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Test Pilot Test Plan


Test Pilot is a platform aimed at collecting structured user feedback and log data from Firefox and other Mozilla Labs experiments.

Mozilla Labs - Test Pilot Project Page
Test Pilot Home Page
Test Pilot Blog
Test Pilot Weekly Planner


Test Strategy

Mozilla QA will be taking a lightweight testing approach to Test Pilot.

  • Areas of test coverage
    • Installing/Upgrading the extension
    • Extension UI points
      • Menu Items
        • Notification Settings...
        • All Your Settings (and it's xul dialog)
        • About Test Pilot
    • Verify interfaces for study access.
      • studies are present, active and submittable (when appropriate)
      • multiple active studies.
      • Use instructions at Test Pilot Debug
    • Access to various pages linked from the extension or survey
  • Verify bug P1/P2 bug fixes a couple times a month
  • Unit tests from developers?
  • Areas not tested
    • data integrity/correctness on server end
    • long term regular interaction with Test Pilot tests (this is better left for our community)
  • Browser Versions covered
    • Firefox 3.6 (primary)
    • Firefox next (spot check if time allows)
  • Operating systems covered
    • Windows
      • 7 (primary)
      • XP (spot check if time allows)
    • Apple
      • Snow Leopard (10.6) (primary)
    • Linux (spot check if time allows)

Schedule Scoping

  • We would like QA to give each new version of the Test Pilot Extension itself as well a each new test a quick once over before it is released as a sanity check. We'll be flexible in doing this smoke testing any time in the development cycle for that release.



  • Developer - Jono
  • QA - Tracy