uses the older instead of the newer Plug-ins All
119979 NPN_PostURL with FILE=TRUE does not delete temp file after POST Plug-ins Windows 2000
120168 [OSX/NP_FULL/PDF] Call to NPP_SetWindow in plugins has incorrect window frame when resizing window Plug-ins macOS
120411 [viewpoint] byte range requests do not work on https Plug-ins Windows NT
120433 Java console windows is grey out without restarting the browser Plug-ins All
120463 Moz crashes when clicking English version Plug-ins Windows NT
120479 Starting Plugin for type application/x-shockwave-flash remains in status bar Plug-ins Windows 2000
120530 Mozilla is freezing at URL Plug-ins Linux
120545 Mozilla have no option to unload a plug-in that was started Plug-ins Windows 98
120691 Closing Flash pop-up window causes browser crash [@ nsContainerFrame::GetFrameForPointUsing] Plug-ins Windows 2000
120815 Closing a tab with QuickTime crashes Plug-ins Windows 98
120821 [viewpoint] Plugin paints in the wrong part of the screen when on a Div tag Plug-ins All
120822 How to set up Mac plugin/xpt file so browser can call plugin? Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
120845 move npapi.h, npupp.h to modules/plugin Plug-ins All
120847 Plugin window too small. Plug-ins Windows 2000
120872 linux only: After installation, mozilla has a plugin crash Plug-ins Linux
120875 Flash contents responds to mouse even if another tab opens Plug-ins All
120876 Crash while trying to load plugin Plug-ins Linux
120879 plugins lock up the status bar Plug-ins macOS
120921 Keyboard shortcuts stop working with Java applets Plug-ins All
121033 [NP_FULL] NPP_GetURLNotify() does not resolve relative URLs correctly (for Flash) Plug-ins All
121072 Missing plug-in name in "Illegal Operation" alert Plug-ins Windows 2000
121075 "plugin" should be "plug-in" Plug-ins Windows 2000
121189 [RFE]implement facility to ignore plugins Plug-ins IRIX
121300 scrolling jumbles the rendering of the page Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
121378 i get an hang if XMMS is running Plug-ins Linux
121453 Flash hanging on page load Plug-ins All
121514 About plugins shows up duplicate plugins from NS4.x plugin directory Plug-ins Windows 2000
121552 Event handling becomes sluggish at Plug-ins macOS
121604 scrollbars don't appear for PNG images viewed with Quicktime plug-in Plug-ins macOS
121615 Need netscape 4.x plugin compatibility for gtk2 Plug-ins Linux
121650 composer loads recently viewed Flash page instead of current page Plug-ins All
121651 Mozilla locks randomly with Retail Adobe Acrobat plug-in Plug-ins Windows 2000
121729 Mozilla crashes after installing Speed Download 1.8fc1 Plug-ins macOS
121769 The content of this page will hang the browser Plug-ins Linux
122026 Flash does not shows, but prompts for saving Plug-ins Windows 98
122062 Japanese text in device font in flash is displayed as garbage Plug-ins Linux
122074 Browser crashes on exec of Java plugin Plug-ins Linux
122135 Some scrolled web page displays corrupted after Back or Forward button Plug-ins Windows 98
122177 Mozilla does not honor QuickTime Plug-In settings Plug-ins macOS
122300 (Quicktime)SMIL fails to load when content-length header is absent Plug-ins Windows 2000
122488 NPN_SetValue declaration inconsistent with documentation Plug-ins All
122501 [viewpoint] keyboard events aren't passed to windowless plugin correctly Plug-ins Windows NT
122733 Browser crashes on site when java IS ENABLED Plug-ins Linux
122737 using the adobe pdf plugin doesn't resize when resizing mozilla Plug-ins Linux
122792 Mozilla crashes when logging into iTools in nsPluginHostImpl::PostURL Plug-ins macOS
122801 Crash occurs when attempting to access iTool sign up page Plug-ins macOS
122923 browser crashes @ various times Plug-ins All
122927 java can't open window in response to click (when opening unrequested windows is disabled) Plug-ins All
122955 UI corruption occurs when entering or scrolling a page on this site. Plug-ins Windows 2000
123005 [viewpoint ] mouse events don't pass correct wparam Plug-ins Windows NT
123057 Mozilla crashes if a plugin contains an undefined symbol Plug-ins Linux
123059 Can't get handle to doc's window if plugin is HIDDEN (no view) Plug-ins All
123124 Don't download Java plug-in if some other is already installed Plug-ins Windows ME
123168 Can't type in location bar with quicktime plugin open Plug-ins Windows 2000
123280 disk cache cannot be set to zero or plugins fail. Plug-ins Mac System 8.5
123291 Open a pdf link cause browser to segfault Plug-ins Linux
123325 mozilla crashes Plug-ins Linux
123522 Shockwave plugin does not start Plug-ins Linux
