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Design for today's messaging habits by connecting to various messaging sources and organizing the important conversations for the user. Our guiding principles discusses our approach in more detail.

Release cycle

  • focus on small deliverables in shorter timeframes.
  • milestone every 2-4 weeks after getting initial community feedback.

Priorities for first few milestones

As an experiment, we expect Raindrop to evolve quickly and organically. Rather than having a long semi-believable list of things that we'd ideally get to at some point, our roadmap consists of a short list of priorities for the near future:

  • iterate on design for users of IMAP & Twitter, including a good out-of-box experience.
  • implement default configuration that asks (but does not require!) each user to contribute anonymized usage databack to the Mozilla design community, and that respects the Mozilla Privacy Policy.
  • usage data contribution, modeled in large part on Test Pilot
  • a first web front-end for mobile devices
  • message-store APIs

There are many other possible capabilities that we've thought about adding, and may get to in a later phase. If you're interested in helping explore any of these areas sooner rather than later, we'd love to talk about it. Whip up a design or build an extension, or start a discussion in the appropriate part of the Raindrop community.