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Handling Panda Failures

Failing pandas are passed between three groups.

Release Engineering

  • Check for causes in release engineering automation
  • Hand to relops using <<bug process>>

Release Operations

  • Look for new problems
  • Look for and work around known but unfixed failure states (e.g., sut_verify)
  • Hand off to DCOps <<bug process>>

DC Operations

  • check for power
    • inspect green lights on the panda board
    • if no lights, unplug power cable and check with a volt meter. Positive probe is inserted inside barrel plug and negative probe is touched to outside barrel plug. This should read approx 5 volts.
      • DO NOT LET BARREL PLUG TOUCH THE CHASSIS OR OTHER PARTS. This will cause a short and blow the fuse.
      • if no voltage is present, check fuse. If fuse is blown, remove fuse and file a bug with relops
  • check cat5 cables
    • inspect internal and external cat5 cables (use fluke)
    • make sure cables are securely inserted into RJ45 jacks
  • check SD Card
    • If power and cat5 do not have any obvious problems, preceded with replacing SD Card
      • the replacement SD Card should be new and have a fresh preseed image installed
      • make sure SD Card is securely inserted
      • Deliver used SD Cards to Relops for testing or decommission

If all of the above has been performed and the panda board still shows problems, reopen the tracking bug to have DCOPS replace panda board. The failed panda should be given to relops for further diagnostics or decommissioning.