123526 Flashplugin starts, but the Flash dosn't load Plug-ins Windows 2000
123534 NPN_ReloadPlugins(0) does not work properly Plug-ins All
123536 Flash movie background not displayed correctly Plug-ins Windows 2000
123618 the flash plugin doesn't start when disk cache is set to zero. Plug-ins Linux
123688 flash plugin not started, despite being installed Plug-ins Windows 2000
123701 Shockwave Flash plugin requires disk cache be nonzero Plug-ins Windows 2000
123709 Mozilla almost always crashes on the site with Flash animations Plug-ins All
123791 Installing Shockwave crashes Mozilla Plug-ins Windows 2000
123896 M098 flash contextual menu open during page load-> gpf [@ 0x0349b9c9] Plug-ins Windows NT
123928 crash with inline quicktime movie Plug-ins Linux
123965 Flash movies do not finish loading Plug-ins Windows 2000
123974 [viewpoint] 404 file not found errors are passed back to the plugin incorrectly Plug-ins All
124006 Hack for using static (Flash 5.0) and Java under gcc-3 system Plug-ins Linux
124190 this #define in nsPluginsDirUnix.cpp is unused: PLUGIN_PATH "MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH" Plug-ins Linux
124428 URLNotify not called if plugin is destroyed before NPP_NewStream is called Plug-ins Windows NT
124497 Memory leak of 80 bytes from 1 block allocated in nsLocalFile::Clone Plug-ins Windows 2000
124558 Mozilla fails to display PDF files embedded via an OBJECT tag Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
124563 Acrobat PDF plug-in fails to completely draw its' chrome on load in Mozilla Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
124595 [RFE] customized ignore of specific plugins Plug-ins All
124643 Flash is slower in 0.9.8+ than in 0.9.7 Plug-ins Linux
124757 Flash plugin works only for root user on SuSE linux Plug-ins Linux
124877 Registered mime type displays save as windows Plug-ins Linux
124910 go to this link, and mozilla crashes. Plug-ins All
124936 Duplicate plugin dll names cause refresh loop on navigator.plugins.refresh(1) Plug-ins All
125011 macromedia flash Plug-ins Windows 98
125021 Page with many flash objects causes crash Plug-ins Windows 2000
125046 Quicktime video without Size doesn't work Plug-ins Windows 2000
125168 Plugins need ability to be disabled on a per window basis Plug-ins All
125261 Plugin fails to load with error "undefined symbol: xmDrawingAreaWidgetClass" Plug-ins Linux
125350 flash player animations are not stopped by preferences image animations security setting Plug-ins All
125391 RealOne plugin not working Plug-ins Windows 2000
125434 Mozilla 0.9.8 doesnt not run any plugins ! Plug-ins Linux
125469 [pluggerrc changes not read] Plugin caching preventing dynamic mime types through NP_GetMIMEDescritpion Plug-ins All
125622 Quicktime Plugin Fails to Work in 0.9.8 and nightlies Plug-ins macOS
125623 Quicktime Plugin Fails to Work in 0.9.8 and nightlies Plug-ins macOS
125643 iTools plugin not recognized Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
125902 Need to tell mozilla "I never want this plugin" Plug-ins Linux
125903 Mozilla crashes on opening web page Plug-ins Linux
126105 Sudden browser exit when loading this page Plug-ins Linux
126108 Browser crashes after pressing Reload page button when a scriptable plugin is loaded on the page Plug-ins Windows 2000
126139 Flash plugin too sluggish under Mozilla 0.9.8 Plug-ins Linux
126208 plugins dont shut down properly Plug-ins Linux
126223 Flash Plugin doews not work! Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
126349 cannot login to iTools pages using the iTools plugin Plug-ins macOS
126421 Assertion failure in reg.c:1538, plugin related? Plug-ins Linux
126492 npmozax ActiveX plugin support for <object> tag Plug-ins Windows 95
126648 Plugins folder other place than /plugins or profile Plug-ins Windows 2000
126659 Mozilla doesn't load plugins from directory specified by Extensions\Plugins Plug-ins Windows 2000
126721 [linux only]mouse pointer does not change when moved over a textfield in a flash movie Plug-ins Linux
126891 Flash plugin keeps window focus after right click Plug-ins Linux
126904 flash movie not loaded if browser.cache.disk.enable set false Plug-ins Linux
126918 crash Reported on Mac OS 10.1.3 boot [@ns4xPluginInstance::InitializePlugin] Plug-ins macOS
127068 crash when I swiching the windows Plug-ins Windows 2000
127135 Quicktime plugin crashes when exiting Mozilla Plug-ins Windows 2000
127216 POST_file=(null) Plug-ins Windows 2000
127259 Url Notifies incorrectly blocked on NULL notify Data; breaks Windows Media Player in Linux Plug-ins All
127346 flash wont run.. Plug-ins Linux
