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First Draft Created 7-31-09 by marcia (

Tegra Test Plan


We will be testing Firefox running on a Windows CE operating system.

There are several challenges with testing this feature:

  • No clear defined wiki page or product document to consult regarding what features should work
    • For example, OGG video does not work but I found out that video is disabled on Windows CE/Mobile for now.
    • Not clear how much network testing will need to be initiated until we get more information.
  • Several areas are still in development, such as software update

Test Strategy

Scope of Planned Testing

Testing will cover the areas below. Exceptions are noted under the Will not test section.

  • Installing and Uninstalling Firefox on Tegra
    • Installing in the Default Applications Directory
    • Uninstalling Firefox
  • Setting Firefox as the Default Application
    • Resetting Safari as the default, then setting Firefox as the default
    • Setting FF as the default from the install
    • Checking FF is the default after launch using "Check Now"
    • Setting FF as the default after a software update
    • Setting FF as the default before a software update
    • Checking FF is the default by launching from link or shortcuts
  • Migration/Import of bookmarks, history, etc from other browser (not sure if this will be supported)
  • Audio/Video Support
    • Ogg/Theora
  • RSS Feed Reader - Support of Client Side Applications
  • Downloading files
  • Fonts
  • Plugins
    • Flash
    • Shockwave
    • Quicktime
    • PDFs
    • Java
    • RealPlayer
  • Add-ons
    • Installing
    • Uninstalling
    • Enabling and Disabling
    • Finding Updates
    • Add-ons Compatibility checks
  • Popup management
  • Preferences and Dialogs
    • Check scrolling and buttons
  • Private Browsing
  • Printing
    • Ensure basic printing functionality
    • Save as PDF
  • Search plugins
    • Changing them, testing the suggestions and history
  • Scrolling and Drawing
  • XUL Controls
  • Password Manager
  • Security
    • Browsing secure sites
    • Saving Passwords
    • Password management
    • Setting a Master Password
    • Installing a certificate
  • Software Update
    • Ensuring that users can perform a minor update
    • Ensuring that users can perform a major update
    • Make sure non-admin users do not get the option to update
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Theme issues

Areas of Emphasis

These type of operations will probably be common on the device and more emphasis should be given to them during device testing:

  • Webmail
    • Gmail
    • Yahoo Mail
    • Hotmail
  • Mapping/Geolocation
    • Google Maps
    • Yahoo Maps
    • Mapquest
  • Video/Photo Sites
    • MSN movies
    • videos
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Game Sites
  • Weave (will people want to be synching data with this device?)

Areas covered by Automation

  • Automation is planned for talos and mochitests.
  • Bug 513926 tracks Reftest failures
    • Aki will be working on getting Talos running on Tegra
    • Joelm will be working on mochitests

Will Not Test

  • Safebrowsing as it will not be operational.

Major Test Areas

Our Test coverage will be a multi-leveled approach:

  • 1. Functional testing and
  • 2. Some stress/boundary/negative tests (depth of functionality):
    • BFT/Smoketest in Litmus run on the Tegra platform
  • 3. Ad hoc and regression testing

Functional Testing

  • We will run the Tegra specific testing suite.

Stress testing/Negative Testing(depth of functionality):

Ad hoc & regression testing

  • QA Verification of Resolved bugs
  • Weekly smoketesting of builds (subject to availability)

Helpful Bug Links

Schedule Scoping


  • Updated builds are posted by vlad at his people site
  • [nv] is marked in the status whiteboard for bugs that relate to this development
  • Current Open Bugs:

Litmus Test Suite

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