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A high level guide on how to contribute to Firefox Sync Quality Assurance. Each level of contribution is generally outlined at Sync QA Community. Read on if you are a Sync user and interested in becoming at least a Casual Contributor if not an Active or Core Contributor.

What is there to do?

There is prolific growth in and production from the Mozilla Development Community. Mozilla QA needs your help to keep up with that growth and production. Firefox Sync QA is one area where you can make an impact. What follows are ways to take action and make an impact at each of the higher levels of the Sync QA Community.

note: each item will eventually link to detailed instructions for that action item. If you are interested in something that isn't linked to details, please hunt me down and I'll make it priority to complete

Casual Contributor

The easiest ways to contribute to the Firefox Sync Community are to take a few moments to do one or more of the following.

  • Always submit any Firefox crash reports, especially if they happen around a Sync.
    • What is Crash Reporting?
    • By submitting crash data, our analyst will identify trends and get a workable bug on file for the developers to fix.
  • Share your thoughts on Sync at Understanding what our users enjoy using or not helps Mozilla make their products better.
  • Look up or file a support ticket on an issue you have with Sync at SUMO. By observing how support issues are trending, Mozilla can identify top issues and correct them in our products or services.

Yes, it is that easy! Nothing too complicated or time consuming. Just take a moment to get involved.

Active Contributor

Make a bigger impact by taking part directly with the regular flow of Sync QA. Below are some of the many ways to get involved.

  • Get comfortable installing and using Firefox Sync on Firefox builds across all Channels; Nightly, Aurora, Beta and Release for Desktop and Mobile.
  • Become skilled at working in bugzilla
    • Triage Sync components UNCONFIRMED bugs
    • Work through Sync QAWANTED lists
    • Take part in Sync bug priority triage meetings
  • Participate in sign-off activities for weekly release QA cycles for Desktop and Mobile Firefox to ensure Sync is ready to ship in Fx Betas.
  • Participate in sign-off activities for weekly Sync client QA cycles of services-central development to ensure new fixes and features are fine to merge to Nightly
  • Write manual test cases for MozTrap.
  • Get involved with test case automation through the A-team.
  • Participate in Sync Test Days.
  • Respond to new contributor inquiries
  • Partner with other contributors

The time and effort here is elevated quite a bit. Your contribution in time can be any where from 2 to 20 hours, or more, per week.

Core Contributor

In addition to being an Active Contributor, a Core Contributor will organize, guide and teach others how to be great Active Community members.

  • Mentor new contributors
  • Write and maintain Sync test plans
  • Monitor and drive bugzilla work
  • Organize and facilitate Sync Test Days.
  • Responsible for final Sync client sign-offs
  • Determine and drive test case writing needs.

A core Contributor can expect to put 20 - 40 hours per week towards Sync QA. This work is often, but not exclusively, done by Mozilla employees.

What's Next?

Becoming a Casual Contributor is fairly self explanatory. However, if you want get more deeply involved in Firefox Sync QA by becoming an Active Contributor, you'll need some guidance from a Core Contributor to get you going.