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Mozharness no longer uses packages from the PuppetAgain repositories! Instead, it uses and, both served from the same directory.


In order to upload to internal Pypi a package you simply need to run the script bellow :

Downloading or Updating the repo is available on the braindump repository which can be clone using:

hg clone

Note: Make sure that you are using the latest revision of the script. You can update your repo with hg pull from within the local repository folder.

DEBUGGING: Upload failed because of authentification errors.

The upload script expects that your machine/vm will have the same username as your Mozilla LDAP. If you aren't sure how to check this, open a new terminal and type:

echo "Machine username is: $(whoami)"

If the machine username is not the same as your Mozilla LDAP, we recommend you to either create a new username with your Mozilla LDAP username or change $(whoami) inside the script to be equal to your LDAP username.

Uploading to PyPi

If your repository is up-to-date and your machine user is the same with your LDAP, all you have to do now is to have a download link from the developer requesting the package upload, make sure the link has an md5 hash in it at the end, download the package and run the following command:

bash ./ PATH/TO/FILE

The script will practically copy the file to relengwebadmin and move it where the files are located for pypi internal (/mnt/netapp/relengwebadmin/pypi/pub) then will change the rights and upload the file to

If everything worked fine, you should now have a link that looks like this:

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