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The following is the tentative plan for QA Lab resources during the move to 650 Castro.

E-cycle or Return to IT

See bug 495150 to track this issue.


  • Intel iMac in Marcia's Office
  • G3 iMac running OSX 10.2.8
  • Dell Dimension E521 running Vista Home Premium Taken by Lucas Adamski
  • Dell Dimension XPSR450 running Windows 98
  • Compaq Presario SR1010NX running Fedora
  • Compaq Presario SR1010NX running Knoppix 5.1
  • Compaq Presario SR1010NX running Windows 2000 Taken by Sid Stamm
  • Sony Vaio RS610 running nothing
  • IBM X41 Tablet running Windows XP Tablet Edition BC has use for it apparently...


  • HP 19" 4:3 monitor
  • Princeton 15" 4:3 monitor
  • Dell 19" 4:3 (no longer works)


  • Cisco SR216 16-port switch (return to IT)
  • Netgear FS16 16-port switch (return to IT)



  • 2x Mac Mini (eggplant)
  • Mac Mini Tiger (not in use)
  • Mac Mini (qamini01)
  • Dell 9100 (not in use)
  • PPC Mac Tower (not in use)

Keyboards, Mice, and other Peripherals

  • Excess will be placed in storage

Use in Lab


  • PPC MacPro Tiger & Leopard dual-boot
  • Intel iMac Leopard & Snow Leopard dual-boot
  • 2x Mac Mini (ctalbert)
  • Dell Dimension 9100 Windows 7
  • Dell Precision 390 Vista Ultimate
  • Dell Dimension 9100 Windows XP (needs refresh)
  • HP Pavilion a530n Ubuntu (set up dual boot with Fedora)
  • Dell Precision 390 CentOS (bc)
  • Intel iMac Tiger (replaces Marcia's e-cycled iMac)


  • HP Laserjet 1300 (networked)
  • Canon PIXMA iP4300 (local)


  • 2x Dell 19" 4:3
  • 5x Dell 24" 16:9

Power Strips

  • Desk powerstrips part of the desks
  • Rackmount Remote Power strip (possibly store if not needed)


  • HP Procurve 2524 24-port, moved to new lab
  • HP Procurve 2510 24-port, moved to new lab


  • 2x Maxtor OneTouch III 320GB, moved to new lab


  • 2x IOGear 4-port
  • Belkin 8-port

Keyboards, Mice, and other Peripherals

  • All will be moved to new lab

Plan of Action

  • All computers will be tagged
  • All monitors will be placed in monitor bags and tagged
  • All other items will be boxed and tagged
  • All e-cycled items are to be taken care of by IT (See bug 495150)
  • Define and set up a maintenance policy
  • Define and set up a usage policy