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The following are a couple diagrams of the lab layout floor plans.

General Dimensions

Dimensions Area
Landings: 14'6" x 14'6" 210'4" squared
Castro: 11'10" x 21' 248'4" squared

Current Lab Layout

Lab current.jpg

New Lab Layout #1



  • Fill the space in the 2'6" x 2'6" void
  • Desks too close to door, remove the right-top corner desk and shift all right-side desks up
  • Remove the right-top corner desk to make room for the black cabinet

New Lab Layout #2



  • Remove the 4' desk from the middle of the bottom
  • Move the 4' desk from the middle-bottom under the TV

Lab Layout (2nd Floor Castro)

  • Updated on 9/22/09