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Next Goals
  • Clean test-run for Firefox 3.6
  • Branching mozmill-tests for Firefox 3.7
  • Updating tests for Firefox 3.7 due to behavior and ui changes
  • Run Mozmill tests for the next Firefox 3.7 alpha build


  • Last two weeks
    • Fixed a lot of broken tests
    • Reorganization of the Automation documentation
    • Updated documentation on MDC for shared modules
    • Created bookmarklet to synchronize Mozmill results with Litmus
  • Next two weeks
    • Branch repository for Firefox 3.7 and fixing more broken tests
    • Synchronizing Mozmill test-runs on qa-mozmill to solve focus issues
    • Finalize documentations for all ongoing projects
    • Create specialized class from Mozmill for add-on test-runs
    • Creating spec and requirements for the cloud testing extension
  • Last two weeks
    • Fixed 2 tests
    • Reviewed 9 patches
    • VPN access set up
    • Issues connecting to qa-mozmill via VNC on Ubuntu
  • Next two weeks
    • Fix more tests
    • Review more patches
    • Get VNC access to qa-mozmill via new Mac
    • Get dev-env set up on new Mac
    • Start running/writing tests across all platforms
Al Billings
  • Next two weeks
    • write first test!

Contributor Status


  • Brasstacks server dies nearly each day - no test results from the last days. Request for a new dedicated machine. (bug 560619)
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