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Softvision Desktop Standup - November 13th, 2013

Dial-in Information

Attending: mschifer, tracy, ashughes, mwobensmith, juanb, lizzard; ioana, manuela, mihaela, paul, alexandra, bogdan, satdav, cornel, catalin, petruta


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Anthony Hughes - November 15 - December 3
    • Ioana Budnar - November 22nd
    • Paul Silaghi - November 22nd and 25th
    • US holiday, Thanksgiving Nov 28(?)
      • We'll skip 26.0b9

Upcoming Schedule

  • Firefox 26.0b5, maybe Friday
  • Firefox 25.0.1: going to try to ship today
  • Firefox 24.x ESR:This week.
  • Firefox 17.x ESR: ibid

Previous Action Items

  • [in progress] Anthony to communicate "effect of uplifts" more to mobile/desktop QA teams to get feedback, include methodology for collecting numbers

Discussion Items

  • Web Audio status: testing is ongoing, issues have been reported to dev team -- most notably Sanctuary failing to run on 32-bit
  • What should we cover in this meeting: Status of builds, major issues, project areas' status (example: Australis?), branch - major issues lists
    • Need a a template to cover this.
  • Metro : for iteration #18 were added 5 new bugs that are colored in blue; how should we handle them?

Notes and Actions

  • [tracy] create template for this meeting
  • We have a bunch of SSL related fixes. How do we test them?
    • MattW: teaching the team how to use toosl to test SSL
  • CC'ing people in critical security bugs, is it ok?: Use discretion
  • How are we going to work with, around, approach the new train model proposal?
    • Still working on it.