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Welcome to Work Week Central for the July 2014 work week.

  • When: July 28 - July 31
  • Where: Mountain View headquarters; 331 E Evelyn St. Mountain View CA

Work Products

These are the things that we produced during the work week. All the raw data is captured on these sites:


This is going to be a fun and productive week. There are still places to sign up for sessions in the schedule, if folks would like to do so. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. This agenda has been designed to favor discussions and interactivity over presentations and listening quietly. Prepare to be involved. Start thinking now about what you want to be different in QA at Mozilla.

Monday – Wednesday morning will be a crucial time to design the future of QA at Mozilla. We will be offline during this period. This means no computers, no cell phones. If you need to attend a meeting or be away, then you'll need to step out and return later. I've already sent mail and told many managers and directors of projects we work on that we will be away, they are expecting that you will not be available—that said, it is good to remind them of this yourselves.


The goal of this work week is to break down old, outmoded models of Quality engineering. And build ourselves a vision and a strategy to achieve our overall QA goal of becoming more relevant and impactful. We will do this by:

  • Becoming more technical to engage with the web platform and our products on a deeper level
  • Making decisions based on data and metrics and publishing those metrics for wider use
  • Weaving community throughout everything we do

Expect to leave this work week with a set of tailored actions you will do differently to help us meet these goals.

Travel and Lodging Details

This is an invite only event. As much as we would have liked to invite everyone, it was sadly not possible. If you've received an email invitation, use the link to register.

You can book your own flights via Egencia up to June 26. Or, you can allow our travel agent to book them for you. After June 26, the travel agent will book your flights. Hotel will be booked for you, and we will be using the Hotel Strata in Mountain View for this.

When booking flights plan to arrive on Sunday at the latest. We start promptly on Monday at 9AM. You may use Friday as a travel day for your return flight if you so choose.


There is a shuttle that runs from hotel strata to the mountain view campus. I don't know much more about it than that – I've seen the vehicle. Please inquire about that at the hotel and make arrangements. For Bocce Ball on Wednesday night, I'm looking for volunteers from the local folks to drive people. We should have enough cars to be able to take everyone over to the site and back to either the hotel or the caltrain station. If you would like to volunteer yourself as a driver, please email ctalbert.

Hotel Info


The following local people are available for carpooling:

The following hotel guests will have cars and will be available for carpooling:

  • Syd Polk,, 512-905-9904, (650) 996-7355, IRC: sydpolk

Schedule and Process

We will be offline the first two and a half days of the event (Mon, Tues, Wed until noon). We will make exceptions for emergencies, but you have a month. Do everything you can to plan to be offline if at all possible. This kind of a work week will not succeed if you're glued to your laptop instead of participating.

The formal schedule and agenda for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning will be uploaded once we have final head-count (because it has to be customized based on who's attending).

The rest of the time (Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, and Friday if people do not choose to use that as a travel day) will be open time in the schedule. In these open slots, we will do up to two tracks worth of sessions. All slots will be 45 minutes long. There will be at most 16 open slots for talks. If you want to sign up for one, do so below by adding more rows to the table. We can also do "co-working sessions" if we want, and schedule those as well outside of this to work on specific skills with others in attendance. Put those in the list below the table of talks and list the leader and the rough amount of time you want to lead a co-working session.

Slot Number Presenter Session Title Abstract
1 pragmatic QMO Re-design (1 hour) This will be a brainstorming session on QMO ( The goal of the session is to come up with a concrete list of changes that we want to see on QMO. This will feed into the 2014 Q3 goal of coming up with mockups and workflows for the new QMO.
2 Aaron/Anthony Let's talk about test-days This will be get-together with other staff and members to talk about test-days and to present and talk about a revised vision and strategy for test-days.
3 rbillings Create a badge Feeling stuck on how to get started with badges? Come brainstorm ideas and/or walk through the process of creating a team badge. Practical ideas & next steps guaranteed.
4 rbillings One and Done pro-tips Want some tips on creating tasks? Lost on how to get started? Want ideas on what tasks you could create? Come brainstorm & get a walk through of the new Add Task feature within the tool.
5 gaby2300 Mozilla Hiapano's QA Team Want to know how we work with our contributors? Come and see!

Possible Co-Working Sessions

These are sessions where a few people sit down head to head and work on skills or activities with one another in a room. List the leader of the session and how long you expect it to go.

Slot Number Lead Time Required Goal of Session
1 nhirata/mbrandt 1 hour Brainstorming the future of opening up B2G to community involvement on B2G
2 marcia 1 hour Review current One and Done task feedback and make adjustments to tasks if necessary. Are there any new tasks we can now add now that we have the ability to add One Time Tasks?