127361 Versioning for Plug-ins Plug-ins Windows 2000
127568 Adobe SVG Plugin partially works Plug-ins Windows 2000
127572 Plug-Ins don't load when disk cache size = 0 Plug-ins macOS
127720 Want a "never" button on shockwave flash plugin prompt Plug-ins Linux
127928 from talkback reports [@ nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::OnDataAvailable] Plug-ins All
128050 flash not viewed Plug-ins Linux
128127 Widget should be able to determine if a window is a plugin Plug-ins All
128140 Media player Plugins on XP are not functioning right. Plug-ins Windows XP
128245 Autodesk MapGuide Viewer plug-in does not work correctly Plug-ins Windows 98
128302 Solaris applet resizing isn't working. Plug-ins Solaris
128447 [RFE]Need warning for novice linux users Plug-ins Linux
128464 Type changes in headers could cause problems Plug-ins All
128612 Mozilla does not display Macromedia Flash content Plug-ins Windows 2000
128709 complete mozilla lockup when trying to load a flash movie Plug-ins Linux
128728 Techtales site crashes Mozilla when playing sounds Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
128833 djvu pages dont render correctly. Plug-ins Linux
128893 flash requires disk cache > 0 to work Plug-ins Linux
128921 crash on hitting RELOAD on 'about:plugins" page Plug-ins macOS
128922 crash viewing PNG with quicktime Plug-ins All
129027 CANCEL in missing plug-in dialog in all CAPS Plug-ins Linux
129058 Flash doesn't work from server, works from local file Plug-ins Windows 2000
129077 should ignore duplicate plugins Plug-ins Windows 2000
129078 possible to ignore plugins from Netscape 4.x plugins directory Plug-ins Windows 2000
129119 OS/2 only - Hang printing Java applets and printing doesn't work Plug-ins OS/2
129180 Sun Java plug-in 1.3.1_02 does not show in about:plugins Plug-ins Linux
129181 Fails to start if IBM Java2 plugin installed Plug-ins Linux
129306 invisible layer not hiding flash content Plug-ins Windows 2000
129323 Fix loading of Java plugin under AIX Plug-ins AIX
129385 text-to-speech - Problem when sound files load in Mozilla w/ Quicktime Plug-ins All
129491 Cannot do a local store of Acrobat form Plug-ins Windows 2000
129538 Media Player clip causes non-repaintable window Plug-ins Windows 2000
129617 Print Preview breaks on this URL Plug-ins Windows XP
129907 [Mac 8.6] keystrokes are repeated twice in Flash movies, Java, and other plugins Plug-ins Mac System 8.6
129954 Helper Apps are ignored when plugin installed Plug-ins Linux
130069 Plug-ins stop working properly when cache set to 0 Plug-ins Linux
130080 Signing Acrobat doesn't work Plug-ins Windows 2000
130106 instant crash visiting page Plug-ins Linux
130152 NPP_UrlNotify called with status 0 on (file not found) error Plug-ins Windows NT
130322 about:plugins takes a long time to complete Plug-ins OpenVMS
130336 can load plugin from new $HOME tree Plug-ins OpenVMS
130454 Java not loading with body margins at 0 Plug-ins macOS
130460 crash on leaving single png images in browser Plug-ins Windows 2000
130513 mixed bug : esd/es1371]/flash Plug-ins Linux
130538 Plugin popup dialog does not accept Enter/ESC to accept/cancel Plug-ins Linux
130605 Java applet doesn't load on Plug-ins All
130641 "No Plugin Downloader Plugin" alert when not needed Plug-ins Windows 2000
130782 mozilla won't load any plugins- at least, RealPlayer and Flash Plug-ins Linux
131007 clicking in window while downloading PDF may freeze browser Plug-ins Windows 2000
131153 [FIX] PDF plugin doesn't work, it expects file extension for stream type == StreamType_AsFile Plug-ins Linux
131220 test submission Plug-ins Windows 98
131230 handle known image decoder mime types internally Plug-ins All
131263 Mozlla crashes when launching Acrobat plug-in Plug-ins Solaris
131281 implement the mechanism to prevent recursively call into NPP_ functions in some critical conditions Plug-ins Windows 2000
131300 Plugins don't work in mach-o browser build Plug-ins macOS
131442 Bad MRJ plug-in alias crashes Mozilla Plug-ins macOS
131460 Should delete plugtmp directory on exit Plug-ins Windows XP
131477 Improve design of about:plugins page Plug-ins All
131523 loose handling of flash animations on css sheets Plug-ins Windows XP
131626 Crash occurs after closing js window containing flash animation Plug-ins macOS
131851 appreg plugin list easily gets out of sync with reality Plug-ins Linux
131980 Klicking on "Real Player Version" crashes Plug-ins Linux
132122 Clicking BACK while movie is loading crashes; no talkback Plug-ins Windows NT
132188 javascript function is not found when flash calls it Plug-ins SunOS
