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July 20, 2011 @ 9am PDT / 12pm EDT

Mountain View room GIGO dial-in x92 95272 (vidyo)

Backchannel #buildfaster on

etherpad notes


Action items from last time

  • catlee to file bug on getting metrics on pieces of end-to-end time. DONE bug 669930
  • ctalbert to follow up on slow tests DONE bug 670229
  • ctalbert to file bug on getting commands to reproduce test runs on developer machine (give URLs to packages to download + steps to run) DONE bug 673001
  • ted to file a bug on investigating rsyncing of test package contents DONE bug 669952
  • catlee to get IT bug filed for minidump processing DONE bug 669947
  • ctalbert to follow up on sdwilsh'es tree status DONE
  • ted to file a bug on enabling optimize on debug builds DONE bug 669953
  • ted to ask dbaron about tracemalloc on debug builds, is it a perf hit by default?

Review [buildfaster:p1] bugs

  • bug 367393
    • Still picking out parts of packed.js while rewriting some of the useful functions.
    • Finding which tests have dependencies on packed.js and instead depend on the respective parts of MochiKit.
  • bug 479352 - backed out, ctalbert to help figure out what the issue is with m1 tests
  • bug 561754 - waiting on the server to be set up for sending the symbol processing to. Re-casting the related talos bug so that it's clear what the solution is there and moving it to talos component as talos work is required to enable this functionality.
    • Blocked - Waiting for [?] to show up. Moving to talos component.
  • bug 623617
    • Has working prototype set up. Wiki pages will be set up regarding changes
  • bug 658313
    • Finishing up Talos changes to allow PGO builds. Should be ready for review shortly. Currently working for mozilla-central
    • Worried about slave capacity from running the extra every-4-hour PGO builds
      • Ties up one slave per platform per branch per day
      • Can we run PGO only on nightly builds instead?
      • If we do only nightly PGO builds, maybe use Try for bisecting if we hit a failure?
    • Should make sure that TBPL distinguishes PGO vs. non-PGO builds on the same changeset to avoid confusion and notice PGO-specific test failures
  • bug 659328
    • Working on a patch that needs some refactoring, should be up for next week
  • bug 669930
    • samliu is working on getting data dumps and displaying metrics properly
  • bug 669988
    • motivation was faster build times from doing single-arch builds; we're getting new build hardware soon, so this may not be an issue. -> p5
  • bug 670229
    • Need to distinguish between tests that are slow (>10s) and tests that are supposed to take a longer time
    • Someone should look at each test and see if there's no obvious reason for it being slow, file bugs on those
    • See if certain tests are much slower on debug, hard to give a good heuristic

Review current activities

  • See list of current activities
  • Is everything up to date?
  • Tag bugs with [buildfaster:p1], [buildfaster:p2], etc.
  • What do we do with jgriffin's test analysis?

Review [buildfaster:?] bugs


From last time:

  • run 10.5 debug builds on 10.6 machines? It increases capacity of 10.6 pool. Low low priority. Loosely related.
  • shall we break up the current activities section into bug being worked on and bugs in the back burner?

Actions for next time

  • bug 670229 - follow up bugs for individual tests that are slow
  • Ted to follow up on tracemalloc question -- filed bug 673198
  • go through p2 bugs and see if we need to escalate