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Here is a list of recommended questions a Resource Rep should consider when reviewing a budget request:

PHASE 1: Initial Criteria to be reviewed by the Resource Rep

General questions on the event and budget

  • Request was made at least 3 weeks before the actual date of the event
  • Event goals are directly aligned with Mozilla’s goals and helps take them further
  • The event has at least 3 success metrics
  • Clear breakdown of expenses
  • CC'ed required parties involved directly with the event
  • Event page clearly having information like: What, When, Where, How, Why, Who - with respect to the event.
  • Do the requested break-down expenses make sense for this event? Is there something that doesn’t need be an expense?
  • Is the wanted impact clearly stated? What defined impact goal is supported with this event?
  • Are there any previous similar events? If yes, are there ideas on how to improve regarding the last events?
  • Is there an event agenda?
  • Do you think it’s possible to find local partners / sponsors to support your event?
  • Participation
    • Who will come to the event? If there are Mozillians, ask them to add their names on the event page.
    • Is there a possibility to attend online and participate?
    • Are there any sponsored Mozillians? Is it stated how the selection process for sponsored Mozillians was done?
  • Promoting
    • How and where will the event be promoted? Target audience?
    • Communication channels, social media
    • Why do you think that that many people will attend? Are there any experiences from similar past events?
  • Documenting
    • How the event is going to be documented? (blogpost, photos, twitter, press/ media presence)

PHASE 2: Questions based on case by case

Type of Budget requests

  • Inter-community meetup
    • What are the goals for the meetup? What are the topics which make it necessary to discuss this face to face?
    • Have you identified pain points that need to be addressed?
    • How will the follow up look like? How will you track the discussed plans?
  • Regional meetup
    • What are the goals for the meetup? What are the topics which make it necessary to discuss this face to face?
    • Have you identified pain points that need to be addressed?
    • How will the follow up look like? How will you track the discussed plans?
  • Project-specific hackathon
    • Are the proposed tasks to do aligned with the team / project goals?
    • Was the functional team contacted to help out identifying what needs to be worked on?
    • Did you talk to the team in terms of sponsoring?
    • Is this project top priority for Mozilla?
  • Mozilla Tour / Campus tours
    • Is the local community, Mozilla Reps, aware of this event?
    • Who are the other team members (Mozillians from the region) that will be accompanying you with this proposed event?
    • Does the above budget cover the cost of food/travel/stationery of all the team members?
    • Is there a tentative agenda / plan for each day?
    • Is there a list of places and universities that you plan to visit?
    • Who is your point of contact? Is there a specific university or organization or person(s) who are helping/coordinating in planning this event? Please provide the details of the same.
    • How specifically do you hope to engage potential contributors?
    • Have you approached the Mozilla l10n team to see if they are interested in having the regional language localized (if not already there)?
  • MozCafe
    • Why do you think you need to have expenses for this?
    • How do you make sure that people don’t come just because there is something to get?
    • Project Specific Hackathons - L10n, Addons, App days
    • Have you contacted the functional area inside Mozilla to let them know you’re having a sprint?
    • Supporting / Sponsoring a different event, to have Mozilla presence
    • What are the partnership / sponsorship benefits?
    • Will there be a booth? If so, is there a first draft on who will be at the booth at which times?
    • Will our brand be visible to all attendees of this event? Where?
    • What are top three expected outcomes?
    • What’s your role at this event? (Organizer, speaker, attendee, ..)
    • Are there enough links which provide additional information about the event?
    • Did we sponsor this event before? If so, what were the outcomes?
    • Is the selection process is clearly defined and everybody who is sponsored has an assigned part that couldn’t be done by the others?
    • What is the format of this event? (Conference, Festival, …)
    • What’s the audience of this event? (Tech, non-tech, ..)
  • Mozilla specific campaigns/contests - Online [Design Challenge]
    Examples: Firefox Flicks, Demoparty, Webmaker, Launch events / Milestones, Mozilla Spring/Fall Campaigns, ...
    • Why is this under ReMo budget?
    • Was the responsible team within contacted to get further information and expectations?

PHASE 3: Resources and questions for event logistics

Per diem formula: In case you want to check the flight, accommodation and food costs use the per diem formula that Regnard created. Useful tip: the per diem formula only works for maximum 2-3 Reps.

  • Flights
    • The Resource Rep can see the cheapest flight available on momondo
    • If not taking the cheapest flight, ask your mentee to explain why
    • Why flying? Is there another Rep closer that should go instead?
    • Distance of travel - perhaps there is a cheaper travel option for shorter distances (less than 4 hours)
  • Accommodations
    • Reps are not required on staying in a hostel but they don't get deluxe rooms either. Airbnb is also preferable.
    • Was the possibility of multiple bed rooms considered?
  • Venue
    • Are we paying for the venue?
    • If so why this venue, is the cost comparable to others in the region? Did you try to get a free location? If so, why wasn’t this possible?
    • For 3rd party events, what are costs associated, eg booth fees?
    • What is the value of participating at this venue?
    • How many venues did you contact to find out the best location?