132262 Clean up dead code left from fix for bug 118721 Plug-ins Windows 2000
132336 Various Flash plugin interactivity is broken Plug-ins Windows 2000
132430 Real Jukebox Plugin destroys plugin finder service (default plugin) on branch Plug-ins Windows 2000
132471 flash not detected/animation totally absent on this cbs page Plug-ins All
132496 Clicked on Mozilla Mac OS X trunk and immediate crash Plug-ins macOS
132600 Refactor ns4xPlugin.cpp Plug-ins All
132759 [HANG]high(100%) cpu usage with Flash: WM_USER+1 events given too high priority and starve UI Plug-ins Windows NT
132867 Shockwave and WMP won't load Plug-ins Linux
133118 Crash as page is loading. - Trunk [@ 0x00000000 - nsTableCellFrame::Reflow] Plug-ins Linux
133275 does not detect Java Plug-ins Windows 2000
133282 Scan for plugins in their installation folders Plug-ins Windows XP
133286 Windows Media Player in full-page plugin mode may not repaint window Plug-ins Windows XP
133456 not "don't show this again" in plugin dialog to download new Plug-ins All
133537 Plugins should be installed automatically to the correct location Plug-ins All
133570 Flash6 context menu does not appear Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
133583 [Linux] Display garbled on Sony-Shop page Plug-ins Linux
133608 plugin downloader dialog should not use constant text Plug-ins Linux
133651 Implementation of ns4xPluginInstance::GetValue is not correct Plug-ins All
133662 Update Tester plugin for newly added NPP variables Plug-ins Windows 2000
133713 Gdk-ERROR BadDrawable while loading the default null plugin Plug-ins OpenVMS
133720 Netscape 6.X : NPN_GetURLNotify works in HTTP but does NOT work in HTTPS Plug-ins Windows 2000
133751 Mozilla Broken with Acrobat Forms in a Frame Plug-ins Windows 2000
133816 [RFE] Plugin Registration on all platforms should support NPP_GetMIMEDescription Plug-ins All
133863 Netscape Plug-in Finder Service Preference UI Plug-ins All
133864 Back end work to enable Plugin Finder Service Preference Plug-ins Windows 2000
133870 Flash plugin grabs keyboard focus when mouse moved over it Plug-ins Linux
133928 Flash plug-in don't support transparency in flash-movies Plug-ins Windows 2000
133968 Flash plugin and z-index bug Plug-ins All
133978 Flash ads continue to be animated even when window obscured Plug-ins Linux
134002 Content of plugins (flash, java applets) doesn't get rendered for printing or print preview Plug-ins All
134005 No possibility to avoid Pop-Up Windows on Sites with Plug-In-Contents like Flash Plug-ins Linux
134017 Core dump via seg fault when I exit page which uses flash Plug-ins Linux
134123 Causes Browser to Crash/Quit Unexpectidly Plug-ins macOS
134150 Java Plugin does not associate itself with application/x-java-vm Plug-ins Windows 2000
134162 When you see the ferret, say bye-bye Plug-ins Windows 98
134233 Multiple embedded Flash items slows all instances of Mozilla Plug-ins Windows 2000
134258 java and flash plugins block mozilla Plug-ins Linux
134282 hang on loading flash plugin Plug-ins Linux
134329 Real Player Plug in does not work Plug-ins Windows 98
134350 Mozilla crashes on start up [@ GetQDGlobalsBlack] Plug-ins macOS
134443 Ensure that default plugin never gets overwritten by other "*" handlers Plug-ins Windows 2000
134445 OBJECT tag needs to be able to access default plugin if mimetype is missing Plug-ins All
134551 acrobat plugin causes loss of (menu) functionality Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
134592 plugins are not getting installed Plug-ins BSDI
134631 plugin.do_JRE_Plugin_Scan do not support version 1.4 Plug-ins Windows 2000
134659 - Browser crash [top site] Plug-ins Windows 2000
134693 OS/2 multimedia plugins don't work Plug-ins OS/2
134704 Plays a few seconds and then starts over again. Plug-ins Windows 2000
134807 java pluggin (version 1.3.1 doesn't work ) and when works is a memory destruction Plug-ins Linux
134835 mozilla crashes during the startup Plug-ins Linux
134902 Build error from ns4xPluginInstance.cpp Plug-ins SunOS
134965 Loading Multiple iPIX content Sites w/98 and ME causes freeze Plug-ins Windows 2000
134990 Flash 6.0 plug-in support Plug-ins All
135098 MotorCity doesn't load completely Plug-ins All
135128 crash painting plugin with modal dialog up Plug-ins macOS
135259 Need ability to reparent plugn' Plug-ins Windows 2000
135263 Need ability to reparent plugin's widget Plug-ins Windows 2000
135292 unsigned int being compared to -1 Plug-ins All
135382 Flash plugin does not display japanese correcty Plug-ins Linux
135540 Memory leak in ns4xPluginInstance::SetWindow() Plug-ins Linux
135667 Videos Plug-ins Windows 2000
