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Once you have a Personal Development Master up and running on dev-master01, you can follow the steps below to start a staging release. I am using Thunderbird comm-beta as an example.

  • Edit
    • Insert release configuration values (taken from release-thunderbird-comm-beta) for version, appVersion, milestone, baseTag, oldVersion, oldAppVersion, oldBaseTag, sourceRepositories['comm']['revision'], sourceRepositories['mozilla']['revision'].
    • Set enable_repo_setup = True and skip_repo_setup = False to create a release-comm-beta-thunderbird_repo_setup builder in buildbot. Running this builder will recreate all the staging repositories under
    • Set enableSigningAtBuildTime = False to not create the download_token builder (which fails in staging unless you have properly set up).
  • Reconfigure buildbot
$ make checkconfig
$ make reconfig
  • If additional tests are needed
$ source bin/activate
$ cd buildbot-configs
$ python --test --error-logs --masters-json ../tools/buildfarm/maintenance/production-masters.json
$ source bin/activate
$ buildbot sendchange --username=jhopkins --master \
  --branch=users/stage-ffxbld/comm-beta --comments "THUNDERBIRD 14.0b3 TEST BUILD kick 1" \
  -p products:thunderbird -p script_repo_revision:THUNDERBIRD_14_0b3_RELEASE release_build
    • Release Sanity/Start Tagging
      • The release_sanity script does not currently work in staging.
    • Builds (already tagged)
      • Open a tab for each of the builders (release-comm-beta-linux_build, etc...)
      • Start a build and set these build properties: script_repo_revision: THUNDERBIRD_14_0b3_RELEASE, release_config: mozilla/