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Meeting Information

When: Thursday @ 9am PDT (UTC -7)
Video conference:
Vidyo room: Anthony Hughes (or click the link above ^)
Telephone: +1 (800) 707-2533 p369 x99007
IRC: #qa

Notes from previous meeting: 2014-07-24


<add your name below if you attended the meeting>

  • Aaron Train, Anthony Hughes, Ioana C

Previous Actions


  • move Testdays meeting for next week to Tuesday @ 1pm PDT -- will move back to Thursdays @ 9am if participation does not increase (allows Ioana to continue to participate)
  • review existing documentation and make sure it fits with the new strategy
  • [DONE] merge Softvision's feedback with strategy doc -> (prioritize those things which are talked about most)
  • [DONE] merge Team's feedback with strategy doc -> (prioritize the top themes)
  • [DONE] merge Work Week feedback with strategy doc -> (prioritize top themes)
  • [DONE] Testdays Strategy needs a high-level summary of what we're trying to do, a section for people to add ideas that support the core strategy, a section that encourages and explains ways people can engage/help with the strategy implementation
  • [DONE] Need a section for "experimentation" ideas and encourage people to try the ideas, provide feedback on how they succeeded/failed
  • Talk to Florin about attendance/value of testdays/bugdays, cease weekly testdays (and possibly bugdays) and plan to have a "unique" testday at the end of the month
  • Blog post on QMO about outcomes of work week, feedback cycle; where new meeting will be held


1. Begin defining what we want to do for a new, unique testday

  • we'll need a feedback survey for after the event -- look at Marketplace example
  • forward #testday to #qa
  • enforce staying in touch with us via firefox-qe mailing list
  • review/revise the current checklist
  • redefine moderators as mentors who have vested interest in the activity
  • allow people to interact with any technology they want and review the feedback on that tech
  • focus on 1:1 interactions

2. Review feedback given so far:

3. Review the results of the most recent testday

4. Any other discussion items


  • Ioana will have a look at some of the suggestions then questions before the next meeting
  • Ioana will start working on a draft for survey - decide what q will bring value back
  • Send Anthony details of what we want to convey in end-of-life blog post for traditional testdays (Aaron)
  • Anthony will send a blogpost out to QMO on Monday before the project meeting to relaunch everything