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QA Services Team Meeting

  • April 20, 2010
  • Attendees: mevans, tomcat, whimboo, aakashd, marcia, tchung, marco, martijn

Discussion Items

Project Status

QMO2 Update [aakashd]

  • QMO2 - Tentative Release Date 6/1
    • QA/QMO
    • Day to stuff will not move off wiki to QMO
    • How to create wiki - posted as a document
    • Bootstrapped to a local server - staging server. Wednesday of this week?
  • QMO 2 - professional look and feel
    • Communication in and around - what we expect community members would want
    • Around 2-3 minute video QA promo video should be ready by launch
    • QA team videos will follow after the Summit

CrashKill [tomcat/marcia

  • Continuing to monitor trunk crashes
  • Are we getting Recognition for these efforts?
    • marcia gives a summary via weekly status report
    • Recognized chris hofmann and damon
  • CritSmash
  • Objective: Quarterly goal - bring down the # of security bugs
  • tomcat and marcia attending weekly meetings

Accessibility Status Update [marco]

  • concentrating on trunk with some fixes we deem interesting to 3.6 and
  • on trunk checked on huge performance boost that made certain sites
    • faster to load into a Windows screen reader by a factor of 10-12.
  • HTML Form element work, tel #, date address
  • Performance - talos tests goal for this quarter
    • Basically reorganize some event code in the early part of the

cycle - does not affect 3.6. this was a regression in 3.7a1. In the process we made pages like Facebook - even faster in 3.7.

Community Events [marcia]

  • Germany Meetups - monthly basis and continuing to progress well - Munich - Mozilla will be at the Berlin event
    • Tomcat presenting at Drumbeat event in Berlin
    • Presentation about meetups in Munich. Get new community members involved
  • Mountain View Meetups
    • Weave Meetup - June?
      • AI: Tchung to coordinate this meetup and get it advertised well in advance of the event. Target date should be June 17.
    • Fennec Meetup - Continue to expose the projects were working on, have developers show up and talk about it
    • Hosting Selenium Meetup on May 19. Coordinated by stephend and raymond.
  • Tomcat's approach
    • Tomcat uses email - follow up with people after the event - audience

is mixed

    • A number of companies why to use open source, people working for other open

source projects. Regularly get 30-40 participants - 8 months - 50

    • Hosting a May 22 workshop on the weekend where they do live testing.
  • Advertising ideas for meetups- Linked in,
    • Hold a Contest -> Tshirt will be offered?
  • Matt raised the idea that we might not be getting enough of a ROI on our meetups.
    • May not be offering enough value
    • Need concrete goals - what is the value presented and are we promoting properly.
  • Reporter [aakashd]
    • Getting some headway - UI elements - figure out how we can make funneling this feedback into something usable. Talk to Tomcat and Marcia about funneling feedback - new broken website reporter.

Agenda items for next week [marcia]

  • Community mixer at the Summit
  • How do we take advantage of working with our community while we are there?

Action Items

  • AI: Bring video camera to tape and provide QA Perspective on the Summit?
  • AI: Create a Weekly status report that can be included in the report at the Firefox/Platform Team meeting