Mozilla Events

  • QA Fair Thursday, July 31
  • On Wednesday July 30, we will go have some fun at Campo di Bocce in Los Gatos. We'll play Bocce and eat some great food, and have a good time.
  • On nights when there is nothing planned, we'll make reservations for small groups (around 10-ish) of us to go dine somewhere in downtown mountain view. It will be a good way to connect with people in a smaller setting.



  • 9AM Breakfast
  • 10AM Exploding Inertia – Overview of the week and the process
  • 11AM [Strategic Group] Define Most Important Change Your Team needs to Make
  • 12PM LUNCH
  • 1PM [Cross Groups] Introductions and a Challenge
  • 2PM [Cross Groups] Identify what we can do better, and what tradeoffs we need to make
  • 3:30PM BREAK
  • 4PM: Two Discussions (split your cross functional group so you have representation at both):
    • Discussion 1: What does Technical Acumen look like? Where does automation fit in? (ctalbert)
    • Discussion 2: What kinds of Data/Metrics do we need? (mschifer)
  • Evening Dine About


  • 9AM Breakfast
  • 10AM [Cross Groups] Designing Community Strategy
  • 11:30AM Break
  • 12PM LUNCH
  • 1PM [Cross Groups] Designing your Technical & Data Strategy
  • 2:30PM [Cross Groups] Identifying Individual Strengths
  • 3:30PM [Strategic Groups] Collect Data for your team vision and strategy
  • 4PM [Strategic Groups] Create team vision and strategy
  • Evening Dine About


  • 9AM Breakfast
  • 10AM [Strategic Groups] Complete team vision, strategy, and identify drivers
  • 11AM [Strategic Groups] Present team vision and strategy and drivers.
  • 12PM LUNCH

And now the program breaks into an Unconference style agenda. Feel free to propose sessions for empty slots.

  • 1PM Let's Talk about Test Days! (Aaron/Anthony) & Open Session Slot
  • 2PM QMO Redesign (Pragmatic) & Open Session Slot
  • 3PM - Head out for bocce ball


We will offer a time to start a little earlier on Thursday, know that if you're presenting in that slot you may need to let people get their breakfast first.

  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM -> QA Fair Thursday Evening -
    • Dinner: Pizza will be be served at the QA Fair on Thursday evening. If you have special dietary considerations or special requests for pizza, please email


Unstructured time. Free to head home if you're remote.

Abstracts for Unconference Sessions

  • Test Days – we all know test days are more or less broken. Let's discuss some ideas and avenues we have to fix them.
  • QMO Redesign – we've had the input on dev-quality, let's analyze what we found and talk about what is recommended
  • One and Done Pro Tips – Need a hand putting together tasks for one and done? Have Questions on how best to use the site or a neat idea you're not sure will work there? This is a discussion to review some good tips and find out how we can best support yourselves
  • Understanding Memory Issues – On every project we have to deal with memory issues from time to time, and this is absolutely critical as Firefox OS moves to lower grade hardware. Learn from one of the very best memory hackers at Mozilla how to review a memory issue, how to interpret what the tools are telling you, and how to identify issues.
  • Mozilla Hispano – Learn about the work Gaby and team are doing in Latin America
  • Create a Badge – Want to create badges? Unsure of the process? Rebecca has been there, done that, and well, has a badge for it. ;-) She will walk you through the process and answer questions
  • Building our products – Have you attempted to build the products, run the tests, apply patches and found yourself lost? We will review a few common operations and will have plenty of time to answer questions and look at specific issues head to head.
  • Outsourcing Reflection - A lot of our QA teams rely on outsourcing providers for QA activities such as test runs, smoketesting, verifications, etc. Let's reflect on what's working with each of our teams, what isn't working, and what we should consider changing.

Other Suggested Events

There were so many great suggestions for events that I've included them here. If you want to round up a slew of colleagues to go to do some of these in your evenings (or perhaps on the weekend before if you arrive early) please do so!

  • Cantor Arts Center at Stanford
  • Hakone Gardens
  • Bowling
  • Sailing
  • iFly indoor skydiving
  • Arranging a docent tour of the Computer History Museum (Geo has the hookup)
    • This would have to be a weekend thing due to their business hours. We're too late (45 days notice needed) to go through the standard route for arranging a docent, but I might be able to get a colleague who works there to help out on shorter notice. [geo]
  • Glassblowing
  • Wine Tasting
  • Paintball
  • Go Kart Racing
  • Indoor rock climbing at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale
  • SF Giants game
  • Lake Chabot hiking
  • Relaxing and paddleboating up in Shoreline park in Mountain View
    • I would be up for this! I love kayaks!! (lizzard)
  • (Taiwanese) Chinese lessons (in a fun way, not an exam!)
  • Board games (at the office or the hotel bar/lobby) (I can bring some games - lizzard)