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July 7, 2011 @ 8am PDT / 11am EDT

dial-in x92 304#

Backchannel #buildfaster on

etherpad notes


Review current activities

  • See list of current activities
  • Is everything up to date?
  • Tag bugs with [buildfaster:p1], [buildfaster:p2], etc.
  • What do we do with jgriffin's test analysis?


Goal: Speed up turn around time from patch submission to getting test results back

  • Right now: we're about 8 hours
  • Ideal goal: 2 hours - end to end.
  • onchange non-PGO builds
    • jhford owns this
  • Investigate if we can do 10.6 only 64-bit builds onchange
    • jgriffin to analyze orangefactor data for 10.5-only failures
    • mac is incredibly slow (universal builds)
    • surprisingly linux is quite slow too with PGO
    • mac: treat like PGO where 'normal case' is to do a single arch build and then nightly do universal
  • Determine which test suites can be merged
    • armenzg owns this
  • Profile test suites to find individual slow tests
    • jmaher in progress
    • Some tests are slow due to Mochitest UI (big HTML table)
      • Want to cleanup Mochitest UI for other reasons
    • jgriffin getting some data out of orangefactor as well
    • identify slow tests on a weekly basis?
  • Single-pass universal mac builds
    • longer-term goal, but worthwhile
  • Split config/
    • joey?
  • Branch prioritization broken for test jobs
    • jobs on m-c can get handled before jobs on try or project branches
    • Need to properly prioritize branches
    • catlee has a fix
  • Improve network between colos
    • blocked on firewall work & downtime, in progress
    • ETA next couple of weeks
  • Merge some test suites
    • have been waiting on a TBPL bug to display merged suites separately
      • maybe this isn't critical? armenzg to gauge developer feedback
    • sfink suggests: would be nice to have a way to get commands to reproduce test runs locally
  • Deploy Talos pageset to machines to avoid downloading
    • catlee says there were problems with this when deploying Tp4 (HFS sucking on OS X)
    • can we rsync pagesets over?
      • only one disk in the minis
      • doesn't work currently, test infra puts profile inside pageset dir
    • pageset doesn't change often
    • media on test packages barely change, can we rsync the differences somehow?
  • Reallocate Win7x64 slaves to support other platforms
    • Slight bump in capacity
    • Will need them back when we want to support x64 (next two weeks)
  • Turn off Txul and Ts
    • blocked on reaching consensus
    • should just go ahead and apologize later
  • sdwilsh's notification bot
    • IRC bot to notify of build results
    • other discussion about notifying, regression finder emails etc
  • check mozconfigs into source
    • avoid buildbot-configs checkout
    • catlee has patches up
  • Profile mochitest-plain
    • ctalbert covered some of this
    • See Metrics above
  • Run debug builds "as available" when we hit capacity
    • lose assertions, leak checking
    • current debug builds are not optimized (makes them much slower)
    • debug builds enable tracemalloc (does this make them slower?)
  • Use optimized xpcshell to run httpd.js for debug builds
    • debug xpcshell is much slower
    • packaging is a pain
    • xpcshell doesn't change very often
    • should look again if we can enable optimize on debug builds, maybe not a problem
  • Change from Mac Minis to non-Apple hardware for non-Mac test slaves
    • Identical hardware cross-platform no longer a requirement
    • easier to manage, easier to procure

Review [buildfaster:p1] bugs

  • Covered by review above


  • run 10.5 debug builds on 10.6 machines? It increases capacity of 10.6 pool. Low low priority. Loosely related.
  • shall we break up the current activities section into bug being worked on and bugs in the back burner?

Action items for next time

  • catlee to file bug on getting metrics on pieces of end-to-end time. DONE bug 669930
  • ctalbert to follow up on slow tests
  • ctalbert to file bug on getting commands to reproduce test runs on developer machine (give URLs to packages to download + steps to run)
  • ted to file a bug on investigating rsyncing of test package contents DONE bug 669952
  • catlee to get IT bug filed for minidump processing DONE bug 669947
  • ctalbert to follow up on sdwilsh'es tree status
  • ted to file a bug on enabling optimize on debug builds DONE bug 669953
  • ted to ask dbaron about tracemalloc on debug builds, is it a perf hit by default?

Set date for next meeting

  • ~ 2 weeks from now. Will find day-of-week and time that works for most people.