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This SOP is still a draft. Help us by proofreading it and expanding it!


Intercommunity Meetings are multiple day events that gather two or more regional communities in one place. They are important because they gather community contributors close to each other, either in culture or place to open new ways of communication and cooperation between them. 4 days of meetings, including traveling is the most common duration. 2 days of meetings, one day before and after for travel with some less formal events for attendees who are in the area/travel allows.

Examples to illustrate

Optimal size

10 communities with 2 people attending from each community. That number allows everyone to know each other closely. Intercommunity meetups shall focus on community leaders sharing innovative ideas from their communities so they can be adopted in other communities, and mainly address cross-communities cooperation.

Time needed to plan

2 months, in case no visas are needed

  • If it involves people travelling and taking time off work 2 months ahead is the shortest notice that would work.
  • Consider planning for those type of events at least 3 months in advance so you can have flexibility on planning and booking.

Budget required

  • Costs for travel + transportation in the city
  • Food
  • Accomodation
  • Possible venue costs for meetings

Staff involvement

Remo Council of this region attendance is important

  • Link to page that lists council members

Objectives/desirable outcomes

  • Cross Regional Projects/competitions to Push the Project forward
  • Public Event at the end of the intercommunity
  • Mozilla Updates to be published in newspapers/journals/magazines/articles
  • Know more about the local Mozilla communities
  • Enlarge local communities and how can people get and stay involved
  • Promote the Mozilla and its projects
  • Examine Firefox market share in the region, and work on strategies to consolidate/improve
  • Share l10n experiences and promote the value of native speaking users

Steps to produce

  1. Define annualy gathering time.
  2. Contact Community Leaders, and arrange specific date/time and attending members.
  3. Pick the place and inform the attendees of the place.
  4. Find location which is easy to access on foot or via public transport, probably centre of city. Hotel can help with the intercommunity members meetings.
  5. Check the availability of having the public event.
  6. Identify the needed sessions and contact the speakers in case Mozilla speakers are needed for specific topics.

Arrange deals for accomodation? Or at least some advices on nice hotel around the venue. See possibilities for couch surfing (at Mozillians places preferably) in case of need.


Budget request

Special form: Budget Request

Swag Request

Special form: Swag Request

Page creation

  1. Jump on the wiki ReMo Event Form
  2. Fill out the name of the event page you want to create and click "Add or Edit"
  3. Fill out all information to the best of your knowledge :)
  4. Press "Save page"
  5. You are done! Semantic MediaWiki takes care of the rest! Now go check out Events page. It will have your event listed alongside the other awesome ReMo events!

Agenda & speakers

Keep one track of keynotes and presentations (if around 30 people) Keep some time for leasure and tourism

  • Pros: it's great for strong bonding as it implies sharing
  • Cons: can't see any :D

Spreading the word

Quotes you can use:

  • Let's strenghten our Community
  • Many voices, one Mozilla
  • <use local language puns>


  • Social media SOP
    • Tweet for the event!
    • Define a unique hashtag to facilitate gathering of all the tweets and officialy post it before the event
      • Keep it short and simple
      • Avoid possible typos as much as possible
    • Launch a streamlined call to gathering (one tweet to RT) before the event with all the info needed
    • Use Facebook as a place to share content created during the event
    • Create an event so that people get a reminder each time they go to their Facebook profile
    • Share the photos and video content under a license that enables the reuse of it for several blogs so that anyone could use the media content in its own blog post.
    • Streaming the Public Event (Air Mozilla)
      • Get in contact with mrz <TBD> for the possibilities of streaming while planning the event (one month before I'd say)
      • See the possibilities of recording and then playing the content a while after the event (pre-recorded content)


Logo of the community and a poster with some main details of the event (like date, place, unique hashtag etc). Needs to have all logos and graphic elements from the communities joining in publicly available or gathered by one person. Drafting ideas just after the name of the event is defined Ask for help from the Mozilla Design Team or reps-general.

During the event

Make sure to arrive at the venue at least a day before the event starts to make sure all practicalities are OK. You are responsible for all people arriving at the event so make sure that you are in constant touch with them. Write frequent mail updates even during the event. Remember that because you are the host, you are expected to faciliate all sessions, announce them and introduce everyone. At the same time you don't want to intervene as a ruler on descision making. The Community should naturally and meritocraticaly decide and work on things. You are there to make the event itself happen. Make sure everyone understands that.

Wrap-up & reimbursements

Make sure that you do any follow ups after the event. Also update budget request with scanned receipts and your payment details.

Report back

  • Log each apperance of the event in media (wiki post, blog post, FB posts, tweets, etc.)
  • Blog about the event
  • Meeting notes for all the agenda entries
  • The organizer will fill this as entry in his or her ReMo report Report SOP



Make sure to update the wiki page of the event with photos, posts, and links. Write an email to reps-general with links to photos if possible. (Everyone loves photos!)


Write a post on your blog (even a short one) and make sure it appears on ReMo planet.


Local Media

Make sure to update all the communication channels you used during promotion with the outcomes of the event.

Regional Communities

Best way to follow up with them is to cc them in your report to reps-general. They also love pictures!

Q & A

  • Add your Questions here so we can answer them! Remember, this is a wiki, so edit away!


Sample Agenda

Example Events

Budget samples

  • TBD