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QA Services Overview

QA Services is primarily end user-focused, with the mission of improving the Firefox browsing experience. QA Services is involved in efforts such as CrashKill which investigate issues end users may be having with the browser. The team also reviews feedback channels from the various Firefox releases with the goal of identifying and resolving issues early. QA Services also encompasses the umbrella of Accessibility. Finally, QA Services works to broaden our community outreach and build a legion of community testers that will continue to help improve the Firefox browsing experience for users all over the world.

Team Details

Currently the team is composed of three members, all Mozilla Corporation employees.

Team Members and Assignments

Name Contact Availability Project Assignments
Marcia Knous (marcia) Community & Feedback Analysis Manager
  • Community Development
  • Crash investigation and analysis
Carsten Book (tomcat) QA Investigations Engineer - QA Partner Lead & etc :)
  • Crash and Stability Issues Investigations
  • Partner QA Lead
  • On-demand Automated CrashTest Runs
Marco Zehe Accessibility QA Lead
  • assistive technology vendor contact
  • end user website accessibility problem analysis
  • New UI piece testing



  • Bi-monthly status meetings
    • Dial In: 800-707-2533 then password 369 then conf 214
    • Zombocom Conf Room
    • Every other Wednesday at 10 am PDT

2011 Meetings

2010 Meetings

Team Goals

Weekly ScrumPads

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QA Community Weekly Scrum Pads

Current Projects

This section should contain a list to the active current team project page. The section will be included as part of the top level QA organization page.

Project Description
QMO Mozilla QA's homepage!
TCM An update of our manual test case management system
Crashkill Crashkill Home Page.
HTML5 form enhancements HTML5 form accessibility tracking.
Event Coalescing Coalesce accessibility events.
Bug Days Bug day instructions and templates
Test Days Test Day instructions, scheduling and templates
Community Plans Community Plans - Planning for QA Community Events
Video Projects Video Projects that our team is working on

Upcoming Conferences/Events

Past Conferences/Events

Upcoming US Meetups

  • No meetups scheduled at the moment - check back later!

Community Contribution

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Reference Links

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