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Meeting Notes


  • coop
  • ted
  • khuey
  • glandium
  • joey
  • gps
  • mwu


Build:Config Peers

  • not a prereq - whoever is doing the work should be doing reviews


We'll discuss what ordering makes sense here. Please add missing priorities as necessary.

  • faster builds is the goal, regardless of methods or end product
  • use gps' first 4 steps as basic priorities
    • other projects (b2g, win8) will take priority over core cleanup work
  • derecursify makefiles - bug 623617
  • pymake as standard for Windows builds - bug 593585
  • single pass universal builds - bug 417044
  • PGO?
  • B2G?
  • WebRTC?
  • Fennec?
  • gittup
  • Test coverage for makefiles
    • refactoring installer/packager.mk into central targets/logic that can be tested.
  • makefile syntax checker
    • GNU indent can both check (~diff) and automatically reformat to taste.
  • Refactoring rules.mk (and packager.mk) into self-contained makefile libraries w/unit tests
    • check/test, xpidl, LIB* logic, clean/garbage logic, java, platform specific logic, configure/autoconf, wildcard build rules, etc.
    • Conditional includes based on sources, targets, etc. Only include/define the world as needed.


gps's brain dump: http://gregoryszorc.com/blog/2012/06/25/improving-mozilla%27s-build-system/

  • Part 1: No rules
  • Part 2: Eliminate Make File Content Not Related to Building
  • Part 3: Make File Style Conventions and Enforced Review Requirements
  • Part 4: Extracting Data from Make Files
  • Part 5: Rewriting Make Files
  • Part 6: Transition Away from Make Files
  • mwu: working on new build system
  • BuildFaster: compile times
    • coop to sync-up with catlee
  • adding make tests where appropriate
    • make verify
  • removing non-build targets from Makefiles
    • stripping out, e.g. unittests, from Makefiles
    • inertia: people use 'make unittests' now
    • mach may save us here, implement scripts as python libs
  • refocus on pymake
    • l10n repacks still broken
  • style vs. short-circuiting review process
    • simple set of rules
  • automated tools for checking (gps has some)
  • monthly meeting?
  • todo: ted and gps to sit down and get bugs on file