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Softvision Desktop Standup - September 25th, 2013

Dial-in Information


  • Upcoming PTOs
    • Mihai Morar - October 3rd to 7th
    • Bogdan Maris - October 4th to 8th and 14th to 18th
    • Alexandra Lucinet - October 11th
    • juanb Sept 26-28
  • Q4 PTO planning

Upcoming Schedule

Previous Action Items

Discussion Items

  • Focus tranzition - next steps?
    • uplifts out of control?
  • Good First Verify Proposal concerns
    • context: Bug Verification Day contributors were complaining about mostly finding difficult bugs in the queries. They were wasting a lot of time just trying to understand and ask for help. eventually giving up. We wanted to find a way to provide them with a list of bugs anyone can verify, so this doesn't happen again. -- the proposal as I have written it does not necessarily solve this problem, I wrote it more in mind of new people coming in and less about people already involved -- it could use some tweaking to address this stakeholder
    • [good first verify] might confuse some of the contributors, as most of those looking for such bugs know how to verify them and are just looking for accessible bugs. A simple re-wording could solve this.
    • returning contributors probably don't need a mentor -- time spent finding mentors could be wasted in this case -- Perhaps it would be better to have one person assigned as a bug verification mentor (still need at least one mentor to mitigate the risk of people actually in need of mentorship not getting it).

Notes and Actions

  • "Chasing beta"
  • Next steps in transition (start this week and next):
    • bug triage, investigation in Aurora
    • one person in bug verifications in Aurora (Ioana)
    • no change in beta
  • Get together with mobile team to discuss what should define criteria for uplift
    • Go over this during desktop team meeting
  • Tracy/Ioana to propose revision to Anthony's wiki doc for review
    • Proposing: "easy verify"
  • Mentoring: qa-contact field, sending out information to mailing lists, test plan information, and bug email prepferences. Overcommunicate.
    • Anthony to revise wiki doc
  • [ioana] Find a person to be a community mentor for bug verifications, and one person to work on Aurora bug verifications.