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Softvision Desktop Standup - February 13, 2013

Dial-in Information


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Cornel Ionce - Feb 25
    • Virgil Dicu - Feb 25 - Mar 4
    • Simona Marcu - 1 Mar - 6 Mar

Upcoming Schedule

  • Firefox 19 release - Feb 19
  • Firefox 17.0.3 ESR release - Feb 19
  • Firefox 20.0 beta 1 release - Feb 21
  • Downloads Panel Testday on Friday - Feb 22

Previous Action Items

  • QMO admin access to SoftVision members - chat with stephend to confirm
  • Discuss what to do with with legacy tests and whether to have a set of BFTs and FFTs - based on legacy tests or completely anew.
    • Community orieted test runs? Should they be specific for areas?
    • [In progress][Ioana] Proposal for creating a community test run. Ioana to draft a proposal within two weeks.
  • [ashughes] Bug verification proposal update by next standup meeting
  • DONE [ashughes] To revise plan for b5 taking into account what we discussed for coverage.
  • DONE [ashughes] Come up with a Beta checklist for regression tests

Discussion Items

  • Firefox Windows Metro
    • the automation team sent us back to Anthony for details on the tests that were run.
    • it is already knwon that UI tests won't work.
    • saw a tweet from Asa that this is now in m-c
    • How long will it take for a basic testrun to work?
    • Do any of the existing tests pass?

Notes and Actions

  • [ioana] pre-beta sign off for Firefox 20 features
  • [ioana] send a list of people working on the QMO documentation to Anthony/Juan
  • [ioana] submit the community test run proposal to the dev-quality list
  • [ashughes] Bug verification proposal update by next standup meeting
  • [ashughes] Double check with build team regarding verification scripts that check for updates should not be offered to Mac OS X 10.5 and Windows 2000