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Click-to-Play plugins

Feature Status Lead engineer QA Lead Status
Click-to-Play plugins Complete Benjamin Smedberg Paul Silaghi OK


  • Opt-in activation for plugins landed in Firefox 14. The new CTP design (bug 880735) landed in Firefox 24. All plugins except Flash should be click-to-play by default starting Firefox 26.


Test Cases

  • The test cases for this feature can be viewed in Moztrap here.

Important Bugs

  • bug 880735 - Reimplement the plugin doorhanger to deal with the new CtP spec
  • bug 886423 - Flip the click_to_play UI on by default (Firefox desktop)
  • bug 899080 - Make plugins default to click-to-play

Sign off Criteria

  • Firefox 26 Pre-beta Sign-off
    • Verified all plugins except Flash are click-to-play by default in Nightly 26.0a1 (2013-09-11), Aurora 26.0a2 (2013-10-25) on Win 7, Mac OS X 10.8.4, Ubuntu 13.04