135737 [viewpoint] windowless plugin receives incorrect SetWindow calls Plug-ins Windows 2000
135799 When Flash is talking to ASP pages, after a while it receives no more answers Plug-ins macOS
135831 java applets with <applet width=100%> won't resize properly. Plug-ins Linux
135880 plugin dialog not modal Plug-ins Linux
135882 [RFE]need "stop asking me" checkbox for plugins Plug-ins Linux
135904 Going back to doesn't display it properly Plug-ins Windows 98
135963 plug-in install screens have inappropriate sizes Plug-ins Linux
135985 Embeded Adobe SVG Plugin kills Mozilla Plug-ins Linux
136051 Flash popup menu won't close after browser window is closed. Plug-ins Linux
136063 Asciimation "Death of Jar Jar" crashes Fizzilla Plug-ins macOS
136116 Drag+Drop does not work properly in (Flash 6) Plug-In Plug-ins macOS
136216 [viewpoint] GetURL fails on https file when the file is partially in the browser's memory cache Plug-ins Windows 2000
136261 All Mozilla components lock up when loading the URL Plug-ins Linux
136435 plugin does not work correctly under Mozilla 0.9.9 Plug-ins Windows 98
136439 Launching plug-in orphans content window/tab Plug-ins Windows 2000
136456 hidden attribute for EMBED element is ignored Plug-ins All
136780 pages with flash kill mozilla with undefined symbol error Plug-ins Linux
136870 Mozilla crashes when launching Half-Life Plug-ins Windows 2000
136904 not all games are working. Plug-ins Windows 98
136927 during plugin instantiation, frame tree that is being reflowed can be destroyed Plug-ins All
136961 pdf file in new window crashes when window closed -- no talkback Plug-ins Linux
137132 Improve robustness of plugin interface to stop plugins from crashing browser Plug-ins All
137134 Add ability for Mozilla to use windows plugins on linux Plug-ins Linux
137189 Windowless plug-in support for X (WMODE) Plug-ins Linux
137230 Plugins aren't hiding themselves Plug-ins macOS
137231 can't show plugins that start out hidden Plug-ins Windows 2000
137305 pdf not displayed Plug-ins Windows 98
137306 Mozilla crashs during start up process... Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
137514 [RFE]pref. to prompt before allowing a plugin to execute Plug-ins All
137535 [Mach-O] support BP_GetSupportedMIMETypes so Quicktime will play MPEGs Plug-ins macOS
137559 OS X: Mozilla gives fewer nullEvents than expected to plugin Plug-ins macOS
137674 Adobe Acrobat plug-in needed for OSX Plug-ins macOS
137689 plugin brings up errors: "there is no disk in the drive" when trying to load plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
137807 flash crashes on remote display Plug-ins Linux
137856 javascript does not correctly detect flash and forward url Plug-ins All
137937 Certain PDF files hang the browser. Plug-ins Windows 2000
137959 Flash crash when left click on HTML hyperlink and right click on Flash on same page Plug-ins Windows 2000
137970 Portions of an image appear at the bottom of page after QT plug-in has been initialized. Plug-ins All
138075 Trunk crash on MacOS starting up [@ free - nsPluginFile::FreePluginInfo][@ strlen - nsPluginHostImpl::ScanPluginsDirectory] Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
138260 Real Player won't load Plug-ins Windows 2000
138363 runtime (plugins.refresh( ))scan of the Win32 registry for PLID installations Plug-ins Windows 2000
138367 PDF not display thru proxy Plug-ins Windows 2000
138368 under KDE only: crashes when using flash Plug-ins Linux
138392 Crash viewing this page. Plug-ins Windows XP
138440 This URL don't work when I press a link Plug-ins All
138500 Clicking on link to get java plugin reloads page instead of pointing to installer - M1RC1 M1BR Trunk crash [@ ntdll.dll - nsXULDocument::CreateElement] Plug-ins Windows 98
138650 Java Plugin installation crashes Mozilla RC-1 Plug-ins Windows XP
138779 clicking "printing tips" button in acrobat plugin print dialog causes mozilla to hang or spin Plug-ins Windows XP
138786 browser 1.0 rc1 crash, with flash 5.0 r48, site works w/o flashplugin Plug-ins Linux
138811 Crash on page with Java applet when Java is not installed. Plug-ins Windows 2000
138881 Crash when trying to download Java plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
138898 Bad rendering in page Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
138977 Mozilla crashes while loading new page when flash context menu is open Plug-ins Windows 2000
139001 When I clicked on the link 'News' Mozilla crashed (page Plug-ins Windows XP
139150 RealONEPlayer problem ... Plug-ins Windows 2000
139168 no sound with RC1 Plug-ins Windows 98
