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For everyone's knowledge, the admin has to do this:

  • Visit
  • "Control Meeting" -> "Room links" (if you're the admin of the room) and set the moderator pin.

From there on, non-admin members will have to:

  • Join the room
  • Then and only then, they will see the room showing up under "control meeting" on the v.m.c site
  • Once they click on it, they will have to enter the PIN
  • At that point, the non-moderator can record the meeting

After you're done recording:

  • go to "VidyoReplay Library" (tiny link in lower right corner of client screen)
  • click on "My Videos" in the upper right
  • find the video you just recorded
  • click the "Edit" button
  • select either "organization" or "public" as appropriate
  • set the title to something meaningful (e.g. include date in meeting recordings)