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This page is a list of things that we think are likely to be interesting directions for exploration in the future. If you're interested in pushing any of these areas forward sooner rather than later, we'd love to have you join us. Whip up a design, patch, or extension, or start a discussion in the appropriate part of the Raindrop community.

It's worth reviewing our principles page to get a feel for how these things fit into the big picture.

Note also that our shorter list of near term priorities can be found on our roadmap.

Usability goals

  • usable on a daily basis for triaging high-volumes of incoming messages

coding projects

  • back-end extensions should be writeable in JavaScript, using a server-side JavaScript environment (CommonJS?)
  • make GetSatisfaction integration more generic, and work with all web forums with feeds
  • build in additional sources of contacts, messages, and conversations, e.g.:
    • Facebook has a messaging API in beta
    • XMPP/Gtalk IM messages
    • etc.
  • flesh out platform APIs, data miners, and widgetry for interesting high-level constructs (todos, events, contacts, restaurants, ...)

Core Logistics

  • make it easier to extend backend extensions (eg specialize mailing lists)
  • security model for credentials, couch, & API access
  • a securable extension model with versioning and a distribution mechanism
  • offline support using couch replication and/or browser-based offline features
  • finish/flesh out the application list application.

Other Possible Interesting Directions

  • optimized option for ISP/cloud hosting
  • blog-based discussions
  • chat/IM front-end integration
  • browser-based offline support
  • automatic tagging, possibly based on lists of contacts
  • voice-based applications (for mobile apps as well as accessible interfaces)