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Douglas Fir work has finished December 18. The status of the items below are marked in bold. Some items will continue into the next milestone, Yew.

There is an end of the year blog post for Raindrop, which includes a screenshot of the Douglas Fir changes.


  • Finish summary widget spec & make blog post Done
  • Iterate on variations of summary widget blog post Done
    • Inflow
    • Mailing List
    • Twitter
    • Person Search
  • Conversation Listing Widgets Some iteration more to follow
    • Direct Conversation
    • Group Conversation
    • Conversation with Image attachments
    • Conversation with Link (YouTube, Flickr) attachments
    • Conversation with other attachments
  • Mark-as personal/bulk interaction design Initial Design implemented in source, but does not function


  • Summary widget coding
    • Mailing list widget reincarnation Done
    • Twitter widget reincarnation Done
  • Autocomplete reincarnation Done, very primitive, will be redesigned in future
  • Convert JS code style to be defined by JSLint. Deferred to Yew


  • Statistics collection Deferred
  • Performance metrics for twisted vs. other branch Progress, lots of twisted removed, still need to sort out IMAP. More work ongoing.
  • Mark-as personal/bulk backend Some design discussions, deferred until Yew