139240 Trying to download Java plugin takes u back to java page Plug-ins Windows 2000
139296 M100 crash trying to install java plug-in [@ ntdll.dll - nsXULDocument::CreateElement] Plug-ins Windows 2000
139364 Acrobat plug-in does not close when exit mozilla. Plug-ins Windows ME
139529 browser crashes clicking on default plugin while downloading plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
139544 site crashes Moz Plug-ins macOS
139563 <embed ..> may cause nonsense plugin action Plug-ins All
139572 Payroll W2 form fails to render in Acrobat ( pdf on secure site) Plug-ins All
139634 redirect causes infinite loop Plug-ins Windows 2000
139751 - Some pages at freeze Mozilla (Flash eats 90% to 100% CPU) Plug-ins Linux
139809 Proxy: isn't used for downloading plugins Plug-ins Linux
139811 Crash if I click on source rpm link Plug-ins Linux
139820 [META] Macromedia flash player known problems which hard or impossible to fix in mozilla code Plug-ins All
139956 Buffer overflow in plugin Post URL's (plus Fix) Plug-ins All
140042 won't load real player Plug-ins Windows ME
140087 Avoid the leak of nsPluginStreamListenerPeer obj when NS_OpenURI() failed Plug-ins All
140114 Incessant plugin download dialogs when reloading a page Plug-ins Linux
140191 Java plug-in crashes browser Plug-ins Linux
140284 Will NOT work with POW pop-up ad eliminator Plug-ins Windows ME
140375 When Flash-based ad is present, browser is redirected to Macromedia site against my wishes Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
140378 Content-type: application/pdf from CGI causes Mozilla 1 RC1 Win32 to hang, then crash Plug-ins Windows 2000
140394 Ask before playing a flash movie / plugin Plug-ins Windows NT
140408 Viewing some PDFs with plugin crashes the browser Plug-ins Linux
140416 PDF Forms fails to load, crashes Plug-ins macOS
140422 NPN_PostURL with "#FDF" At the End of Submit URL Messes up Routing FDF Back to Acrobat as Helper App Plug-ins Windows 2000
140423 Some PDF Files open in Acrobat window and not in Mozilla (content-type application/x-pdf) Plug-ins Windows 98
140542 Site (with flash) crashes mozilla instantly Plug-ins Linux
140566 fullpage plugins break keyboard shortcuts Plug-ins All
140568 fullpage plugins do not respond to Location Bar in tabs Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
140647 Browser thinks Java Plugin not installed with unexpected version of libstdc++ Plug-ins Linux
140686 Flash 6.0 r23 calls NPN_GetURL() to send data using the POST method instead of NPN_PostURL() Plug-ins Windows 98
140717 Realone plugin doesn't work Plug-ins Windows 2000
140764 Windows media player plugin Plug-ins macOS
140766 Some Installed Plug-ins Do Not Work Plug-ins Windows NT
140908 incorrect layout for a flashing image Plug-ins Windows 2000
140931 crash when accessing a certain URL [@nsPluginHostImpl::AddInstanceToActiveList][@ jpins32.dll] Plug-ins Windows 2000
140941 [RFE] Move Plugin folder out of Mozilla folder Plug-ins Windows 98
140961 repeatable crash with Flash Player Plug-ins macOS
140975 Wrong plug-in used when MIME type and file extension are inconsistent Plug-ins All
141081 [gtk2]The whole browser closed when test Shockwave Plug-ins Linux
141096 is blank on Mozilla. Plug-ins Windows XP
141130 if initialy hidden div with applet never start plugin for x-java-vm after showing of div Plug-ins Windows 2000
141293 Acrobat opens in new window instead of in current frame Plug-ins Windows 2000
141337 PC crashed at the end of installation of Flash player(macromedia) Plug-ins Windows ME
141389 wmode parameter of object tag containting flash animation not handled Plug-ins Windows 2000
141400 Crashes / Freezes browser - 99% CPU Plug-ins Windows 2000
141402 [RFE]Need pref UI for plugins Plug-ins Windows 2000
141426 links on techtv does not work with mozilla Plug-ins Linux
141547 Browser Closes after clicking on QuickTime Link in about:plugins Plug-ins Windows XP
141762 Crash with the SVG plugin Plug-ins Windows 2000
141830 scriptable plugin documentation refers to outdated sample code Plug-ins Linux
141940 acrobat doesn't launch Plug-ins Windows 98
141950 viewing PDF doesn't work: Plug-ins Windows 95
141992 no video streaming Plug-ins Windows 2000
142016 Quicktime does not play "audio/wav" (.wav) in 1.0.0 Plug-ins Windows 98
142264 right clicking on flash crashes sometimes mozilla Plug-ins Linux
142265 Mozilla freezes if opening that page with javascript and java enabled Plug-ins Linux
142365 Plug-in pdf Plug-ins Other
142387 Mouse wheel scroll doesn't work when pointer hovers over a flash-object Plug-ins Linux
