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Last updated: 2017/04/13

The Mozilla Reps Council is the governing body of the Mozilla Reps Program. It provides the general vision of the program and oversees day-to-day operations globally. Currently, 7 volunteers and 2 paid staff sit on the council. Its specific duties and functions are to:

  • Provide a governance and support structure to assist Mozilla Reps worldwide
  • Oversee global Rep activities
  • Oversee global budget /swag management for events
  • Represent Mozilla Reps interests within the Mozilla organization
  • Nominate Mozilla Reps mentors
  • Resolve disputes
  • Provide guidance for Mozilla Reps

Election/Designation of Council Members

The 7 volunteers sitting on the council are elected by existing Mozilla Reps for 12-month terms depending on their previous term (if any) as a Council member.

Elections are held every 6 months for 4 or 3 positions that are open. (see Council History) Eligibility and criteria based on previous meetings are:

  • Nominee should be a current Mozilla Reps Mentor
  • Bug responsiveness of under 48 hours
  • Commitment to weekly meetings, usually during the week
  • Availability to travel
  • Proficiency in English is required
  • Minimum 2 years experience contributing to the (Mozilla) project is a plus

For more information on the Mozilla Reps election process, click here.

Council History

You can find out the history of the council and more info here.

Council Members

You can find the list of the current Council members here. To contact the Council, please send an email to

Council Chair

Current Council Chair Mail @ Office hours
Adriano Cupello 20:00pm UTC to 21:00pm UTC daily

On November 1st, 2012, the Mozilla Reps Council began designating a chairperson to help make the council work more efficiently and effectively. The "Council Chair" is designated a rotating 2-month basis and has the following responsibilities:

  • Chair council meetings
  • Send meeting reminders to the council until one day before the meeting with the agenda link
  • Scan reps list for news/issues and add it to the meeting agenda (if needed)
  • Create meeting agenda and gather agenda items from all members
  • Follow-up on action items with designated owners
  • Make sure that all tasks are tracked in the Reps repository on Github
  • Be the spokesperson at the organizational level (eg. team meetings, offsites, town hall meetings, mailing lists)
  • Respond to people that reach out to the Council
  • Keep overall program goals and objectives in check and ensure that everything is on track
  • Create council meetings notes on Discourse until Thursday before the Reps Call
  • Make a formal onboarding meeting with next council chair

The Council chair can be reached at

  • Konstantina/Nuke will assign the current chair person to the above alias

Schedule for the period of Nov 2012 - May 2017 :

  • May 2017: Adriano Cupello
  • April 2017: Adriano Cupello
  • March 2017: Michael Kohler
  • February 2017: Michael Kohler
  • January 2017: Flore Allemandou
  • December 2016: Flore Allemandou
  • November 2016: Alex Lakatos
  • October 2016: Alex Lakatos
  • September 2016: Irayani Queencyputri (Rara)
  • August 2016: Irayani Queencyputri (Rara)
  • July 2016: Irayani Queencyputri (Rara)
  • June 2016: Michael Kohler
  • May 2016: Michael Kohler
  • April 2016: Faisal Aziz
  • March 2016: Faisal Aziz
  • February 2016: Shahid Ali Farooqui
  • January 2016: Shahid Ali Farooqui
  • December 2015: Christos Bacharakis
  • November 2015: Christos Bacharakis
  • October 2015: Christos Bacharakis
  • September 2015: Michael Kohler
  • August 2015: Michael Kohler
  • July 2015: Luis A. Sanchez
  • June 2015: Luis A. Sanchez
  • May 2015: Bob Reyes
  • April 2015: Bob Reyes
  • March 2015: Ankit Gadgil
  • February 2015: Ankit Gadgil
  • January 2015: Emma Irwin
  • December 2014: Emma Irwin
  • November 2014: Arturo Martinez
  • October 2014: Arturo Martinez
  • September 2014: Gauthamraj Elango
  • August 2014: Gauthamraj Elango
  • July 2014: Guillermo Movia
  • June 2014: Guillermo Movia
  • May 2014: Sayak Sarkar
  • April 2014: Sayak Sarkar
  • March 2014: Nikos Roussos
  • February 2014: Nikos Roussos
  • January 2014: Majda Nafissa Rahal
  • December 2013: Majda Nafissa Rahal
  • November 2013 Bob Reyes
  • October 2013: Bob Reyes
  • September 2013: Soumya Deb
  • August 2013: Soumya Deb
  • July 2013: Ioana Chiorean
  • June 2013: Ioana Chiorean
  • May 2013: Melek Jebnoun
  • April 2013: Melek Jebnoun
  • March 2013: Pierros Papadeas
  • February 2013: William Quiviger (replacing William "FuzzyFox" Duyck)
  • January 2013: Gloria Meneses
  • December 2012: Regnard Raquedan
  • November 2012: Majken Connor

Tasks and Responsibilities of Council Members

Members of the Council have specific tasks to complete and responsibilities to agree to once they join the Council, including:

  • Be responsible for the strategy of the Reps program
  • Handle conflict resolution within the Reps program
  • Participate in short weekly Vidyo meetings to discuss overall status and roadmap of the program
  • Attend ReMo work week(s) to meet in person, brainstorm and discuss future of the program
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to Mozilla Rep mentors and Mozilla Reps

Council Leave of Absence

If a Council member must step away from the program and cannot fulfill his/her duties (eg. vacation), then the Council must do the following:

  • Notify the Council at least 1 month before of their anticipated absence
  • Find another Council member who agrees to cover for them while they're absent, including mentoring of Reps, budget reviews and participation at meetings.

NB: if a Council member realises that (s)he must be absent from the program for more than 1 month, then the Council must be notified as soon as possible in order to find a permanent replacement.

Contact the Council

In case you want to contact the council for questions/inquiries or suggestions you should use one of the following channels:

  • email alias