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Initial setup

If the machine is new or offline, DCOps will need to physically boot, attach a keyboard, and netboot.

Re-imaging a machine

If the machine is already online and accessible, Lion machines can be re-imaged automatically via netboot. Instructions are in mana. If the machine is idle, you can reboot it immediately.

Assuming the machine is enabled in slavealloc, it will enter production automatically.

Post-imaging steps

None at present.

Rebooting via PDU

The slaves are on a PDU, for example. Find the host in inventory, note its PDU and PDU-outlet and the select reboot for the outlet in question here. See this article for more details.

Connecting via VNC

To connect via vnc on a mac, run this command to enable vnc for user cltbld. There is a bug 733534 to fix this, however vnc is apparently hosed in Mountain Lion.

/System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ \
  -configure -allowAccessFor -specifiedUsers
/System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ \
  -activate -configure -access -on -users cltbld -privs -all -restart -agent -menu
  • Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server -> vnc:// -> Connect
  • login with cltbld credentials
  • connect to virtual window

There's an open bug 779678 to configure the 10.8 slaves so you can connect via vnc on Linux.

You can't sudo to root from cltbld, you must ssh directly as root.