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August 17, 2011 @ 9am PDT / 12pm EDT

dial-in x92 304

Backchannel #buildfaster on

etherpad notes


  • Dashboard site is live and fast now (thanks to wlach); what do all the numbers mean?
  • related to above, where are we w.r.t our 2-hour goal? Which open items are going to produce the greatest improvements?
  • Review the Action Items & Bugs

Action items from last time

  • jgriffin to find a way to compare build turnaround time stuff. Make something like "compare talos" where you feed it a changeset ID from try and it compares your build/test times with current data from m-c.
  • wlach to file bugs on other xpcshell test slowness he found
  • wlach to ask places devs if we need all places tests to hit disk
  • wlach to start digging into browser-chrome slow tests
  • Any p2 bugs need to escalate?

Review [buildfaster:p1] bugs

  • bug 673001 - TBPL change to display command line - we should just do it. It'd be useful to many people and new contributors.

Review current activities

  • we've put investigation of running debug tests with opt xpcshell on hold, since opt debug builds seem likely to materialize sometime soon (bug 669953)
  • still need a mechanism to track individual slow tests; jmaher suggested the correct metric to do this is test duration/test asserts; need to update the logparser to handle this

Review [buildfaster:?] bugs


Actions for next time

  • will to follow up with catlee regarding dashboard calculations
  • jgriffin to change test run comparison routine to compare against a range of recent m-c runs instead of one run to help mitigate the fact that test durations vary considerably per run, even when equivalent
  • jgriffin to get data on infrequently failing tests, and how long they take to run
  • ted to file bug about harnesses downloading symbols on demand