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Read this if you're setting up a new platform


Reference Platforms

Platform Build ref Hostname Testing ref Hostname
Win32 Win32 win32-ix-ref WinXP & Win7 32-bit w7}-ref
Win64 Win64 win64-ix-ref Win7 64-bit t-r3-w764-ref
OS X 10.6 N/A - Snow Leopard netboot
OS X 10.7 Lion netboot Lion netboot
OS X 10.8 N/A - Mountain Lion netboot
OS X 10.9 N/A - Mavericks
Linux 32 CentOS 5.0 CentOS 5.5 linux-ix-ref Fedora 12 Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit talos-r3-fed-ref
Linux 64 CentOS 5.0x64 linux64-ref-platform Fedora 12 x64 Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit talos-r3-fed64-ref
Android CentOS 5.0 Tegra 250 ,

Foopy, Panda

  • To stop supporting at some point win2k3sp2-ref-vm & CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm

Tracking ref images being refreshed

Every time we do a relevant change to we have to update the build-tools repo on the ref images (through puppet on linux/darwin builders and manually on all others) and then ask IT to refresh the images (either builders or testers).

  • NOTE: Do not ask to refresh the linux/windows ref VMs.
  • NOTE: Make sure that /builds/slave and ~talos-slave (or equivalent) is empty on the ref machine for the generator to work (TODO: test that this is true for testing machines)
  • NOTE: before imaging a fedora system, empty out /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules. Note that this file will be re-filled at every boot, so this will need to happen before each image is taken. See bug 636069.

repoman repo generation

These machines are used to generate our linux yum/deb/zypper/<insertrepohere> repositories

Post Image procedure

The steps IT takes after cloning a system can be found in PostImage.

The steps to run a slave through staging then put it into production can be found at ReleaseEngineering/How To/Set Up a Freshly Imaged Slave as well as by looking at the per platform docs from the table above.

Testing machines

{fed,fed64,leopard,snow,xp} test machines come up into the production pool after cloning, with no additional steps required (make sure you have updated graphserver, and checked in patches for opsi, puppet, graphserver, and build configs for the masters). If a fed{32,64} or mac box doesn't come online, check PostImage for setting hostname. Win7 32-bit currently doesn't have OPSI and needs the buildbot.tac file to be edited manually and a reboot.

  • Check that "bluetooth" and screen saver are disabled as IT could miss it in PostImage. Otherwise, you will have tests that loose focus.

Staging machines

  • The ref platforms are pointing to production masters (OPSI and puppet)
  • Change the following on them
    • TODO add link

Geriatric Machines

  • XP - Non-SSE2 Testing
  • Fedora - Non-SSE2 Testing
  • 10.5 - PPC Testing
  • 10.5-Xserve - PPC Testing using Xserve build reference image

Other Build/Release Infrastructure

Mobile Specific Infrastructure