142582 Mac: Some plugins crash when window->window is NULL during NPP_SetWindow Plug-ins macOS
142583 Can't type in location bar when PDF is displayed Plug-ins Windows 2000
142606 pdf file crashes mozilla RC1 Plug-ins Linux
142653 Click view the memo talking points Plug-ins Windows 2000
142667 Cannot play background sound when browsering a page which including background sound Plug-ins Windows 2000
142690 A flash inside a div is not hidden when div's visibility is set to hidden Plug-ins All
142717 unable to install plug in application/x-java-vm Plug-ins Linux
142741 default plugin annoying behaviour Plug-ins All
142747 Setting the response content type in a jsp to application/pdf shows only an empty page. Plug-ins Windows 2000
142813 browser only shows "loading chat applet". system does not hang Plug-ins Windows XP
142837 Unable to get sound (*.wav files) in Mozilla 0.9.9 Plug-ins Windows ME
142851 browser crash when creating new tab Plug-ins macOS
142980 acrobat plugin doesn't work Plug-ins Windows 2000
143011 DHTML over flash not working Plug-ins Windows XP
143013 Quicktime plugin doesn't install itself Plug-ins Windows 2000
143050 CRASHER: open new tab in bkgrnd with autoplay video crashes mozilla Plug-ins macOS
143099 FLASH GPF: gpf when mousing over flash contextual menu opened before new page load Plug-ins Windows 2000
143102 flash plugin is not found Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
143142 Viewpoint plugin zoom is not zooming properly Plug-ins Windows 2000
143169 Macromedia Flash 4 animations bleed out of their boundaries. Plug-ins OS/2
143178 Some plugin installers don't refresh plugins Plug-ins All
143286 Crash when Tab w/ Quicktime Switches Plug-ins macOS
143316 Mac: keyboad events not working with all full-page plugins Plug-ins All
143347 Leaving page with audio/wav file crashes browser Plug-ins Windows 98
143372 about:plugins shows a blank page Plug-ins Windows 2000
143373 Installing Flash Plug-in closes down Mozilla and freezes Windows Explorer desktop Plug-ins Windows XP
143424 Plug-in Finder Service is not really needed Plug-ins Windows ME
143462 Browser freezes when loading a flash webpage Plug-ins Linux
143496 Plugins don't seem to work Plug-ins OS/2
143508 Page with heavy use of flash and java renders incompletely Plug-ins Windows NT
143580 Mozilla hangs and may halt Windows with this Flash Plug-ins Windows 98
143592 Adobe Acrobat refuse to load some PDF files Plug-ins Windows 2000
143657 Mozilla 1.0 RC2 Will Not Start, Java Plugin Error Plug-ins Windows 2000
143667 Flash properties do not go away when releasing right mouse button Plug-ins Linux
143737 the "select video player" doesn't work Plug-ins Linux
143761 mozilla crashed when playing qt movies on this page Plug-ins macOS
143776 Downloading makes Mozilla crash Plug-ins macOS
143801 WMP streams, .asx file, strange behavior Plug-ins Windows 2000
143818 Leaving URL Crashes Browser Plug-ins macOS
143858 After you installed the plug-in, (flash) and you want to visit a flash web site, mozilla refuse to show you it. Plug-ins Windows 2000
143860 3 quicktime movies on 1 page is too much for moz Plug-ins Windows 98
143890 Flash application over the testcase URL only works after a reload Plug-ins Windows XP
143941 In order to watch TV on this page RealOne player must be installed again Plug-ins Windows NT
144040 In about:plugins, the Enabled column is set incorrectly Plug-ins All
144044 plugin[0].enabledPlugin always points to self Plug-ins All
144058 Using plugins.refresh(true) may cause crash during Reload Plug-ins All
144162 Flash crashes plugin Plug-ins macOS
144163 crash on leaving web page Plug-ins Windows 2000
144220 Mozilla should not load plugins from anywhere but plugin folder Plug-ins Windows 2000
144242 Link Crashes browser Plug-ins Linux
144244 Need to support OBJECT element for plug-ins Plug-ins All
144255 Load of flash file with inotek's flash 5 stalls halfway Plug-ins OS/2
144263 Need backend for mimetype plug-in association Plug-ins All
144266 extend NPAPI through NPP_HandleEvent such that Full-page plug-ins can access exisitng menu items Plug-ins All
144312 Javascript(?) or media/real player bug Plug-ins Windows 98
144372 Acrobat plugin overrides helper app preference Plug-ins Windows 2000
144390 Particular flash ad sporadically sends CPU to 100% Plug-ins Windows NT
144460 plugins necessary for viewing e-cards not working with browser (eg, Flash) Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
144462 platform specific plugin download page Plug-ins OpenVMS
144486 Java 1.3.1_02 xpi on Praline doesn't install npoji600.dll to netscape\plugins\ directory Plug-ins Windows 2000
