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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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Warning signWarning: The Reps Planet has been deprecated. Please use the normal Planet_Mozilla going forward.

This SOP describes the scope of the Reps Planet and how to add your posts there.

Blog vs. Feed vs. Tagged Feed

All Mozilla reps are advised to have a blog (on the service of their choice) and blog about their activities on the program.

Having a blog is the first step towards inclusion to the planet, but you need to make sure to create a special tag for ReMo related messages and fetch the feed of it. Then each post you tag with "remo" will pop up in Mozilla Reps planet. (e.g. in Wordpress ?feed=rss2&tag=remo is one of the ways to do it on your URL). If you need more help on that then please ask in the Reps Matrix, we will be more than happy to help you find the appropriate feed URL for your blog.


You may tag all your ReMo related posts with the remo tag so they can appear on the planet. Please use remo tag for ReMo posts only, as we want to keep the planet consistently full of information and updates about Mozilla Reps and their activities as Reps. You may use other tags in combination with remo (as "mozilla" or "web") depending of the way you want tag your posts, or different settings on different planets.

For now you may write your posts only in English. But we are working in a version to accept and manage non-English posts.


  1. Have a blog
  2. Create a category/tag "remo", "reps", "mozilla-reps" or "mozillareps" on the blog.
  3. Find the feed URL (rss2, atom accepted) of the Mozilla Reps category/tag
  4. Edit your profile on the portal and add the feed URL.
  5. Done! Your blog will be added in the Mozilla Reps planet !

Note: Your feed posts will only be validated if they are in the remo, reps, mozillareps or mozilla-reps category/tag.