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Softvision Desktop Standup - December 12, 2012

Dial-in Information


  • Otilia - PTO December 17-24, 31. Available Dec 27-28. In case of emergencies - contact Mihai Constandis

Upcoming Schedule

  • Fx18b4 scheduled for Thur
    • Social API changes

Previous Action Items

  • [ON TRACK] juanb: Meet with MattW about testing PB and Flash in preparation for the testday
    • He was in charge of Flash PB testing while at Adobe
  • [DONE] ashughes - send email to qa staff to remind about using Google Calendar when planning testdays
  • [DONE] ashughes - see if there's a way to post tentative events to QMO calendar without publishing
  • [DONE] ashughes - talk to juan about new Softvision people and areas of need
  • ashughes - email softvision verifyme proposal for feedback
    • making another round of edits, will send out as soon as it's complete

Discussion Items

  • new team members started ramp-up activities on Monday. PTO planning - sent for them as well

Notes and Actions

  • Contact Mihai in case of emergency during Otilia's PTO
  • Send Anthony and email regarding the test cases for the Firefox 18 Beta testday