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Next Actions

  • Meeting
    • [ashughes] publish a doodle to get feedback on ideal meetings
    • [ashughes] Set up a standing meeting until a better day/time can be agreed on
    • [aaronmt] Set up an etherpad so people can take notes
      • if people can't attend meeting, encourage them to add items to the etherpad to discuss
    • Investigate recording and publishing videos of meetings
    • Add a note to QA team meetings
  • Wiki
    • add a section to encourage people to add suggestions, feedback, questions, concerns
  • Blog
    • Blog about meeting, encourage that its not required to attend
    • kick off feedback cycle and relaunching of the program
    • explain goal
    • meeting time
    • encourage various ways people can contribute
    • Make mention of various questions people should be thinking about
      • 'Why don't you host your own test-days'?
      • 'What don't you like, what do you like about test-days'?
      • 'What would you like to see in test-days?'


  • Survey?
  • Emphasize not to stop contributing to testdays as they currently exists
  • summarize where we are and where we want to go
  • use the work week as an opportunity to reflect on feedback we've received so far
  • Investigate using as a method to collection questions/topics, install on maybe? Probably a good stretch goal for this quarter
  • Launch feedback cycle on dev-quality, qmo, r/firefox, community-building, qa-contribute, twitter/facebook link to QMO post
  • Set up recurring meeting to discuss plans, progress, feedback, etc


  • Think about having a monthly feedback cycle, weekly meetings to stay on track of goals
  • Meeting format
    • When?
    • Where?
    • Have a rotating chair to encourage participation