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1) The successful applicant is anyone from the community, ostensibly someone who is already involved in the Mozilla project in one way or the other and wants to become an official representative of Mozilla. Someone who is unfamiliar with Mozilla and/or has never contributed to the project before is of course free to apply but will probably not be selected for the second round interview.

2) The application process involves filling out a simple form on the ReMo landing page. If he is shortlisted by the ReMo council, he's interviewed on IRC by a member of the ReMo council.

3) If the interviewer decides that the applicant is suitable for the program, the applicant is officially accepted into the program as a Mozilla Rep. (NB: this should not be seen as a promotion because it isn't. Rather, it should be viewed as a new role the Mozillian takes on).

4) The applicant is contacted by the mentor who interviewed him/her and is given an explanation as to why they were not accepted into the ReMo program. They are given next steps to work towards qualifying and strongly encouraged to contact their local Mozilla Reps and/or local community lead to find out more ways to get involved in Mozilla.

5) The applicant is walked through the different ReMo tools and SOPs by his/her mentor and is asked by his/her mentor to create a ReMo User Profile and sign up to the main ReMo mailing list.

6) The applicant is now a ready to be an official Mozilla Representative, using the tools at his/her disposal and taking on his/her various responsibilities.