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Meeting Information


  • Anthony Hughes
  • Aaron T
  • Ioana Chiorean
  • MSchifer

Previous Actions

Anthony Hughes

  • [DONE] Meeting Survey - repost to give people a second chance
  • [DONE] reiterate it in the QA meetings
  • [DONE] reference it in the IRC channel subject
  • [DONE] encourage testday organizers to evangelize our efforts


Ioana C

  • [postponed] reach out to Mozilla Reps to leverage as PR (William Reynolds is probably a good person to start with), reps mailing list (I can help with Reps - Ioana C.)
    • sorry been a bit busy with beta's and aurora's signoff -- will have something for the work week


1. Planning for the work week

  • figure out the strategy for QMO -- invite Pragmatic
  • did we want to have 1:1s with people who used to contribute who don't anymore?
    • email the Mozillians group, Nightly testers, to find out:
      • A) have they attended a testday
      • B) if they still do
      • C) why not if they don't
    • we should also look at where our contributors are today -- are they contributing elsewhere (ex. SUMO)
    • Where might it be possible to do surveys within the QA community?
    • Is there people in the project who we could consult with on effective surveys? Marketplace, Engagement, Amy Tsay
  • one goal should be to identify the lowest hanging fruit and come up with a list of ideas for the community to solve over the next couple months
  • discuss utilizing other community engagement tools like Reps
  • come out of the work week with a consensus on a proposal for next steps and everything we've come up with so far -- broadcast the work week results to the community to ensure everyone is informed and has been given opportunity for input -- easy access to where we need help and get owners from the community
  • create a set of checkpoints and ensure these have easy access for participation
  • I have realised that people are not aware about Testday and I think we should do something to increase awareness of it
    • e.g, blog our progress
  • Get raw data from SV team

2. Review meeting feedback:

3. Review feedback given so far:

  • New feedback in from Andreea (Desktop Autom) - line 52

4. Review the results of the most recent testday