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Youtube Embed Rewrite is currently enabled starting with Firefox 46. and it's about using HTML5 for playing embed videos instead of Flash.

Feature Ownership

QA Lead: Mihai Boldan, :mboldan on IRC

Developer contacts: Chris Peterson mail , :cpeterson on IRC and Kyle Machulis mail , :kmachulis or :qdot on IRC

Enabling the feature

  • Enabled by default in Nightly and Aurora:

Go to about:config


and the value:



  • Example page with Youtube embed videos can be found here.
  • Another example page with Youtube embed videos can be found here.
  • Meta Bug can be found here.

Use Cases

Test Cases

(section currently in work)

  • The manual test cases associated to this feature can be found in this google spreadsheet.

Important Bugs

  • 1240471 - Youtube flash to iframe embed conversion breaks on invalid query string
  • 1255918 - Disable YouTube Flash-to-HTML5 embed rewriter in Beta 46 (plugins.rewrite_youtube_embeds = false)
  • 1258053 - Consider to be more lenient to "invalid" Youtube flash embed URLs
  • 1246088 - Element picker breaks after I try to pick an element in Youtube HTML5 embed object

Sign off


  • All the test cases were executed.
  • All the blocker, critical, major bugs have been fixed.


Aurora Sign-off - (2016-01-14)

  • [ON TRACK] Aurora 46 - Landed without QA sign-off

Beta Sign-off

  • [DONE] Beta 47 (2016-04-20)

Release Sign-off

  • [DONE] RC 47.0 (2016-05-26)