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Softvision Desktop Standup - December 19, 2012

Dial-in Information


  • SoftVision PTOs during the holidays:
    • 24-26 Dec - all team
    • 31 Dec - 2 Jan - all team
    • 27-28 Dec - Manuela Muntean
    • 3-4 Jan - Paul Silaghi

Upcoming Schedule

  • Dec 21: Beta 5 ships
  • Dec 27: Beta 6 go-to-build
  • Dec 28: Beta 6 ships
  • Jan 2: Beta->Release migration
  • Jan 3: ESR10, ESR17 go to build
  • Jan 4: 18RC go-to-build
  • Jan 7: Aurora->Beta, Nightly->Aurora, 19b1 go to build
  • Jan 8: Firefox 18, 10esr, 17esr released
  • Jan 10: 19b1 released
  • Jan 11: Aurora 20 unthrottled

Previous Action Items

  • [DONE] Send Anthony and email regarding the test cases for the Firefox 18 Beta testday

Discussion Items

  • Do the [qa?]/[qa-] whiteboard tags have any impact on other teams' work?
    • Desktop QA team is the only team that really uses it, others are free to use it as well, but I'm working on a proposal that will see those tags retired
  • It seems superfluous to verify fixed bugs from the Testing product (the fixed tools are practically tested by the qa/dev working with the automated test cases). Can we remove them from our queries?
    • Yes
  • Private Browsing testday - we could organize it on for 28th of December or the 4th of January. **You should be aware of the fact that on the 28th we will be testing beta, so we'll only be able to moderate the testday (last time we also got involved in running tests, doing exploratory etc).
    • I would strongly advise against planning *anything* other than signing off the Beta on Dec 27/28

Notes and Actions

  • Anthony
    • filter b2g bugs out of desktop queries
    • filter out Testing product bugs from desktop queries
  • Ioana
    • organize a Private Browsing testday for the 4th of January