144493 Java 1.3.1_02 xpi on Praline doesn't install npoji600.dll to netscape\plugins\ directory Plug-ins Windows 2000
144520 Mozilla fall down go boom. Plug-ins Linux
144611 RFE: Add option to "never download" a plugin Plug-ins All
144623 Mozilla CRASHes when opening up "" with a specific address Plug-ins SunOS
144713 Mozilla hang while loading a flash from a ad.server that don't responed Plug-ins Linux
144750 links to pdf files Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
144767 Crashes when clicking on a different tab, if there's any QuickTime present Plug-ins macOS
144827 window drags when clicking/dragging in Shockwave application Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
144838 [viewpoint] Crashed destroying ?scriptable interface? after reload Plug-ins Windows 2000
144876 Mac: full-page plugin event code needs a cleanup Plug-ins All
144877 Yahoo's media detection pages cause Mozilla to freeze Plug-ins Windows 2000
144896 ipix plugin blanks out while trying to navigate Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
144909 Flash doesn't finish load Plug-ins Windows 2000
144926 crash to MacsBug while loading pages into tabs Plug-ins Mac System 9.x
144943 Starting JAVA-Plugin (using SSL connection) hangs the browser Plug-ins OS/2
144948 Flash plugins display incorrectly at first Plug-ins All
144961 Enhancement request: Ability to block flash/general mime types, as for images Plug-ins Linux
144977 crash at the Plug-ins Linux
145007 Installed Flashmedia player ignored by Mozilla Plug-ins Windows NT
145013 adobe acrobat reader plugin stays in memory after closing mozilla Plug-ins Windows 98
145015 Flash (5.0 r47) courses hang Plug-ins Linux
145033 Browser froze while trying to open .ppt -file Plug-ins Windows 98
145036 Applet/Object param values get truncated if containing '&lt;' '&gt;' '<' or '>' Plug-ins Windows XP
145054 Plugins may starve when cached data they read from is removed too soon Plug-ins All
145119 OBJECT tag doesn't work right Plug-ins Windows NT
145202 segfault or hangup on Plug-ins Linux
145217 browser crashes when flash starts Plug-ins Linux
145274 [RFE] Allow plugin XPT to live inside OSX bundle Plug-ins macOS
145312 Plugins support is completely broken Plug-ins Windows XP
145377 browser crashes after clicking BACK on this url Plug-ins Windows NT
145546 <embed> type attribute not passed to plugin Plug-ins Linux
145563 Flash application appears distorted. Plug-ins Linux
145573 Browser hangs while trying to open pdf-File Plug-ins Windows 98
145722 Going to that page crash Mozilla 1.0RC2, Netscape 4.79 gives error message from the plugin Plug-ins SunOS
145806 [META] Implement MRJ Plugin Porting Plug-ins macOS
145823 Hang: Acrobat has fatal error when scrolling PDF file Plug-ins Windows 98
145919 Windows Media Player Plugin not supported every time Plug-ins macOS
145945 Mozilla reports "No plugins installed" Plug-ins Windows 98
145947 Occurences of uninitialized variables being used before being set (in modules/plugin) Plug-ins Linux
145963 Flash page doesn't load. Plug-ins Windows 2000
146015 pdf on inactive tab shows through active tab contents when resizing width Plug-ins Windows NT
146067 Plugins should be unloaded when container is closed Plug-ins All
146092 Mozilla RC2 ignores Acrobat pref AND Windows pref Plug-ins Windows 2000
146123 PDF-URL crashes mozilla without talkback Plug-ins Linux
146205 no status given when pdf plugin is loading large pdf Plug-ins Windows XP
146328 PluginViewerImpl::Init(nsIWidget* aParentWidget == check this parameter for null Plug-ins All
146408 MRJ Plug-in related Plug-ins macOS
146505 Browser crashes while loading Plug-ins Windows 2000
146517 Mac: Need back-end work to enable Plugin Finder Service Preference Plug-ins All
146519 Sometimes Flash ads show error and some source Plug-ins Windows 98
146527 Linux: back-end work to enable Plugin Finder Service Preference Plug-ins Linux
146538 browser may crash on startup if a plugin does not register any file extensions: GIB ActiveX Object (NPchargitplug.dll) may crash in [@ AddPluginInfoToRegistry] N700, branch Plug-ins Windows 2000
146698 PDF becomes unresponsive, multiple acrobat processes running Plug-ins Windows 2000
146735 [RFE]Please add transparent background for flash movies Plug-ins Windows 98
146738 Mozilla locks up and freezes when going to sites that have flash with the flash plugin installed Plug-ins Linux
146748 No Visual Progress When Downloading Large PDF Files Plug-ins Windows 2000
146809 Adobe SVG viewer 3.0 not working Plug-ins Windows 2000
146817 crashes mozilla (M1RC3) [@ nsPluginHostImpl::AddInstanceToActiveL